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Status summary

As of November 22, 2020:

  • No straightforward opportunities for advanced Y-DNA testing
  • Low priority

Paper Trail

First Generation

The four siblings (Ellen, Jasper, Richard and Mary) were reputedly children of Samuel and Catherine (More) More (Third cousins). Samuel suspected some, or all of the children were the children of his wife by a long-term affair she had with a Jacob Blakeway. Samuel was able to obtain a divorce from Catherine, and had arranged for the children to go with the Separatists aboard the Mayflower. All of these children died during the first winter except for Richard. Interestingly, these children were the only Mayflower passengers known to descend from Royalty, through their mother.

Second Generation

Richard More was baptized at Shipton, Shropshire, England on 13 Nov 1614, and died at Salem, MA "aged 84 years" between 19 Mar 1693/4 - 20 Apr 1696. Richard married twice, first at Plymouth 20 Oct 1636 to Christian Hunter, and second (late in life) by 1678 to Jane _____ widow of Samuel Crumpton. By his first wife, Richard had seven children: Samuel, Thomas, Caleb (d. unmarried), Joshua, Richard, Susanna and Christian. Except for the fact that in 1651 Bradford stated they were still living, there is no further known record for Samuel, Thomas, and Joshua. Richard is said to have married by 1673 to Sarah _____, but it is unknown if they ever had any children

Summary of findings

It would appear that there are no known direct patrilineal descendants of Richard More, since records about the children are very fragmentary.

To do

  • Additional paper-trail research might allow additional Y-DNA testing candidates to be identified

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