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Status summary

Completed as of October 8, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Solomon Leonard descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)
  • Y-SNP tested to I-S18331.

Still to do as of October 8, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of Solomon Leonard to firmly place family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Solomon Leonard[1] was born about 1610, likely in Monmouthshire, England. He was said to be a son of Samuel Leonard, as both individuals were later found in Leiden, Holland. It is said that Solomon (and possibly his father) emigrated from Leiden to Plymouth Colony in either 1629 or 1630 (when many of the Separatist Congregation at Leiden came over), but the family is not treated in Robert Charles Anderson's The Great Migration Begins series.

Solomon was the first individual with the Leonard surname to emigrate to New England and he has been called the ancestor of the "Bridgewater Branch" of the Leonard family. Solomon married Sarah Chandler about 1640, likely in Duxburrow (now Duxbury). They had six children; one daughter and five sons (Samuel, John, Jacob, Isaac and Solomon)

Second Generation

DNA results I-S18331

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Leonard Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project Subgrouping: "I - Solomon Leonard Descendants" has fourindividuals, all STR matches to each other. One of these individuals has apparently done a FTDNA Big Y test and has been determined to fall under: I-M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>BY1003>S18331

Further needed testing

We need additional direct male-line descendants of Solomon to WGS/NGS test to both to refine the haplogroup further and delineate descendant clades.

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