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Status summary

Completed as of November 1, 2020:

  • NGS/WGS testing of Y-DNA descendants of Thomas Thayer of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England and Braintree, Massachusetts.


First Generation

Thomas Thayer was baptized Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England 16 Aug 1596, son of Richard Thayer and Ursula Dimery. He married there 13 Apr 1618 Margery Wheeler. They had nine children: Ursula (d. young), Wilfrey (d. young), Thomas, Fernando, Ursula, infant, Shadrach, Mary & infant

Second Generation

Thomas Thayer (II) (no known Mayflower descendant lines)

Fernando Thayer was baptized at Thornbury 18 Apr 1625 and died at Mendon 28 Mar 1713. He married twice: Huldah Hayward & Anna _____. By his first wife he had twelve children: Sarah, Huldah, Jonathan, Naomi, Isaac, Thomas, Samuel, Josiah, Ebenezer, Benjamin, David & (son) Israel.

Shadrach Thayer was baptized at Thornbury 10 May 1629 and died at Braintree 19 Oct 1678. He married twice, first to Mary Barrett, then Deliverance Priest. By first wife, he had Rachel (d. young) & Tryall. By his second wife he had eight children: Freelove (d. young), Samuel, Timothy (d. young), Samuel, Ephraim, Hannah (d. young), William & Hannah.

DNA results R-BY42307

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Thayer Families Project Group: G1 - Thomas currently has fifteen related males, thirteen claiming descent from THomas1Thayer. Some have done at least some level of Y-SNP testing with the family falling under: P312>Z290>L21>DF63>FT91736>BY28644>BY42307

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