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As of August 30, 2018

  • Page created for Mary (poss. Kent), first wife of Stephen Hopkins
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Mary (poss. Kent) Hopkins. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) has recently accepted the identity of Mary Kent, daughter of Robert Kent & Joan Machell of Hursley, Hants, as the first wife of Stephen Hopkins. This identification was first proposed by by Simon Neal in a couple of Mayflower Quarterly articles.[1] Caleb Hopkins also stated this identification was probable.[2]

Stephen & Mary were married about 1603, likely at the parish church in Hursley. They had children baptized (at Hursley) 13 May 1604 (Elizabeth), 11 May 1606 (Constance), and 30 Jan 1607/8 (Giles).[3] Mary was buried at Hursley on 9 May 1613.[4]

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mtDNA Results

We are currently looking for volunteers who are matrilineal descendants of Mary to take a full mtDNA test.

mtDNA Descendants


Mary & Stephen had one son (Giles) and two daughters (Elizabeth & Constance). Elizabeth did not come to New Plimouth with her father, and is believed to have died before 1620.


Constance was baptized at Hursley, Hants 11 May 1606. She married Nicholas Snow sometime shortly before the 1627 Cattle Division. Bradford stated they had twelve children, but only the names of nine of them are currently known. Of these nine there were five sons and four daughters (Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth & Ruth)[1]


Mary Snow was born about 1630 and married (Eastham Jul 1650) Thomas Paine. They had nine sons and two daughters (Mary c1651-1705 & Dorcas 1669-1707)

Sarah Snow was born about 1632 and married (Eastham 25 Jan 1654) William Walker. They had four sons and two daughters (Sarah 1662-1693 & Elizabeth 1664-1697)

Elizabeth Snow was born about 1640 and married (Eastham 13 Dec 1665) Thomas Rogers. They had five sons and two daughters (Elizabeth 1666-1704 & Hannah 1669-1733)

Ruth Snow was born about 1644 and married (Eastham 10 Dec 1666) Lieut. John Cole. They had three sons and five daughters (Ruth, Hepzibah[2], Hannah [who never married], Mary [who never married], & Sarah [who never married])

  1. More than a few sources state one of the other three children was a daughter Constance who married Deacon Daniel Doane, but there is really no evidence to support this belief.
  2. Some sources state she married Daniel Doane in Jul 1696, but proof is lacking

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