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Status summary

As of June 26, 2020

  • Page created for the wife (or wives) of William Mullins and their daughter Priscilla.
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Paper Trail

First Generation

Almost nothing is known about Alice, wife of William Mullins. We are not even certain she was the mother of all/some/none of the children of William Mullins. She was named in her husband's 1621 will and died shortly after him, in the general sickness during the winter of 1621.

Noted Mayflower researcher, Caleb Johnson, published in the Mayflower Quarterly[1] his research on William Mullins and his wife or wives. While Johnson was not able to prove his findings, he developed a tantalizing hypothesis from his research. Johnson believes William Mullins may have been married twice: His first wife possibly Elizabeth, daughter of John Wood and Joan Taylor. Elizabeth was believed to have been the mother of all of Williams' children. After her death, William possibly married Alice _____ Browne, widow of either William Browne (and therefor mother of Mayflower passenger Peter Browne) or possibly William's brother, Thomas Browne.

William had five children: William, Elizabeth, Sarah, Priscilla and Joseph. Joseph never married and while William married and had a daughter, she never had any children.

Second Generation

Elizabeth Mullins was baptized at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford, Surrey on 11 Nov 1598. She likely died young as she was apparently not mentioned in the nuncupative will of her father (1621) with her sister, Sarah apparently being the "eldest daughter" in this will.

Sarah Mullins was born about 1600. Her father's 1621 probate recod calls her "Sare Blunden alias Mullins" so she was then married to _____ Blunden. No further record.

Priscilla Mullins[2] was born about 1602, likely at either Dorking or Guildford, both in co. Surrey, England. She came over on the Mayflower along with her parents and brother Joseph. All of the Mullins family died during the winter of 1621 with the exception of Priscilla. Since she was not named in the 1623 land division, she was at that time already married to John Alden.[3] The Aldens were among the first families to move away from the original colony and helped found what is now Duxbury (likely before 1630). She died sometime after 1651 but before her husband's death in 1687.[4] John and Priscilla had ten children, four sons & six daughters (Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary [unmarried in 1688], Priscilla [unmarried in 1688], Ruth & Rebecca)

Third Generation

Elizabeth Alden (c1623-1717) married William Pabodie[5]. They had thirteen children (two sons & eleven daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Mercy, Martha, Priscilla (1652-1652), Priscilla, Sarah, Ruth, Rebecca, Hannah and Lydia.

Sarah Alden (aft 1628-1677) married Alexander Standish. They had eight children (three sons & five daughters: Lorah, Elizabeth, Mercy, Sarah and Lydia.

Ruth Alden (c1643-1674) married John Bass. They had eight children (four sons & four daughters: Ruth, Hannah, Mary and Sarah.

Rebecca Alden (c1649-1689) married Thomas Delano. They had nine children (five sons & four daughter: Deborah, Mary (1680-1756 not believed to have been married), Sarah and Ruth.

Fourth Generation

Elizabeth Pabodie was born 1647 and died 1678. She married John Rogers (II) and they had five children: Hannah, John, Elizabeth, Ruth and Sarah

Mary Pabodie was born 1648 and died 1728. She married Edward Southworth and they had eight children:

Mercy Pabodie was born 1649 and died 1728. She married John Simmons and they had

Martha Pabobie was born 1650 and died 1711. She married twice: First Samuel Seabury and second William Fobes. By her first husband (Samuel Seabury) Martha had

Priscilla Pabodie was born 1653 and died 1724 She married three times: First Rev. Ichabod Wiswall, second Isaac Averill and third Michael Sprague. By her first husband (Ichabod Wiswall) Priscilla had

Sarah Pabodie was born 1656 and died 1740. She married John Coe and they had

Ruth Pabodie was born 1658 and died 1725. She married Benjamin Bartlett and they had

Rebecca Pabodie was born 1660 and died 1702. She married (Capt.) William Southworth and they had

Hannah Pabodie was born 1661 and died 1723. She married three times: First Samuel Bartlett, second John Churchill and third Daniel Bartlett. By her first husband (Samuel Bartlett) Hannah had

Lydia Pabodie was born 1667 and died 1748. She married Daniel Grinnell and they had

Lorah Standish was born 1661 and died 1725. She married Abraham Sampson (II) and they had

Elizabeth Standish was born 1663. She married Samuel Delano and they had

Mercy Standish was born 1665 and died 1729. She married Caleb Sampson and they had

Sarah Standish was born 1666 and died 1739. She married Benjamin Soule and they had

Lydia Standish was born 1669 and died 1734. She married Isaac Sampson and they had

Ruth Bass was born 1662. She married Peter Webb and they had

Hannah Bass was born 1667 and died 1705. She married Joseph Adams and they had

Mary Bass was born 1669 and died 1716. She married three times: First Christopher Webb, second William Copeland and third Ebenezer Spear. By her first husband (Christopher Webb) Mary had

Sarah Bass was born 1672 and died 1751. She married Ebenezer Spear and they had

Deborah Delano was born 1672 and died 1717. She married John Weston and they had

Sarah Delano was born 1682 and died 1746. She married John Drew and they had

Ruth Delano was born 1684 and died 1722. She married Samuel Drew and they had

  1. MQ 78(Mar 2012):41-57
  2. Only two contemporary records give Priscilla's name. The first was her father's will (where she was named) and the second was the list of Mayflower passengers made by Gov. William Bradford in 1651.
  3. It is said they were the third couple married in Plymouth Colony. The first couple was the widow Edward Winslow to the widower Susanna (Jackson) White. Francis Eaton married his second wife, Dorothy about the same time as the marriage of Priscilla Mullins to John Alden. It is currently known which couple was married first, or if they were possibly married at the same time.
  4. Tradition states she attended the funeral of Josiah Winslow in 1680, but no contemporary record of her attending this funeral exists.
  5. later male line descendants changed the surname to Peabody

mtDNA Results H6a1a9

The Mayflower DNA Project lists three all female line descendants of Priscilla (and her mother Alice). All three have taken the full mtDNA test, which tests every single base pair of the mitochondrial DNA. All three fall under the H6a1a9 haplogroup. One of them has an additional mutation (C16234T) which must have occurred somewhere in this individuals maternal line of descent.

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