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As a participant

If you are a descendant of passenger(s) or crew from the Mayflower, and are willing to consent to the project participant terms (currently under development), you may be able to help the project's research by providing a DNA sample (from saliva). Currently, we are only looking for males who are direct patrilineal descendants (which would typically share the surname of the Mayflower passenger or crew member) . If you believe you meet these criteria, please contact us via

We plan to eventually expand the project to consider direct matrilineal descendants and descendants through other lines.

As a researcher

We are very much interested in working with genetic genealogy researchers, surname project administrators, and Mayflower organizations/genealogists/researchers in order to help guide project goals and research. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us via .

As a financial contributor

We are currently setting up a project funding system to allow donations which will go towards tests at Full Genomes Corporation and YSEQ.