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| {{ya}}<ref> The Doty Silver Books (vol. 11, in 3 parts) list a small number of female mtDNA descendants of the sixth generation. Thus, there are likely still mtDNA descendants living today.</ref>
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Surnames of Mayflower passengers[1] , with links to corresponding mtDNA results pages, are listed below.

Husband’s name[2] wife’s name [3] Wife aboard Mayflower Known living descendants[4] Known living maternal line descendants mtDNA haplogroup[5]
Alden, John Priscilla Mullins Yes Yes Yes H6a1a9
Allerton, Isaac 1) Mary Norris Yes Yes Yes W5a2
Allerton, Isaac 2) Fear Brewster[6] No Yes No
Allerton, Bartholomew 1) Margaret _____ No [7]
Allerton, Bartholomew 2) Sarah Fairfax No
Maverick, Moses Remember Allerton Yes Yes W5a2
Cushman, Thomas Mary Allerton Yes Yes W5a2
Billington, John Elinor (Unknown) No Yes No
Billington, Francis Christian PENN Eaton[8] Yes Yes Yes
Bradford, William 1) Dorothy May Yes No
Bradford, William 2) Alice CARPENTER Southworth No Yes No
Brewster, William Mary (Unknown) Yes Yes Yes I4a
Brown(e), Peter 1) Martha (Unknown) Ford[9] No Yes No
Brown(e), Peter 2) Mary (Unknown) No Yes [10]
Chilton, James (poss.) Susanna (Unknown) [11] Yes Yes Yes T2b+16288C[12]
Winslow, John Mary Chilton Yes Yes Yes T2b+16288C
Cooke, Francis Esther/Hester Mahieu No Yes Yes J1c2+G16153A [13]
Cooke, John Sarah Warren [14] No Yes Yes H1j
Doty, Edward 2)[15] Faith Clarke[16] No Yes Yes
Eaton, Francis 1) Sarah (Unknown) Yes Yes No
Eaton, Francis 2) (Unknown)[17] Yes No No
Eaton, Francis 3) Christian Penn[18] No Yes No


Fletcher, Moses 1) Mary Evans No Yes
Fletcher, Moses 2) Sarah (UNKNOWN) Denby [20] No No


Fuller, Edward (Unknown) (Unknown) Yes Yes No


Fuller, Samuel (son of Edward Fuller) Jane Lothrop No Yes Yes


Fuller, Samuel (brother of Edward Fuller) 2)[24] Agnes Carpenter No No


Fuller, Samuel 3) Bridget Lee No Yes No
Hopkins, Stephen 1) Mary Kent No Yes Yes V[26]
Hopkins, Stephen 2) Elizabeth Fisher Yes Yes Yes H27[27]
Snow, Nicholas Constance Hopkins Yes Yes Yes V[28]
Hopkins, Giles Katherine Whelden No Yes Yes
Howland, John Elizabeth Tilley Yes Yes Yes H1a1
presumably never married Desire Minter Yes No
More children Ellen, Jasper, Mary Yes No
More, Richard 1) Christian Hunter No Yes [29]
More, Richard 2)[30][31] Elizabeth Woolnough No
Mullins, William Alice (Unknown) Yes Yes Yes H6a1a9
Priest, Degory Sarah ALLERTON Vincent Yes Yes
Rogers, Thomas Alice Cosford No Yes [32]
Rogers, Joseph Hannah (Unknown)[33] No Yes [34]
Samson, Henry Anne Plummer No Yes Yes


Soule, George Mary Buckett (Beckett) No Yes Yes H1g1
Standish, Myles 1) Rose (Unknown) Yes No


Standish, Myles 2) Barbara (Unknown) No Yes No


Tilley, John Joan HURST Rogers[38] Yes Yes Yes H1a1
Warren, Richard Elizabeth Walker Yes Yes Yes H1j
White, William Susanna Jackson[39] Yes Yes No


White, Resolved Judith Vassall No Yes Yes H6a1b2a
White, Peregrine Sarah Bassett No Yes
Winslow, Edward 1) Elizabeth Barker Yes No


Winslow, Edward 2) Susanna JACKSON White[42] Yes Yes No


White Katherine Yes No
Cooper Ann/Agnes, Humility Yes No
  1. Also including wives of Mayflower passengers who came over later and had descendants living today
  2. Names in Italics are not Mayflower Passengers, but their wife was a passenger.
  3. links to sub-pages under development
  4. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society
  5. Italics indicate that the haplogroup result is based on previous testing through other projects (usually HVR only) and may not be precise. In some of these cases, the result could be inaccurate due to inadvertent errors in lineage tracing. See surname sub-pages for further details and references.
  6. Fear had a daughter Sarah, born abt 1626, but no further record has been found. She likely died young.
  7. Bartholomew returned to England and married. He is said to have had at least four children (unknown by which wife) (Isaac, Mary, Dorothy and John), none of these lines have been traced to the present day.
  8. widow of fellow Mayflower Passenger Francis Eaton
  9. widow of _______ Ford
  10. Mayflower Families through Five Generations ("Silver Books") vol. 7 (Browne) lists a small number of female mtDNA descendants of the Sixth generation. It is likely there are still living mtDNA descendants.
  11. For a discussion about the tentative identity of her given name, see her wiki.
  12. https://www.familytreedna.com/public/mayflowersociety?iframe=mtresults
  13. https://www.familytreedna.com/public/mayflowersociety?iframe=mtresults
  14. daughter of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren
  15. Edward Doty had a first wife, name unknown, but had no (surviving) children by this marriage. It is believed she was the unnamed maid servant to John Carver who (according to Bradford's Of Plimouth Plantationmarried but died shortly afterwards.
  16. She married second, John Phillips
  17. It is believed she was the unnamed maid servant to John Carver. In 1651 Gov. Bradford wrote she "married and died a year or two after". She apparently never had any children.
  18. she married second, fellow Mayflower Passenger Francis Billington
  19. Francis and Christian had one daughter, Rachel. Rachel married Joseph Ramsdell, but only had one son, Daniel.
  20. She was the widow of William Denby
  21. The Great Migration Begins I:681 states all of Moses Fletcher’s children were by his first wife
  22. The Great Migration Begins I:712 stated Edward only had two sons
  23. A number of female mtDNA descendants of the fifth and sixth generation documented in Mayflower Families through Five Generations ("Silver Books") vol. 4 (Edward Fuller). Believed to have living mtDNA descendants
  24. Samuel Fuller married first to Alice Glaslock, who died (apparently having no children) by 1613. TGMB I:716
  25. The Great Migration Begins I:716 stated only child of second wife died in infancy
  26. Mayflower Quarterly, Winter 2019, p, 39
  27. Mayflower Quarterly, Winter 2019, p. 39 "Not included but being researched:"
  28. Mayflower Quarterly, Winter 2019, p, 39
  29. Mayflower Families through Five Generations ("Silver Books") vol. 15 (More) lists a handful of female mtDNA descendants of the sixth generation.
  30. This was a bigamous marriage, since his first wife was still living in Salem, MA
  31. Richard More married third, sometime before 23 May 1678 to Jane (_____) Crumton (widow of Samuel Crumton). Richard and Jane had no children.
  32. An article in The Genealogist 10:140 stated Thomas and Alice had three sons and two daughters (Elizabeth [1609] & Margaret [1613]). Bradford's Journal (published under Of Plimouth Plantation reported where "his other children came afterwards... The rest of Thomas Rogers' [children] came over and are married and have many children." However, it is unknown if the daughters were still living at that time, and if they were, there is no further mention of them in any record. It is possible one or both may have married and had families, but their maiden name has been lost. Some researches suggest Elizabeth may have married Samuel Eddy, and Margaret married William Brett of Duxbury & Bridgewater. There are issues with both of these tentative identities.
  33. The only contemporary record for Hannah is the will of her husband, Joseph (in Jan 1677/8). As such, we are not certain whether she was Joseph's only wife and whether she is the mother of any/all of Joseph's children. mtDNA descendants of Joseph's daughters have the ability to ascertain whether they were all likely had the same mother, but even then, it would not prove whether Hannah was the mother or not.
  34. A number of female mtDNA descendants of the Sixth Generation documented in the Mayflower Families through Five Generations "Silver Books" vol. 19 (Rogers). Almost certainly has living mtDNA descendants.
  35. Mayflower Families through Five Generations ("Silver Books") Vol. 20 (Samson) Part 2 has a large number of female mtDNA descendants of the last (6th) generation.
  36. died in the first winter, no children
  37. Myles and Barbara had one daughter, Lora. Neither she nor any of her children were mentioned in his will of Mar 1655/6. Thus she almost certainly died unmarried.
  38. She married first, Thomas Rogers
  39. Caleb Johnson announced her identity at the Mayflower Congress in Sep 2017. Articles to be published in The American Genealogist. She married second, Mayflower Passenger Edward Winslow
  40. Only had two sons by William White. She will also be treated under Edward Winslow
  41. Edward had no children by his first wife
  42. Caleb Johnson identified her ancestry at the Mayflower Congress in Sep 2017. Articles to be published in The American Genealogist. She was the widow of fellow Mayflower Passenger, William White
  43. They had one daughter, Elizabeth (c1630-1698). She married (Capt.) George Curwin and Robert Brooks (II). George and Elizabeth had two daughters, Penelope (m. John Wolcott, no known children) and Susanna (m. Edward Lyde (II), only daughter Elizabeth died unmarried)

Passengers with unknown or uncertain surname include:

  • Alice, wife of John Rigsdale
  • Mary, wife of Edward Prower and Christopher Martin
  • Dorothy, servant of John Carver
  • wife of Thomas Tinker

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