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Status summary

Still to do of January 1, 2023:

  • Recruit patrilineal descendants of John Stevens (preferably through grandson Samuel) to Y-DNA test and publish their results. Such descendants are encouraged to contact


First Generation

Samuel3 Stevens (William, John) was born Guilford, CT 1 Mar 1657 and died Killingworth, CT 7 Jul 1712. He married twice, 1) Guilford 1682 Elizabeth ____ (not known to descend from a Mayflower passenger) and 2) Killingworth 23 Jun 1702 Melatiah Bradford and they had two children: Elizabeth (1703) and William (1705).

Second Generation

William Stevens was born Killingworth, CT 2 Feb 1705 and died bef. 3 Sep 1751. He married Killingworth 26 Aug 1734 Ruhamah Earl and they had six children: Ruhamah (1735), William (1736), Christoper (1738), John (1740-p1770 unk. if marr.), Leverett (1742) and Moses (1747-b1762 unm.).

Third Generation

William Stevens (II) was born Killingworth 1 Sep 1736 and died Hartford bef 4 Mar 1763. He married West Hartford, CT 9 Jul 1761 Elizabeth Sedgwick[1] and they had one child: Elizabeth (bp 1762).

Christopher Stevens was born Killingworth 13 Sep 1738 and died there 4 Sep 1787. He married Killingworth 27 Sep 1764 Naomi Stevens and they had six children (Killingworth): William (1767), Ruhamah (1768), Eunice (1770), Lucinda (1772-1772), Moses (1774) and Lucinda (1777).

Leverett Stevens was born Killingworth 19 Sep 1742 and died at sea 21/24 Oct 1799. He married New Haven 24 Oct 1771 Esther Macumber and they had eight children (New Haven): Leverett (1773), Earl (1775), Daniel (1778-1796 unm.), Sarah (1780), John (1785), Esther (1786), Hannah (1789) and Isaac (1793).

  1. After William's death she married 2) James Taylor and 3) Ebenezer Kneeland.

DNA results Q-YP4004

The Stephens-Stevens DNA Project Group: Q-M242 has one individual claiming John Stevens (grandfather of Samuel) as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA). They have done no SNP testing, but have 67 Y-STR tested. FTDNA predicts they fall under Q-L53. Plugging the STR results into the NevGen Haplogroup Predictor arrives at Q M346>YP4004 with 91.79% probability. Using the predictor shows Q-YP4004 documents where this clade was found in Prussia (now Poland), Crimea and Chechnya. As none of these locations are known to have early immigrants to New England, it is likely either the NevGen Haplogroup prediction of Q-YP4004 is in error, or possibly a Non-Paternal Event happened somewhere in the patrilineal ancestry of the DNA tester.

Further DNA testing needed

Testing of additional patrilineal descendants is needed. Any male who believes their patrilineal ancestry goes through John Stevens (and preferably through his son Samuel) is encouraged to contact

References and External Links

  • Wakefield, Robert S. and Lainhart, Ann Smith, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: vol. 22 Bradford General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA. 2004