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Status summary

Completed as of December 22, 2022:

  • Recruiting direct male-line descendants of Isaac Gibbs for SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact

Still to do as of December 22, 2022

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of Isaac Gibbs to place the family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Isaac Gibbs, son of Richard Gibbs and Sarah ___ was born Flushing Meadows, NY 18 Sep 1669 and died Burlington, NJ 2 Oct 1749. He married twice, first Flushing 22 Oct 1696 Hannah Dickinson and second, Burlington Co., NJ 2 Feb 1716 Hannah/Anna Pope (no known children). By his first wife, he had five children: Richard (c1698), Francis (c1700), Isaac (c1702), Sarah (c1705) and John (c1707).

Second Generation

Richard Gibbs was born Mansfield, NJ about 1698 and died there bef 20 Feb 1737/8. He married Chesterfield, NJ 17 Mar 1725/6 Rebecca Cowgill and had four children: Isaac, Joseph, Rebecca and Susannah.

Francis Gibbs was born Mansfield, NJ about 1700 and there bef. 9 May 1750. He married Burlington Co., NJ abt. 1728 Elizabeth Aaronson and they had four children: Richard (1729), Francis (c1732), Elizabeth (c1735) and Mary (1742).

Isaac Gibbs (II) was born Mansfield, NJ about 1702 and died Burlington, NJ abt 29 Jul 1785. He married twice, first Burlington 5 Jan 1722 Mary Shreve, and second[1] aft 1739 ____. By his first wife he had ten children: Benjamin (c1723), Hannah (c1725), Sarah (c1727), Mary (c1729), Marcy, Jonathan, Joshua (c1730), Susannah (c1734), Isaac and Rebeckah. It is believed he had one more child by his second wife.

John Gibbs was born Mansfield, NJ about 1706 and died Mansfield, NJ 29 Jun 1785. He married Burlington 18 Oct 1729 Hannah Lucas and they had at least[2] the following children: Robert (m Catherine Fitchett), Martin (m Phoebe Gibson), Elizabeth, Edward (m Hannah Matlack) and Richard (c1740).

  1. The will of Isaac's father (Isaac) dated Jan 1742/3 named ten children of his son Isaac "by his first wife".
  2. Named in the will of John's fahter, Isaac (Jan 1742/3). Some sources give additional children: Jonathan, Lucas and one more child, name unknown.

DNA results TBD

The Gibbs Surname DNA Project currently does not list anyone claiming Richard Gibbs of New Jersey as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA). Individuals who believe they are patrilineal descendants are encouraged to Y-DNA test, join this DNA project and contact

References & External Links

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