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Status summary

As of December 30, 2015:

  • Hopkins surname project contacted
  • Recruiting Hopkins for Y Elite test


Paper trail

Stephen was the son of John Hopkins & Elizabeth Williams, baptized the "last of Aprill" 1581 at All Saints Church, Upper Clatford, Hampshire, England[1] He died at Plymouth sometime between the writing of his will (6 Jun 1644) and his inventory (taken 17 Jul 1644)[2]

Stephen was twice married. His first wife had the given name of Mary and they were married before 13 May 1604 (when their first known child, Elizabeth, was baptized), likely in Hampshire, England.[3] Mary was buried at Hursley, Hampshire 9 May 1613.[4] He was next married at St Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel, London, England 19 Feb 1617/8 to Elizabeth Fisher[5]

While currently unproven, many sources, including the Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society believe he was the Stephen Hopkins who was a passenger aboard the "Sea Venture" which left Plymouth England in Jun 1609 (among a fleet of nine ships). The fleet was struck by a hurricane and the Sea Venture ended up becoming ship-wrecked in the Bermuda islands.[6]

Also see: wikitree profile as well as a 2007 Novel by Caleb Johnson: Here I Die Ashore...

Y-DNA Descendants

First Generation

While Stephen had a total of ten known children by his two wives, only one son, Giles (by his first wife), bp. Hursley, Hampshire 30 Jan 1607[/8], is known to have married and left Y-DNA descendants.

Second Generation

Giles married Catherine Wheldon at Plymouth 9 Oct 1639 and had five daughters and five sons (Stephen, John, Caleb, Joshua, and William). The first John died young and son William is not believed to have married.[7]

Third Generation

Stephen married Mary Merrick 23 May 1667 Eastham and had three daughters and seven sons (Stephen, Judah, Samuel [d. young], Samuel, Nathaniel, Joseph, and Benjamin)

Caleb married Mary Williams about 1684 and had two daughters and three sons (Caleb, Nathaniel and Thomas)

Joshua married Mary Collier (Cole) 26 May 1681 Eastham and had two daughters and two sons (Elisha and Joshua)

Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower Society[8] and the Hopkins DNA Project [9] has suggested the Hopkins lineage belongs to the R1b-M269 Y-DNA haplogroup, which is quite common in Western Europe. The R1b clade predictor at Nevgen.org has further refined the prediction to be U106>>Z381>>L48>Z9>Z331>FGC49702>FGC12346. Y Elite testing will be able to test this and identify a more precise haplogroup classification for the Hopkins lineage.


(to be added)

Summary of findings

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Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society [4] particularly their Newletter (Atlantic Crossings) Vol. I, issue 1 has English Origins: [5] Also their Lineage database

Pilgrim Hall museum bio for Stephen Hopkins [6]

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