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Status summary

Completed as of October 8, 2020:

  • Profile created for Payne/Paine family, descendants of Tobias Payne, second husband of Sarah Winslow

Still to do as of October 8, 2020

  • Identify whether any Y-DNA descendants of Tobias Payne are still living


First Generation

Not much is known about Tobias Payne. He married in Boston about Nov 1667 to Sarah (Winslow) Standish. They only had one child before his untimely death in Boston 12 Sep 1669.

Second Generation

William Payne was born in Boston 29 Jan 1668/9 and died there 11 Jul 1735. He married twice, first Boston 11 Oct 1694 to Mary Taylor (died Boston 6 Jan 1701) and second, 12 May 1703 to Margaret Stewart. By his first wife he had four children; two daughters & sons William (died young) and Tobias (only had one daughter). By his second wife he supposedly had twelve children; four daughters and eight sons (William [died young], William, Edward [died young], John, Edward [died young], Richard, Thomas, and Edward)

Third Generation

According to the MF5G 15 [Chilton] Only the last son of William Payne, Edward, had any sons. Edward was born at Boston 4 Feb 1721/2 and died there 5 Mar 1788. He married (int. Boston 28 Sep 1756) to Rebecca Anthony. They had five children; three daughters & sons William and Edward (died young)

Fourth Generation

William Payne was born in Boston 18 Jul 1762. He is said to have had twin sons, Edward & William, neither of whom ever married.

DNA results

Previous Y-DNA testing

Further needed testing

Need to discover if Tobias Payne still has living Y-DNA descendants

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