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Status summary

Still to do of December 28, 2022:

  • Recruit patrilineal descendants of Richard Lee (preferably through his son Hancock) to Y-DNA test and publish their results. Such descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com


First Generation

(Capt.) Hancock Lee, son of (Col.) Richard Lee and Anne Constable was born Dividing Creek, VA Mar 1652/3 and died Wicomico, VA 25 May 1709. He married twice, first abt 1675 Mary Kendall (not descended from a Mayflower passenger) and second Westmoreland Co., VT abt 1700 Sarah Allerton. By his second wife he had five children: Isaac (1702-b1727 unm.), Ann (c1704), John (c1707 unm.), Elizabeth (1709) and Hancock (1709).

Second Generation

Hancock Lee (II) was born Ditchley, VA aft 18 May 1709[1] and died King George Co., VA Oct 1762. He married Fredericksburg, VA 23 Jan 1733/4 Mary Willis and they had seven children:[2] Willis (d. 1776 likely never marr.), Hancock, John, Sarah Alexander, Henry, Richard (d. unm.) and Mary.

Third Generation

(Capt.) Hancock Lee (III) was born abt 1736 and died 1815. He married Winifred Beale and they had Willis, Hancock, Thomas, Emeline and Elizabeth.

(Maj.) John Lee was born abt 1740 and died 1802. He married (bond dated 18 Dec 1781) Elizabeth Bell and they had: John Hancock (m Anne Lee, no ch.), Lewis (m. no ch.), Sarah, Matilda A., Elizabeth, Lucinda and Anne. Thus there are no surviving patrilineal (Y-DNA) descendants from John.

Henry Lee married Mary Willis and they had five children: Willis (unm.), Hancock (unm.), John (unm.), ___ (dau) and Anne (m. John Hancock Lee, no ch.). Thus there are no surviving patrilineal (Y-DNA) descendants from Henry.

  1. His father made a codicil to his will adding in a bequest to his unborn child.
  2. Some records include additional children (likely fictional): Ann (1734), Mary (1735), George Henry (1737), John Arthur and Richard Bland

DNA results TBD

Further DNA testing needed

Testing of patrilineal descendants is needed. Any male who believes their patrilineal ancestry goes through Hancock Lee is encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

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