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Status summary

As of October 18, 2020

  • Page created for Susanna Jackson, wife of William White and (Gov.) Edward Winslow
  • No mtDNA descendants of Susanna by either marriage



Susanna Jackson was born about 1592[1] likely in or near Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England, daughter of Richard and Mary (Pettenger) Jackson. The family lived on a portion of Scrooby Manor, and were neighbors of William Brewster. The family joined the Separatist movement and moved from Scrooby to Amsterdam, Holland, due to religious persecution. She likely married there, about 1615 to William White. The family emigrated aboard the Mayflower in 1620. Unfortunately, William died on 21 Feb 1620/1. This first winter was devastating to the Colonists, only about half of them surviving the season.

Susanna married Edward Winslow, whose first wife also died during that first winter. They were married on 12 May 1621, the first marriage in the colony. They were married by the Civil magistrate (Gov. William Bradford) rather than the religious leader (Elder William Brewster) as the Separatists believed marriage was a civil ceremony, not a religious one.

Susanna had two sons by her first husband (Resolved and Peregrine White) and five children by her second husband: (an infant [sex unknown], three sons [two died in infancy], and daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth married twice: (Capt.) George Corwin & Robert Brooks (II). She had no children by her second husband, but by her first husband (George Corwin) had two daughters, Penelope (m. John Wolcott, no known children) and Susanna (m. Edward Lyde (II), only daughter Elizabeth died unmarried).

Unfortunately, Susanna's mtDNA line ended with her great granddaughter, Elizabeth Lyde.

  1. Estimated, based on first child born circa 1615.

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