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Status summary

As of October 27, 2022:

Paper trail

First Generation

(Rev.) John Robinson (II) was born Sturton-le-Steeple, Nottinghamshire, England 1576[1], the eldest child of John (son of Christopher) and Ann Robinson. Pastor John died at Leiden 1 Mar 1625(NS)[2] He married St. Mary's Church, Greasly, Nottinghamshire, England 15 Feb 1603/4 Bridget White and they had seven children: Ann (1604), John (1606), Bridget (1608), Isaac (1610), Mercy (1612-1623), James (c1614-1638 unm.),poss. Jacob (1616)[3] and Fear (c1620).

Second Generation

(Dr.) John Robinson (II) was born Norwich, Norfolkshire, England before 24 Mar 1606. The name of his wife is currently unknown. He is said to have had at least John (c1633) and Mary (c1635). John lived (and presumably died) in England and it is currently unknown whether any of his descendants emigrated to the American Colonies.

Isaac Robinson was born Leiden 1610 and died Barnstable (MA) in 1704. He married twice, first Scituate 26 Sep 1636 Eglin/Margaret Hanford and second, Barnstable after 1639 Mary ____.[4] By his first wife he had: Susanna (1637/8 n.f.r.), John (1640), Isaac (1642), Fear (1644/5), Mercy (1647) and infant daughter (1649-1649). By his second wife he had four more children: Israel (son 1651), Jacob (1653), Peter (1655) and Thomas (1657).[5] Isaac is said to have emigrated to Plymouth Colony in 1631.[6]

Third Generation

John Robinson was baptized Barnstable 5 Apr 1640 and died there in 1714. He married Barnstable about the middle of May 1667 Elizabeth Weeks and they had: John (1668), Isaac (1669/70), Timothy (1671), Abigail (1674), Blossom (Y-DNA)#Third Generation Fear (1676), Joseph (triplet, 1679), Mary (triplet, 1679), Mercy (triplet, 1679-1683), infant (1683-1683) and Love (1687-1687).

Isaac Robinson (II) was baptized Barnstable 7 Aug 1642 and died in what is now Falmouth 6 Oct 1668. He was married before Mar 1665/6 but the name of his wife is unknown. Isaac was in court on 6 Mar 1665/6 for having a child born too soon after his marriage: Thomas

Israel Robinson was baptized Barnstable 5 Oct 1651 and is said to have died Tisbury (Martha's Vineyard) in 1728. It is currently unknown whether he married and had a family.

Jacob Robinson was baptized Barnstable 15 May 1653 and died Tisbury 13 May 1728. He is said to have married twice, first Mary ____ and second Experience Rogers. By his first wife he is said to have had a daughter Marcy (p1682). He had a son Jacob (1700) by one of his wives, and by his second wife he had a daughter Mary (1707).

Peter Robinson was born in what is now Falmouth in 1655 and died in Windham (Scotland Parish, now its own town), CT 15 Apr 1740. He married twice, first Tisbury 1687 Mary Manter and second Tisbury 1699 Experience Lombard. By his first wife he had six children: Sarah (1688), Mary (1690), Martha (1692), Israel (son, 1695), Thomas (1698) and Rhoda (1702). By his second wife he had nine more children: Peter (1696), Simeon (1700), Abigail (1701), Benjamin (1703), Joseph (1706), Anna (twin, 1708), Isaac (twin, 1708), Elizabeth (1714) and Anna (1716).

  1. various depositions narrow his birth between Mar 1576-Sep 1576.
  2. The European Continent switched over to the (new) Gregorian Calendar in 1582. As such, this date would be ten days later than the date used in England (19 Feb 1624/5).
  3. Several sources call him the youngest son of Pastor John Robinson. It is currently unknown whether this is factual and the further history of Jacob is still uncertain, with some stating he died young.
  4. She was not Mary Faunce. See WikiTree note.
  5. Some sources state he also had an infant son Thomas, born/died in 1656, but the chronology makes it unlikely.
  6. "The Pilgrim Migration" p. 391.

DNA Results TBD

Previous testing

Family Tree DNA's Robinson Y DNA Project does not currently list anyone claiming their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA) was Pastor John Robinson (or a patrilineal ancestor). It is still unknown whether any surviving Patrilineal line exists.

Next Generation Sequence/Whole Genome Sequence testing

NGS/WGS testing of Allerton descendants would further refine the haplogroup assignment for this family.

References and External Resources

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