Martha, widow Ford (mtDNA)

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Status summary

As of November 25, 2020:

  • No opportunities for mtDNA testing
  • Low priority

Paper Trail

For more information see: Wakefield, Robert S., Mayflower Families through Five Generations vol. 7 Brown

First Generation

Very little information is known about Martha. It is known she came to New Plimouth Colony aboard the Fortune in 1621, she apparently came with her husband (whose identity is unknown). This first husband died sometime before the 1623 land division at New Plimouth. She married at New Plimouth sometime between the 1623 land division and the 1627 Cattle division (when she already had one child) to Peter Brown(e). She had died about 1630-31.[1]

By her first husband, Martha had three children: John, Martha, and a child born immediately after landing in Nov 1621, but died before the 1627 cattle division. By her second husband, Martha had two daughters: Mary and Priscilla.

Second Generation

Martha Ford[2] was born about 1619 and died in Plymouth 20 Dec 1683 in her 64th year[3] She married at Plymouth 29 Oct 1640 to William Nelson[4] They had four children: Martha, John, William and Jane.

Mary Brown(e) was born sometime before the 1627 land division and died in 1683. She married Ephraim Tinkham. They had 6 sons and 1 daughter, Mary (1661-1731). This daughter Mary married John Thomson and had 9 sons and 3 daughters (Mary, Martha & Sarah). However, none of these three daughters ever married.

Priscilla Brown(e) was born about 1628 and died in 1698. She married William Allen of Sandwich, but they never had any children.

Third Generation

Martha Nelson was born Plymouth abt 1641 and died there aft 4 Feb 1712. She married Plymouth 28 Feb 1658 John Cobb and they had five children (Plymouth): John (1662), Patience (1668 m John Bennett), Ebenezer (1671 d.y.), Elisha (1679) and James (1682).

Jane Nelson was born Plymouth 28 Feb 1651 and died there 8 Aug 1717. She married Plymouth 12 Dec 1672 Thomas Faunce and they had seven children (Plymouth): Patience (1673 m Ephraim Kempton), John (1678), Martha (1680 m Isaac Doten), Priscilla (1684 unm.), Thomas (1687), Joanna (1689 m Ichabod Paddock) and Jane/Jean (1692 m Ebenezer Finney & Abiah Keith).

Summary of findings

It would appear that there are no known direct matrilineal descendants of Martha, by her second husband. Peter Brown(e). While she may possibly have a living matrilineal line of descent from her daughter, Martha Ford, this line does not descend from Peter Brown(e).

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To do

  • Identify maiden name of Martha and her origins.

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