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                         Anne Margaret<sup>12</sup> Wadden (1902-1955)
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                             ''tester'' <!--* Nancy WADDEN O'Quinn in HDNA tree -->
       Lydia<sup>3</sup> Howland (1633-p1710/1)
       Lydia<sup>3</sup> Howland (1633-p1710/1)
         Dorothy<sup>4</sup> Brown (1666-1727)
         Dorothy<sup>4</sup> Brown (1666-1727)

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  • Page created for Joan (Hurst) Rogers Tilley and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland
  • mtDNA results from Mayflower DNA Project H1a1 (with no extra mutations)
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Joan (Hurst) Rogers Tilley and her daughter, Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com

Paper Trail

For more information see: White, Elizabeth Pearson, John Howland of the Mayflower, and Lainhart, Ann Smith & Robert S. Wakefield, Mayflower Families through Five Generations, Vol. 23


Joan Hurst was baptized at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England on 13 Mar 1567, the daughter of William Hurst and Joan Marshe.[1] She was first married to Thomas Rogers at Henlow on 18 Jun 1593[2] He died about 1595 and Joan married second, Henlow 20 Sep 1596, to John Tilley[1].[3] The children were all baptized at the parish church in Henlow. It is likely the family lived in the area until the couple prepared to emigrate to the New World. This is supported by the fact the youngest son (Robert) was apprenticed to a Bedford tailor, John Jones, in Oct 1617[4] as well as Joan's oldest daughter (Joan Rogers) married to Edward Hawkins at St. Paul's Church, Bedford on 27 Jun 1620.[5] Both Joan and her husband John Tilley died in the general sickness during the harsh first winter at New Plimouth.[6]

Elizabeth Tilley was Joan's youngest child, baptized at St. Mary's Church, Henlow, Bedfordshire, England on 30 Aug 1607.[7] She came with her parents aboard The Mayflower in the fall of 1620.[8] Her family was part of Gov. Carver's "household" during the first winter. Gov. Carver and Elizabeth's parents all died during the general sickness of the first winter and it is believed John Howland (Carver's "servant"/assistant) assumed the head of this household.[9] Elizabeth married John Howland circa 1623. It is believed they were the fifth marriage in the new colony (after the marriage of William Bradford on 14 Aug 1623 and before the end of the year [25 Mar 1623/4] as they were presumably a couple for the 1623 Land division).[10]

The family eventually moved to Rocky Nook (now Kingston) where her husband died in Feb 1672/3.[11] Elizabeth is assumed to have lived with her children shortly thereafter (as their home in Rocky Nook was said to have been burnt down shortly after John's death). It is known Elizabeth spent the last years of her life with her daughter, Lydia, and Lydia's husband, James Brown. They lived in "Swansey" (Swansea, MA; now East Providence, RI) where Elizabeth made her will on 17 Dec 1686[12] and died on 21 Dec 1687.[13]

Elizabeth is believed to have been buried in the Brown family plot at the Ancient Little Neck Cemetery.[14] Her gravestone was erected there in 1949 by the Pilgrim John Howland Society.[15] At the time of her death this cemetery was located in Old Rehoboth, MA, but it is presently located within East Providence, RI.

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Several articles in The American Genealogist[1],The Mayflower Quarterly[2] and The Howland Quarterly[3] have revealed much information on the ancestry of Elizabeth. For the purpose of this wiki, we shall only look at the "umbilical"/mtDNA line.

Elizabeth was the daughter of John Tilley and Joan (Hurst) Rogers. Joan was baptized at Henlow 13 Mar 1567/8, daughter of William Hurst & Rose Marshe. She married first, Thomas Rogers. Rose was born about 1537 presumably in Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire, England (where she married), daughter of John Marshe & Joan _____.

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mtDNA Results H1a1

We know from the results of four mtDNA tests from three different daughters of Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland, the matrilineal (all female) line falls under haplogroup H1a1 with no extra mutations.[1] In addition, according to the H1 mtGenome Project the H1a1 clade originated approximately 2500 B.C.E., so it is a VERY old haplogroup.

Thus mtDNA testing cannot be used to conclusively prove someone was a matrilineal descendant of Elizabeth Tilley, but it can be used to conclusively disprove such a relationship. In addition, mtDNA testing can be used to support a conclusion about a line being matrilineally descended from Elizabeth, but additional evidence is also needed. Some of Elizabeth's matrilineal (all female line) descendants have picked up an additional mutation (a heteroplasmy).

mtDNA Descendants

Joan Hurst had one daughter by her first husband (Thomas Rogers), Joan, baptized at Henlow 26 May 1594.[2] This daughter married Edward Hawkins at St. Paul Church, Bedford on 27 Jun 1620.[3] Edward and Joan had four sons & two daughters,[4] but only two sons and one daughter (Elizabeth, wife of William Fell) were still alive when Edward wrote his will (18 Dec 1658 proved 26 Jan 1658[/9])[5] Elizabeth Hawkins married William Fell at St Paul Church, Bedford 1 Oct 1643 and had one son and one daughter, Ann (bp. 14 Jan 1648[/9]) baptized there.[6]

Joan and her second husband (John Tilley) had Rose (bp. 23 Oct 1597, died young), John (bp. 26 Aug 1599),[7] Rose (bp. 28 Feb 1601/2), Robert (bp. 25 Nov 1604), and Elizabeth. Only the descendants of Robert (and Elizabeth) have been traced to date.[8]

Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland had six daughters, all who married and had children of their own.

Second Generation:

Desire Howland was born New Plimouth Colony about 1625 and died in Barnstable 13 Oct 1683. She married Plymouth about 1641 Capt. John Gorham and they had eleven children: Desire (1644), Temperance (1646), Elizabeth (1648), James (1650), John (1651/2), Joseph (1653/4), Jabez (1656), Mercy (1658), Lydia (1661), Hannah (1663) and Shubael (1667).

Hope (1629-1683/4) married Lieut. John Chipman and had twelve children: Elizabeth, stillborn daughter [1650], Hope, Lydia, John, Hannah, Samuel, Ruth, Bethia, Mercy John and Desire)

Elizabeth (1631-1691/2) married Ephraim Hicks (no children) and Capt. John Dickinson Nine children: Elizabeth, Joseph, Mercy, Jabez, Lydia (1662-1703 m. Ephraim Carter, but apparently no children), Samuel, Mehitable, Hannah and James.

Lydia (1633-1710) married Maj. James Brown and had eight children: Josiah, James, John (d. young), Martha (d. young), John, Dorothy, Jabez and Joseph.

Hannah (1637-1705) married Jonathan Bosworth and had ten children: Mercy (1662-1662), Hannah, Elizabeth (1665-1676), Jonathan (1666-1676), David, John, Jabez, Ichabod, infant son and Jonathan.

Ruth (1646-1679) married Thomas Cushman (II) and had three children: Robert (1664), Thomas (1670) and Desire (1673).

Third Generation

Desire Gorham was born Plymouth 2 Apr 1644 and died Yarmouth 30 Jun 1700. She married Barnstable 7 Oct 1661 Capt. John Hawes and they had eleven children (Yarmouth): Elizabeth (1662), Mary (1664), Edmund (1669), John (1671), Joseph (1673), Jabez (1675), Ebenezer (1677/8), Isaac (1679/80), Desire (1681/2), Benjamin (1682/3) and Experience (1686).

Temperance Gorham was born Marshfield 5 May 1646 and died Yarmouth 12 Mar 1714/5. She married twice, first Yarmouth abt 1663 Edward Sturgis (II) and second there 27 Jan 1679/80, Thomas Baxter. By her first husband (Edward Sturgis) Temperance had seven children (Yarmouth): Joseph (c1664), Samuel (c1665), Desire (c1666), James (c1668), Edward (c1672), Thankful (1675) and Fear (c1678). By her second husband (Thomas Baxter) Temperance had three more children: John (c1680), Thomas (c1685) and Shubael (c1687).

Elizabeth Gorham was born Marshfield 2 Apr 1648 and died Plymouth before 5 Mar 1683/4[9]. She married (poss. in Sandwich or Barnstable) 1666 Joseph Hallett and they had (Barnstable): Mary (c1666), Lois (c1672), (poss.) Elizabeth (b1679), and possibly others.

Mercy Gorham was born Barnstable 20 Jan 1658/9 and died Stonington, CT 24 Sep 1725. She married prob. Barnstable about 1677 George Denison (II) and they had (Stonington): Edward (1678), (poss.) Daniel (1680), Joseph (bp 1683), Mercy (bp 1684/5), Samuel (bp 1686), Desire (bp 1688-b1693), Elizabeth (1689), Desire (bp 1693), Thankful (bp 1695) and George (bp 1699)

Lydia Gorham was born Barnstable 11 Nov 1661 and died Yarmouth 2 Aug 1744. She married (as his second wife) Yarmouth 1 Jan 1683/4 Col.) John Thacher and they had twelve children (Yarmouth): Lydia (1684/5), Mary (1686/7), Desire (1688), Hannah (1690), Mercy (1692-1692), Judah (son 1693), Mercy (1695-1696), Ann (1697), Joseph (1699), Benjamin (1701), Mercy (1702/3) and Thomas (1705)

Hannah Gorham was born Barnstable 28 Nov 1663 and died Cape May Co., NJ about 1728. She married prob. Barnstable or Yarmouth about 1682 (Capt.) Joseph Wheldon (Whildon) and they had five children: Hannah (1683), Joseph (1690), Experience (dau 1692), Mary (c1693) and Isaac (1698).

Elizabeth Chipman was born Plymouth 24 Jun 1648 and died Yarmouth after 24 Jan 1711/2. She married Yarmouth about 1675 Hosea Joyce and they had (all born Yarmouth) Samuel (1676), Thomas (1678), Mary (1680 m. James Gorham, Elisha Parker & Thomas Lothrop), Hosea (1682), Lydia (1684 m. (Capt.) Ebenezer Howes), Mehitable (c1687 m. Thomas Storrs) and Dorothy (c1690 m. John Otis)

Hope Chipman was born Barnstable 13 Aug 1652 and died Middleborough 26 Jul 1728. She married twice, first Barnstable 10 Aug 1670 John Huckens (Huckins) and second there 1 Mar 1682/3 Jonathan Cobb. By her first husband (John Huckens) Hope had (all born Barnstable) Elizabeth (1671 m. John Lewes), Mary (1673 m. Nathan Bassett), Experience (1675 m. Thomas Lewis), John (1675), Hope (1677 m. Thomas Nelson), Mehitable (1678 d. young). By her second husband (Jonathan Cobb) Hope had: Samuel (1683), Jonathan (1686), Ebenezer (1688), Joseph (1690), Lydia (1692 unknown if married) and Gershom (1695).

Lydia Chipman was born Barnstable 25 Dec 1654 and died Malden 2 Mar 1729/30. She married Plymouth before 1675 Rev. John Sargeant and they had Hannah (1675 no further record), Jonathan (1677), William (1680), Lydia (1682 m. Joseph White), Deborah (1684 m. Thomas Waite), Ruth (1688-1719 never married), Samuel (1688), Ebenezer (1690), Sarah (1692-1716 never married), Hope (1692 unknown if married) and Mehitable (1696-1696)

Hannah Chipman was born Barnstable 14 Jan 1658/9 and died there 4 Nov 1696. She married there 1 May 1680 Thomas Huckens (Huckins) and they had (all born Barnstable) Hannah (1683-1698 unmarried), Joseph (1682), Mary (1684 m. (Dea.) Samuel Bacon, but only had one son), John (1686), Thomas (1687), Hope (1689 m. Benjamin Hamlin & (Dea.) Ebenezer Childs), James (1691), Samuel (1693) and Jabez (1696).

Ruth Chipman was born Barnstable 31 Dec 1663 and died there 8 Apr 1698. She married there 7 Apr 1682 Eleazer Crocker and they had (all born Barnstable) Benoni (1682-1701), Bethiah (1683 m. John Whiton [Whiting]), Nathan (1685), Daniel (1687), Sarah (1689 m. Joseph Bursley), Theophilus (1691), Eleazer (1693), Ruth (1693 m. Samuel Fuller), Abel (1695) and Rebecca (1697 m. Jeduthan Robbins (II)).

Bethia Chipman was born Barnstable 1 Jul 1666 and died there before Nov 1702, She married twice, first abt 1690 ____ Gale and second abt 1696 Timothy Dimock. By her first husband (___ Gale), Bethia had one child, Mary (c1690 m. Jonathan Bassett & Ichabod Hinkley). By her second husband (Timothy Dimock) she had one child: Jabez (1698).

Mercy Chipman was born Barnstable 6 Feb 1668/9 and died Chilmark 12 Jun 1724. She married Sandwich 13 Dec 1699 Nathan Skiff(e) and they had (all recorded Chilmark) Sarah (1698/9 m. Solomon Athearn), Mercy (1701 m. Prince Coffin & Nathaniel Allen), Samuel (1703), John (1705) and Joseph (1707).

Desire Chipman was born Barnstable 26 Feb 1673/4 and died Sandwich 28 Mar 1705. She married Sandwich 23 Feb 1692/3 Col. Melatiah Bourne and they had (all born Sandwich) Silvanus (1694), Richard (1695), Samuel (1696), John (1697), Shearjashub (1699), Silas (1701) and Bathsheba (1703 m. William Newcomb & (Brig.Gen.) Timothy Ruggles).

Elizabeth Dickinson was born Barnstable 11 Oct 1652 and possibly died Greenwich, CT after Apr 1719. She is said to have married twice: First, prob. Oyster Bay, NY aft 20 May 1673 Caleb Wright (d. 1695) and second, 3 Aug 1697 Oyster Bay, NY Gershom Lockwood.[10] Elizabeth and her first husband (Caleb Wright) had the following children: Elizabeth (1679? m. Joseph Coles), William (1680?) and Penelope (1689? m. David Reynolds). Elizabeth and her second husband (Gershom Lockwood) never had any children.

Mercy Dickinson was born Oyster Bay, NY 23 Apr 1657 and died there 27 Sep 1723. She married there before 1680 Benjamin Harcourt and they had Richard (1685), Nathaniel (1692) and Hannah (c1700 unknown if married)

Mehitable Dickinson was born Oyster Bay, NY in Apr 1667 and died about 1718. She married there before 26 Sep 1692 Thomas Cheshire and they had Priscilla (c1694 m. ___ Wanser), John (1700) and Thomas (1700).

Hannah Dickinson was born Oyster Bay, NY 6 Mar 1671 and died Burlington, NJ 18 Jan 1742/3. She married Flushing, NY 22 Oct 1696 Isaac Gibbs and they had Richard (1697), Francis (1699), Sarah (1699 m. ___ Dickinson), Isaac (1701) and John (1706)

Dorothy Brown was born Swansea 29 Aug 1666 and died Rehoboth 2 Jun 1727. She married Swansea 12 Nov 1690 Joseph Kent (II) and they had Lydia (1691 m. Joseph Bosworth (II)), Joseph (1693), Dorothy (1695 m. Noah Newman), John (1697), Hezekiah (1699), Susannah (1701/2 m. Peter Bowen), Mary (1703-p. 1735/6 unmarried) and James (1707)[11]

Hannah Bosworth was born Swansea 5 Nov 1663 and died Providence, RI 31 Jul 1723. She married Swansea 4 Nov 1686 (Maj.) Nathaniel Jenckes and they had four children: Jonathan (1688), Hannah (1690 m. Banfield Capon II), Elizabeth (1697 m. John Owen) and Nathaniel (1702)

Desire Cushman was born Plymouth 9 Feb 1673 and died Barrington, RI 8 Feb 1762. She married Swansea 17 Dec 1686 Ens. Samuel Kent and they had two children: Hannah (1702 m. (Lt.) Samuel Gray II) and Josiah (1705).

Fourth Generation

Elizabeth Hawes was born Yarmouth 5 Oct 1662[12] and died Edgartown about Jan 1732/3.[13] She married Bristol (now part of RI) Capt. Thomas Daggett (II) and they had ten children: Samuel (1685), Hannah (1687 poss. m. Benjamin Norton [II]), Elizabeth (1690 m. John Butler [II]), Timothy (1692), Jemima (1694 m. Malachi Butler), Thankful (1696 m. Zephaniah Butler, Brotherton Daggett & Jabez Athearn), Mary (1698 m. Matthew Norton), Thomas (1700), Benjamin (1701) and Desire (c1702-c1729 never married).

Mary Hawes was born Yarmouth 10 Jun 1664 and died Barnstable 5 Mar 1725/6. She married Barnstable 17 Jun 1686 (as his first wife) John Bacon and they had eight children (Barnstable): Hannah (1687 m. Ebenezer Morton), Desire (1688/9 m. William Green), Nathaniel (1691/2), Patience (1694),[14] John (1697), Isaac (1699), Solomon (1701) and Jude/Judah (son) (1703).

Desire Hawes was born Yarmouth "last of" Feb 1681/2 and died Provincetown 8 Feb 1723/4. She married[15] Yarmouth 24 Feb 1701/2 [2]Josiah Hatch and they had seven children (Rochester): Desire (1702/3 m. John Cooke), Edmund (1705), Zerviah (1707 m. Joshua Cooke), Jabez (1709), Ebenezer (1710/1), Josiah (1713) and Mary/"Molly" (c1715 m. John Polley & Joshua Vinton).

Experience Hawes was born Yarmouth 24 Sep 1686 and died Middleborough 19 Nov 1758. She married[16] Yarmouth 1 Mar 1703/4 (Lt.) Ebenezer Sproat/Sprout and they had five children (Scituate): Thankful (1705 m. Joseph Bennett), Abigail (1709 m. John Wadsworth [II]), Mary (1715 m. Thomas Holmes & Josiah Wood), Ebenezer (1717) and James (1722).

Desire Sturgis was born Yarmouth abt 1667 and died (East) Barnstable 29 Mar 1749 in her 84th year.[17] She married twice, first Barnstable about 1685 Thomas Dimmock (d. 1697) and second, Barnstable 10 Nov 1698 John Thacher. By her first husband she had five children (Barnstable): Mehitable (1686 m. John Davis), Temperance (1689 m. Benjamin Freeman), Edward (1692), Thomas (1694) and Desire (1696 m. Job Gorham). By her second husband (John Thacher) she had six children (Barnstable): Abigail (1699 m. Joseph Hallett), Elizabeth (1701 m. Jonathan Davis), John (1703), Lot (1705), Fear (1707 m. Nathaniel Lewis) and Rowland (1710).

Thankful Sturgis was born Yarmouth 20 May 1675 and died there 1 May 1745. She married Yarmouth before 1693 Peter Thacher. They had seven children (born Yarmouth): Thankful (1693/4 m John Hallet), Peter (1695), infant son (1703), Sarah (1708/9 m George Lewis), Temperance (1711 m Seth Crocker, only 1 son), Peter (1712) and Hannah (1715 never married).

Fear Sturgis was born Yarmouth about 1678 and died Stonington, CT 22 Jun 1753. She married Yarmouth 21 Nov 1698 Joshua Holmes (II) and they had nine children (Stonington): Joshua (1700), John (1702), Abigail (1703/4 m. Jedediah Brown), Temperance (1706/7 m. [Capt.] John Smith & James Treadway), Thankful (1708 m. William Swan), Thomas (1710), Mary (1712/3 m Elias Palmer & John Randall [II]), Bethiah (1715 m David Palmer) and Marvin/Marvel (1717 m Asa Swan).

Mary Hallett was born Sandwich before 5 Mar 1666/7 and died Middleborough after 11 May 1721. She married Barnstable or Sandwich about 1687 Jabez Fuller and they had: Samuel (1687), Jonathan (1692), Mercy (1696 m. Jabez Wood), Mary (1699 m. James Bearse but only had one son), Lois (1704 m. [Dea.] Thomas Foster) and Ebenezer (1708-1721).

Lois Hallett was born Barnstable about 1672 and died Stonington, CT after 21 Nov 1726. She married Barnstable 10 Apr 1690 Henry Cobb (II) and they had: Gideon (1691), Eunice (1693 m. Banadam Gallup [II]), Lois (1696 m. Samuel Stanton [II]), Nathan (1701), Elkanah (1703), Ebenezer (1704), Mary (1706/7-b1726), Henry (1710) and Hallet (1719).

poss. Elizabeth Hallett was born Barnstable 1679 and died (East) Barnstable 1 Apr 1759 age above 80. She married Barnstable 18 Sep 1695 James Cobb and they had: James (1698), Sylvanus (1700), Elisha (1702), Jesse (1705), Seth (1707), Ebenezer (1709), Jude (son, 1711), Nathan (1713), Stephen (1715) and Elizabeth (1718 m. David Hawes).

Mercy Denison was born Stonington, CT abt 1684 (baptized 1 Mar 1685) and died Newport, RI aft 1721. She married Stonington bef 1709 Mordecai Dunbar and they had three daughters (born Stonington): Thankful (1710, unk. if m.), Mary (1712, unk. if m.) and Elizabeth (1717-1721).

Elizabeth Denison was born Stonington, CT 11 Dec 1689 and died Charlestown, RI 22 Nov 1749. She married Westerly, RI 5 Dec 1705 m. Christopher Champlin (II) and they had twelve children: Christopher (1707), Joseph (1709), Elijah (1711), Ann (1714 m. Henry Gardner "3d"), George (1715/6), Elizabeth (1718/9 m. Arnold Belcher, no known children), Thankful (1721-1725), Lydia (1723-1725), Elijah (1726-1729), Jabez (1728), Oliver (1730) and Mary (1731/2 m. Stephen Lanphere).

Desire Denison was baptized Stonington, CT 16 Apr 1693 and died there 13 Aug 1737. She married (as his first wife) Stonington 19 Feb 1711/2 (Col.) John Williams (II) and they had nine children: Desire (1712 m. [Col.] Amos Chesebrough), John (1714), William (1716), Thankful (1717/8 m. Avery Denison), Marcy (1719 m. [Lt.] Thomas Wheeler [II]), Thomas (1721), Robert (1722/3), Prudence (1724/5-1724/5) and George (1726).

Thankful Denison was baptized Stonington, CT 1 Apr 1695 and died there aft 21 Mar 1752. She married Stonington 31 Dec 1713 Thomas Stanton and they had twelve children: Robert (1715-1715), Robert (1716), Thankful (1718 m. [Col.] Elias Thompson), Mary (1720-1734), Elizabeth (1722 m. [Capt.] Phineas Stanton), Mercy (1724 m. Ebenezer Goddard), Prudence (1726 m. Judah Coleman [II] & [Col.] Giles Russell), Nathan (1728-1729), Thomas (1729), Anna (1732 m Nathan Chesebrough [II]), Desire (1734 m. [Capt.] Amos Hallam) and Hannah (1736 m. Robert Potter).

Lydia Thacher was born Yarmouth 11 Feb 1684/5 and died Harwich (now Brewster) 3 Sep 1724. She married (as his first wife) Yarmouth 13 Oct 1709 (Capt.) Joseph Freeman and they had six children (Harwich, now Brewster): Thacher (1710), Elizabeth (1712 m Ebenezer Perry but no ch.), Joseph (1714/5 d.y.), Lydia (1717 m Nathaniel Clark), Rebecca (1720m Jonathan Hopkins) and Thomas (1721/2 d.y.)

Mary Thacher was born Yarmouth 5 Feb 1686/7 and died Barnstable 28 Jun 1778. She married Barnstable 23 Dec 1708 Shubael Gorham and they had ten children (Barnstable): John (1709), David (1712), Mary (1713/4 m. [Capt.] Stephen Clapp [III] but no ch.), William (1716 unm.), Lydia (1718 m [Dr.] James Hersey but only 1 son), Hannah (1720-1720), Hannah (1721 m Edward Crosby), Shubael (1723 unm.), Joseph (1725) and Benjamin (1726).

Desire Thacher was born Yarmouth 24 Dec 1688 and died there 6 May 1722. She married Yarmouth 10 Apr 1718 (Ens.) Josiah Crocker (II) and they had two children: (Rev.) Josiah (1719) and Desire (1721 m Greenfield Blake).

Hannah Thacher was born Yarmouth 9 Oct 1690 and died Colchester, CT 6 May 1780. She married (prob. Yarmouth) about 1714 Nathaniel Otis and they had eight children (Colchester): Lydia (1716/7 m Abner Kellogg), Hannah (1717/8), Dorothy (1721), Desire (1723), Nathaniel (1725), John (1728), Delight (1730/2-1740) and Mercy/Mary (1734).

Ann Thacher was born Yarmouth 7 May 1697 and died Tolland, CT 13 Mar 1756. She married Yarmouth 31 May 1712 John Lothrop (Esq.) and they had eight children: David (1723), Hannah (1725 m Varney Fellows), Jonathan (1727), Anna (1730 unm. ), John (1732), Thacher (1733/4), Lydia (1736 m Timothy Delano) and Elizabeth (1740 m [Col] Solomon Willis).

Mercy Thacher was born Yarmouth 7 Feb 1702/3 and died prob. Saybrook, CT aft 1772.[18] She married (as his second wife) Yarmouth 15 Jan 1737 James Harris and they had one child (Saybrook): Ann Mercy (1746-1764 unm.).

Hannah Whildin was born prob. Yarmouth about 1683 and died Cape May, NJ in 1728. She married twice, first Cape May 18 Jun 1701 Thomas Leaming and second Cape May Sep 1724 Philip Syng (no children). By her first husband she had seven children (Cape May, NJ): Esther (1702 m William Eldredge), Mercy (1704 m Samuel Eldredge), Jane (1706 m William Doubleday), Phebe (1708 m John Garlick but no ch.), Priscilla (1710 m John Stiles & Jacob Hughes), Christopher (1712) and Thomas (1718).

Experience Whildin was born about 1692. She married Burlington, NJ 15 Jan 1712/3 William Foster (II). They apparently moved away as no further record found for them.

Mary Whildin was born about 1693 and died after 1734. She married Cape May aft 17 Dec 1708 Josiah Crowell and they had seven children: Bethia (c1707 m John Hughes & Ezekiel Mulford), Mary (1709 m Samuel Moore), Samuel (c1710), Rhoda (c1710 m Isaiah Stiles), Matthew (c1715), Experience (c1720 m Jacob Hand) and Elishabea (dau 1725 m James Godfrey).

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  10. No contemporary record proves this relationship, so the GSMD does not currently accept descendants of Caleb & Elizabeth. If a mtDNA descendant of Elizabeth is tested, and found to be a match to Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland's DNA, then there is a chance the GSMD may accept this line.
  11. Dorothy had three daughters who married. FTDNA Kit #159230 (deceased) descends from this line.
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mtDNA tested Descendants[1]

The following chart shows the lines of those individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland and her mother Joan, AND have done mtDNA testing to verify their line

 Joan1 Hurst (1586/7-1620/1)
   Elizabeth2 Tilley (1607-1687)
     Desire3 Howland (1625-1683)
       Temperance4 Gorham (1646-1714/5)
         Fear5 Sturgis (1678-1753)
           Mary6 Holmes (1712/3-b1759)
             Lucy7 Randall (1745-1805)
               Prudence8 Hinckley (1776-1852)
                 Nancy9 York (1802-1862)
                   Harriett D.10 Proctor (1837-1896)
                     Alice Irene11 Clark (1858-1911)
                       Nellie Irene12 Triscuit (1888-1974)
                         Alice13 Carlson (1915-1982)
       Lydia4 Gorham (1661-1744)
         Lydia5 Thacher (1684/5-1724)
           Rebecca6 Freeman (1720-1801)
             Mary7 Hopkins (1749-1820)
               Mary8 Thomas (1779-1841)
                 Lydia9 Caldwell (1811-1882)
                   Eunice10 Barker (c1835-1885)
                     Emeline "Emma"11 Sturges (1858-p1923)
                       Oral Maude12 Cranson (1883-1959)
                         Eva Doreen13 Herald (1902-1992)
     Hope3 Howland (1629-1683/4)
       Hope4 Chipman (1652-1728)
         Mary5 Huckens (1673-1743)
           Hope6 Bassett (1708-1761)
             Lydia "Laura"7 Tisdale (1749-p1814)
               Aurelia8 Payne (1780-1846)
                 Anne Elizabeth9 Peters (1804-1856)
                   Emily R. Spencer10 (1830-1924)
                     Jane Ann11 Peters (1870-1933)
                       Anne Margaret12 Wadden (1902-1955)
     Lydia3 Howland (1633-p1710/1)
       Dorothy4 Brown (1666-1727)
         Lydia5 Kent (1691-1750)
           Lydia6 Bosworth (1725-c1760)
             Anna/Nancy7 Low(e) (1752-1830)
               Desire8 Kent (1781-1862)
                 Huldah H.9 Allen (1808-1861)
                   Harriet H.10 Cloud (1834-1864)
                     Marion "Minnie" F.11 Cloud (1855-1932)
                       Hattie Florence12 Lovell (1874-1907)'
                         Marion Edith13 Smith (1892-1972)
                           mother of tester14  
  1. One mtDNA line at wikitree profile for Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland

Allied Families

The following families are connected to John Howland via marriage to descendants:

  • Gorham (Capt. John Gorham married Desire Howland). Y-DNA predicted to fall under I-M253 based on STR markers for two descendants
  • Chipman (Elder John Chipman married Hope Howland). Y-DNA predicted to fall under I-M223 based on 37 STR markers for a descendant
  • Dickinson (Capt. John Dickinson was the second husband to Elizabeth Howland).[1]
  • Hawes (John Hawes married Desire Gorham). Y-DNA predicted to fall under I-M253 based on the 37 STR markers for two descendants
  • Baxter (Thomas Baxter married Temperance Gorham)
  1. Elizabeth married first, Plymouth 13 Sep 1649 to Ephraim Hicks. Ephraim died three months later (on 12 Dec 1649) and they had no children.

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