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Status summary


First Generation

Joshua3 Morse (Jonathan, William) was born likely at Beverly about 1675 and died 1754. He married Plymouth 12 Dec 1698 Elizabeth Doty and they had eight children (Plymouth): Joshua (1699 no further record), Elizabeth (1701), Edward (1704), Joseph (1706), Newbury (1709), Abigail (1711), Theodorus (1714) and Gershom (1716).

Second Generation

Edward Morse was born Plymouth 25 Jul 1704 and died Rochester bef 8 Sep 1784. He married Barnstable 19 Sep 1727 Margaret White (great-great-granddaughter of William White) and they had ten children: Joshua (1728), Edward (1730), Marcy (1732-1733), Melatiah (1733-1757 unm.), Marcy (1736), John (1738), Benjamin (1740-1740), Benjamin (1742), Ebenezer (1746-1746) and Ebenezer (1747/8).

Joseph Morse was born Plymouth 25 Dec 1706 and died Carteret, NC bef 1 Dec 1781. He married Sarah Shackelford and had at least: Joshua.

Newbury Morse was born Plymouth 28 Jul 1709 and died Wareham 25 Apr 1784. He married 4 Apr 1739 Lydia Briggs and they had seven children: Zebulon (1741), Eunice, Mary, Seth (1747), Samuel (1749), Simeon (1751) and Joseph (c1756).

(Capt.) Theodorus Morse was born Plymouth 20 Aug 1714 and died Falmouth 19 Dec 1794. He married twice, first Falmouth 4 Feb 1738 Thankful Crocker and second Falmouth 6 Mar 1764 Susannah (Davis) Phinney. By his first wife he had two children: Asarelah (son, 1745) and Thankful (1750). By his second wife he had two more children: Bere Cynthia (1764) and Calvin Theodore (1766).

Gershom Morse was born Middleborough about 1716 and died Norwich, VT abt 1800. He married Wareham 8 Aug 1741 Elizabeth Swift and they had ten children: Elijah (1742), Joanna (1744), Abigail (1745/6), Elizabeth (1747), Thankful (1750), Gershom (1754), Job (1756), Content (1758), Seth (1760) and Chloe (1763).

DNA results I-FT412956

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Morse Society DNA Project subgroup: Anthony/William has one individual who has Big Y tested to: I-M253>DF29>Y2592>CTS6364>CTS10028>S6346>L22>FGC41265>S19986>S9318>Y17218>Y37109>Y16808>FT412956

Further testing needed

Other patrilineal descendants of John Barrow (and preferably via his great-grandson George Barrows [II]) are needed to NGS/WGS test to verify this haplogroup placement and possibly further refine the haplogroup as well as contact and disclose their lineage.

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