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Status summary

As of October 27, 2022:

  • No surviving patrilineal descendants.

Paper trail

First Generation

Richard Masterson was born about 1594 and died Plymouth in 1633. He married Leiden 23 Nov 16`19 Mary Goodall and they had two children: Nathaniel (c1620) and Sarah (c1625).

Second Generation

Nathaniel Masterson was born about 1620. He married Ipswich 31 Jul 1657 Elizabeth Cogswell and they had three children: Sarah, Abial (daughter) and Elizabeth. Thus, the Y-DNA line of Richard Masterson died with his son Nathaniel.

References and External Resources

  • Anderson, Robert Charles, The Pilgrim Migration: Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633 (New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 2004)

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