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Status summary

Still to be accomplished as of October 24, 2020:

  • Discover whether any Y-DNA descendants of John Tilley are still living. Any individual who believes they are a Y-DNA descendant is encouraged to contact Mayflower1620@gmail.com

Paper trail

English Ancestry

Henryd Tilly, born about 1465[1] His will, dated 1 Sep 1520 Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, was proved 4 Dec 1520.[2] Henry's wife in his will was Johane.

Thomasc Tylle, born about 1490[3] His will, dated Henlow 21 Aug 1556 Henlow, was proved 6 Oct 1556.[4] Thomas' wife in his will was Margaret.

Williamb Tylle, born about 1515[5] He was buried at Henlow 28 Jan 1578. His will, dated 1 Jan 1578, named wife Agnes, Her will 1 Jun 1582 was proved 14 Jul 1582.[6]

Roberta Tilley, is said to have been born in May 1540.[7] He was buried at Henlow 21 Feb 1612/3. His will, dated 31 Dec 1612 names wife Elizabeth.[8]

First Generation

John Tilley was baptized at St. Virgin the Mary Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England on 19 Dec 1571, son of Robert Tilley and Elizabeth[9] _____. He married Henlow 20 Sep 1596 Joan (Hurst) Rogers, daughter of William Hurst and Joan Marshe, and widow of Thomas Rogers. Both John and Joan died during the first terrible winter of 1620/21, with Joan's death on 11 Jan 1620/1.[10] Joan had one child (daughter Joan) by her first husband, and together John & Joan had five children, Rose (died young), John, Rose, Robert and Elizabeth. Only the youngest child came over on the Mayflower with her parents.

Second Generation

John Tilley (II) was baptized at Henlow on 26 Aug 1599.[11] Some Articles in the Mayflower Quarterly present circumstantial evidence this John Tilley likely came to New Plimouth in 1623 aboard the Anne, and was a member of John Oldham's group. This John Tilley eventually settled in Windsor, CT, where he was captured by the Native Americans, and killed at Saybrook, CT in Oct 1636.[12] John had a wife Edith who, after John's death, married Nicholas Camp. John & Edith likely were the parents of Elizabeth Tilley who married, Springfield, MA, 21 Oct 1653 to Thomas Merrick. It is possible John & Edith may have had other children.

Robert Tilley was baptized at Henlow on 25 Nov 1604.[13] It is currently unknown if he was still living when his parents emigrated in 1620.

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DNA Results

It is currently unknown whether any Tilley Y-DNA descendants are still living.

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