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| ''V'' [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_V_(mtDNA)]
| ''V'' [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_V_(mtDNA)]

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Surnames of Mayflower passengers[1] , with links to corresponding mtDNA results pages, are listed below.

Husband’s name[2] wife’s name [3] aboard Mayflower Known living descendants[4] Known living maternal line descendants mtDNA haplogroup[5]
Alden, John Priscilla Mullins Yes Yes Yes H6a1a9 [1]
Allerton, Isaac (first wife) Mary Norris Yes Yes
Allerton, Isaac (second wife) Fear Brewster No Yes No


Allerton, Bartholomew (First Wife) Margaret (Unknown) and (Second Wife) Sarah Fairfax No [7]
Maverick, Moses Remember Allerton Yes Yes
Cushman, Thomas Mary Allerton Yes Yes
Billington, John Elinor (Unknown) [8] No Yes No
Billington, Francis Christian PENN Eaton[9] Yes Yes
Bradford, William (First Wife) Dorothy May Yes No No
Bradford, William (Second Wife) Alice CARPENTER Southworth[10] No Yes
Brewster, William Mary (Unknown) Yes Yes Yes
Browne, Peter (first wife) Martha (UNKNOWN) Ford[11] No Yes
Browne, Peter (second wife) Mary (Unknown) No Yes
Chilton, James (Unknown) (Unknown) Yes Yes
Winslow, John Mary Chilton Yes Yes
Cooke, Francis Esther/Hester Mahieu No Yes Yes
Cooke, John Sarah Warren [12] No Yes Yes H1j [2]
Doty, Edward (Second wife) Faith Clarke [13] No Yes
Eaton, Francis (First Wife) Sarah (Unknown) Yes Yes No
Eaton, Francis (Third Wife) Christian Penn [14] No Yes
Fletcher, Moses (First Wife) Mary Evans No
Fletcher, Moses (Second Wife) Sarah (UNKNOWN) Denby [15] No No No


Fuller, Edward (Unknown) (Unknown) Yes Yes No


Fuller, Samuel (son of Edward Fuller) Jane Lothrop No Yes
Fuller, Samuel (brother of Edward Fuller) (Second Wife) Alice Carpenter No No No


Fuller, Samuel (Third Wife) Bridget Lee No Yes
Hopkins, Stephen (First Wife) Mary Kent No Yes Yes V [3]
Hopkins, Stephen (Second Wife) Elizabeth Fisher Yes Yes
Snow, Nicholas Constance Hopkins Yes Yes
Hopkins, Giles Catherine Whelden No Yes
Howland, John Elizabeth Tilley Yes Yes Yes H1a1 [4]
presumably never married Desire Minter Yes No No
More children Ellen, Jasper, Mary Yes Yes No
More, Richard (First Wife) Christian Hunter No Yes
Mullins, William Alice (Unknown) Yes Yes
Priest, Degory Sarah ALLERTON Vincent[19] Yes Yes
Rogers, Thomas Alice Cosford No Yes
Rogers, Joseph Hannah (Unknown) No Yes
Samson, Henry Anne Plummer No Yes
Soule, George Mary Buckett (Becket) No Yes
Standish, Myles (First Wife) Rose (Unknown) Yes No No


Standish, Myles (Second Wife) Barbara (Unknown) No Yes
Tilley, Edward Joan Hurst [21] Yes Yes Yes H1a1 [5]
Warren, Richard Elizabeth Walker Yes Yes Yes H1j [6]
White, William Susanna Jackson [22] No Yes No


White, Resolved Judith Vassall No Yes
White, Peregrine Sarah Bassett No Yes
Winslow, Edward (First Wife) Elizabeth Barker Yes No No


Winslow, Edward (Second Wife) Susanna JACKSON White[25] No Yes
White Katherine Yes No n/a
Cooper Ann/Agnes, Humility Yes No n/a
  1. Also including wives of Mayflower passengers who came over later and had descendants living today
  2. Names in Italics are not Mayflower Passengers, but their wife was a passenger.
  3. links to sub-pages under development
  4. according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mayflower_Society
  5. Italics indicate that the haplogroup result is based on previous testing through other projects (usually HVR only) and may not be precise. In some of these cases, the result could be inaccurate due to inadvertent errors in lineage tracing. See surname sub-pages for further details and references.
  6. Fear had a daughter Sarah, born abt 1626, but no further record has been found. She likely died young.
  7. Bartholomew returned to England and married. He is said to have had at least four children, but no lines have been traced to the present day.
  8. After John’s death, she married Gregory Armstrong
  9. widow of fellow Mayflower Passenger Francis Eaton
  10. widow of Edward Southworth
  11. widow of _______ Ford
  12. daughter of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren
  13. She married second, John Phillips
  14. she married second, fellow Mayflower Passenger Francis Billington
  15. She was the widow of William Denby
  16. The Great Migration Begins I:681 states all of Moses Fletcher’s children were by his first wife
  17. The Great Migration Begins I:712 stated Edward only had two sons
  18. The Great Migration Begins I:716 stated only child of second wife died in infancy
  19. She was sister to Mayflower passenger Isaac Allerton. She married first, Jan/John Vincent and third Godbert Godbertson (Cuthbert Cuthbertson)
  20. died in the first winter, no children
  21. See also daughter Elizabeth Tilley for information on mtDNA descendants. She married first, Thomas Rogers
  22. Caleb Johnson announced her identity at the Mayflower Congress in Sep 2017. Articles to be published in The American Genealogist. She married second, Mayflower Passenger Edward Winslow
  23. Only had two sons by William White. She will also be treated under Edward Winslow
  24. Edward had no children by his first wife
  25. Caleb Johnson identified her ancestry at the Mayflower Congress in Sep 2017. Articles to be published in The American Genealogist. She was the widow of fellow Mayflower Passenger, William White

Passengers with unknown or uncertain surname include:

  • Alice, wife of John Rigsdale
  • Mary, wife of Edward Prower and Christopher Martin
  • Dorothy, servant of John Carver
  • wife of Thomas Tinker

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