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Status summary

Completed as of December 23, 2022:

  • Patrilineal (direct male-line) descendants of Henry Rowley (especially through his son Moses) are encouraged to Y-DNA test and contact


First Generation

Moses Rowley, son of Henry Rowley and likely Sarah Palmer was born presumably in England, between 1627-1632[1] and died East Haddam, CT between the writing of his will (16 Aug 1704) and the inventory of his estate (dated 15 Jun 1705). He married Barnstable 22 Apr 1652 Elizabeth Fuller and they had ten children: Mary (1652/3), Moses (1654), infant daughter (1656-1656), Mehitable (1659/60), Shuball (1659/60), Sarah (1662), Nathan (1664), Aaron (c1665), John (1667, no further record, likely d.y.) and Matthew (1669 m. Joanna ___ but no known ch.)

Second Generation

Moses Rowley (II) was born Barnstable 10 Nov 1654 and died East Haddam 16 Jul 1735. He married twice, first Barnstable Jan 1675 Mary ?Fletcher and second int. East Haddam 17 Feb 1714/5 Mary (Crippen) Corbe.[2] (no ch.) By his first wife Moses had ten children: Mary (1676/7), Moses (c1679), Em (dau 1682-1682), Naomi (c1684), Hannah (c1686), Samuel (c1688), John (c1690), Ebenezer (c1695), Mehitable (c1698) and Jonathan (1704 m Anne Fuller, Abigail Green & Dorothy ___).

Shuball Rowley (twin) was born Barnstable 11 Jan 1659/60 and died Cobalt, CT 28 Mar 1714. He married Haddam, CT about 1682 Katherine Crippen and they had eight children: Isaac (c1683 m Hannah Harris), Shubael (c1686 m Hannah Brown), Thomas (1690 m Mary Cornwall), Matthew (1694 unk. if marr.), Elizabeth (1694), Elnathan (c1700 m Abigail Cone, Lydia Welles & Eunice Strong), Jabez (c1702 m Tabitha Harris) and Mary (1710).

Nathan Rowley was born Sucanesset (now Falmouth) about 1664 and died Barnstable bef. 1742. He married Falmouth 1689 Mercy Hatch and they had eight[3] children: Mercy (1691), Sarah (1693), Mary (1699), Nathan (1700 m Mary ___ & Hannah Robinson), Moses (1704/5 m Mehitable Weeks), Hatch (1706 m Thankful Hatch but likely no ch.), Mehitable (1709) and Matthew (1720 m Christian Weeks).

Aaron Rowley was born Sucanesset (now Falmouth) about 1665 and died there about 1743. He married Barnstable 7 Mar 1689/90 Mary Weeks and they had six children: Mary (1690/1), Aaron (1692 m Sarah ___ & Dorcas ___), Elizabeth (1694), Benjamin (d. unm.), Timothy (1697 no re. of marr.) and Elnathan (1699 m Mary Meader).

Third Generation

Moses Rowley (III) was born Succonessett (now Falmouth) abt 1679. He arried three times, first ____, second 7 Sep 1707 Martha Porter and third 15 Sep 1729 Sarah Chapman (poss. a widow). By his first wife he had: Abigail (c1703). By his second wife he had eight more children: Mary (1708), Martha (1710), Moses (1713 m. Mary ___ unk. if any ch.), Anne (1716), Lydia (1718), Daniel (1720/1 m Bethiah Langrell, Jemima Parsons & ____), Mehitabel (1723) and Reuben (1725-1747 unm.). By his third wife he had two children: Sarah (1730) and Nathaniel (1733-1741).

Samuel Rowley was born Succonessett (now Falmouth) about 1688 and died Hebron, CT abt 1767. He married 4 Mar 1712/3 Elizabeth Fuller[4] and they had eight children: Nathan (1713/4 m Mary Sumner), Abigail (1715/6), Samuel (1718 m Miriam Shailer), Thomas (1721 m Lois Cass), Thankful (1723), Abijah (1725 m Hannah Youngs), Elizabeth (1728) and Prudence (1732).

John Rowley was born Succonessett (now Falmouth) about 1690 and died Colchester, CT Jan 1763. He married twice, first 11 Sep 1716 Deborah Fuller and second ____ (no ch.) By his first wife he had eight children: Patience (1717), Content (dau. 1719), Mindwell (dau. 1720), Joseph (1721 m Susannah ___), Sarah (1722/3), Deborah (1725), John (1727 m Rebecca Brainard) and Seth (1730-1751 unm.)

Ebenezer Rowley was born about 1695 (unknown if at Falmouth or East Haddam, CT) and died East Haddam 24 Aug 1757. He married 6 Jun 1719 Mary Church and they had nine children: Susannah (1720), Mary (1722), Naomi (1725), Ebenezer (1727 m Susannah Annibal), Hannah (1729), Gershom (1732 m Mary Curtis but no ch.), Abigail (1734), Eleazer (1736 m Abigail Spencer) and Moses (1739-1757 uhm.)

Jonathan Rowley was born East Haddam, CT abt 1703 and died Kent, CT 23 Mar 1772. He married three times 1) 9 Mar 1727 Anne Fuller, 2) Colchester, CT 4 Feb 1742 Abigail Green and 3) Dorothy ____. By his first wife he had seven children: Simeon (1728 m Jane Fuller), Jonathan (1729 moved away), Desire (1731), Levi (1733 m Elizabeth), Anne (1736), Judah (1738 m ___) and Huldah (1740). By his second wife he had three more children: Hepzibah (bp 1742), Isaacher (1744 m Rachel Warren) and Abigail (bp 1747).

Isaac Rowley was born Barnstable or Falmouth. He married Colchester, CT 30 May 1717, Hannah Harris and they had at least four children: Katherine (1719), Harris (1721), Thomas (1723) and Isaac (1725).

Shubael Rowley was born Falmouth or Barnstable abt 1686. He married 8 May 1709 Hannah Brown and they had seven children: Mercy (1710), Hannah (1712), Elizabeth (1714), infant daughter (1716-1717), Experience (1718), Matthew (1720 m ___) and Patience (1723).

Thomas Rowley was born Falmouth or Barnstable abt 1690 and died Colchester 24 Oct 1719. He married Mary Conway and they had: Phoebe (1712).

Elnathan Rowley was poss. born in Colchester, CT abt 1700 and died there, date unknown. He married twice 1) 26 Dec 1723 Abigail Cone and 2) 3 Oct 1736 Lydia Wells. By his first wife he had five children: Abigail (1725-1726), Jesse (1728-1746 unm.), Abigail (1730), Israel (1732/3 m Lydia Clark) and Thankful (1735-1735). By his second wife he had six more children: Ephraim (1737 m Peggy Lilie), Thankful (1740), Lydia, Ezra (bp 1742), Ruth (bp 1748), Jesse (bp 1752).

Jabez Rowley was born prob. Colchester, CT abt 1702. He married there 29 Feb 1723/4 Tabitha Harris and they had ten children: Tabitha (1724), Jabez (1725/6 m Mary Hamilton), William (1727 m Sarah Gorden), Phinehas (1729 m Abigail ___), Lois (1731), Simeon (1733 m Christina Howard), Eunice (1735), Nathan (1737 m Eunice ?Buck), Lydia (1739) and Dorothy (1741).

Aaron Rowley (II) was born Falmouth 29 Nov 1693. He married twice 1) 21 Nov 1718 Sarah Rowley and 2) 29 Nov 1750 Dorcas (___) Hinckley[5] By his first wife he had three children: Justus (1719 m Rebecca ___), David (1729-1736) and Thankful (1737).

Elnathan Rowley was born Falmouth 23 Apr 1699. He married Mary ____ and they had five children (Falmouth): Mary (1733), Elizabeth (1735), Lydia (1737), Bethiah (1747) and Joseph (1751).

Nathan Rowley was born Falmouth Apr 1700 and died abt 1763. He married Falmouth 24 Nov 1726 Hannah Robinson. Moved away, unknown if any children.

Moses Rowley was born Falmouth Feb 1704 and died Chatham (now East Hampton), CT abt 1779. He married 3 Jul 1724 Mehitabel Weeks and they had four children: Nathan (1726 m Hannah Phelps), Mercy (1729), and Elizabeth (1732) and Mehitabel (bp 1736).

Hatch Rowley was born Falmouth Mar 1706/7. He married Falmouth 25 Dec 1717 Thankful Hatch. It is unknown if they had any children.

Matthew Rowley was born Falmouth 10 Nov 1720 and died there 31 May 1801. He married Falmouth 27 Feb 1745/6 Christian Weeks. They had at least: Mary and perhaps others.

  1. Not of age 16 in 1643 "Able to Bear Arms List" yet married in 1652..
  2. Mary was the widow of Samuel Corbe of East Haddam.
  3. Some sources give a ninth child: John b. 1706. Not in family records.
  4. Daughter of John Fuller, son of Samuel Fuller, son of Edward Fuller.
  5. Widow of James Hinckley.

DNA results FT116601

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Rowley DNA Project subgroup: Branch 1 Descendants of Henry Rowley, of Plymouth- 99.9% Match @ MRCA Between 1470-1540 has (among others, all close STR matching) five individuals claiming Henry Rowley (father of Moses) as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA). FTDNA Predicts they fall under R1b-M269.

NGS/WGS testing results

Two individuals in the above project (neither claiming Henry Rowley as their MDKPA) have taken the Big Y-700 test and the fall under: R-P312>Z46516>ZZ11>U152>PF6658>BY3642>BY3654>FGC30121>BY42877>BY3847>BY42679>FT116601

Further testing needed

Known patrilineal descendants of Henry Rowley (especially through his son Moses) are needed to Big Y test, contact and disclose their lineage in order to refine this clade assignment.

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