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Status summary

Completed as of October 10, 2020:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Edward Sturgis for NGS/WGS testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)


First Generation

Edward Sturgis (II) was born Yarmouth 10 Apr 1642, son of Edward Sturgis and Elizabeth Hinkley. He died at Yarmouth 8 Dec 1678. He married before 1665 to Temperance Gorham. They had six children before his early death: Joseph, Samuel, James, Edward, Thankful & Fear.

Second Generation (all born Yarmouth)

Joseph Sturgis was born about 1664 and died Yarmouth 16 Mar 1746/7. He married Hope Taylor and they had at least five children:[1] Jasper (died young), Temperance, Thankful, Hannah & Fear. Thus it appears there are no Y-DNA descendants of Joseph.

Samuel Sturgis was born about 1665[2] and died sometime between the writing of his will 29 Jun 1736 and its probate on 17 Feb 1736/7 in Yarmouth. He married there 17 Oct 1700 Mercy Howes. They had eight children: An infant daughter, Sarah, John, Samuel, Thomas, Hannah, Prince & Mercy/Mary

James Sturgis was born about 1669 and died in Yarmouth 3 Jan 1717/8 in ye 49th year of his age (gravestone). He married Rebecca Thacher. They had at least four children: Elizabeth, Hannah Bethiah & James (died unmarried)

Edward Sturgis (III) was born in 1673 and died there 1 Jun 1738. He married Mehitable Hallet and they had eleven children (born Yarmouth): infant son, Abigail, Temperance, Edward, Jonathan (d.y.). Jonathan (d.y.), Jerusha, Mehitable (d.y.), Benjamin (d.y.), Mary & Mehitable.

  1. MD 3:248-49
  2. Marriage record stated he was aged 35

DNA results

Previous Y-DNA testing

Family Tree DNA currently does not list any Y-DNA descendants of Edward Sturgis.

Further needed testing

We need direct male-line descendants of this Sturgis family to WGS/NGS test to discover where this family falls in the Y-DNA tree.

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