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Status summary

As of September 27, 2020

  • Page created for Hannah, wife of Joseph Rogers
  • Recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Hannah. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com The Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower DNA Project is willing to pay for mtDNA testing of qualified individuals. For more information contact project administrator: Steve Rogers (steve AT rogersemail DOT net).


For more information see: Westgate, Alice W.A., rev. by Ann T. Reeves, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, vol. 19 Rogers


The only record of Hannah is the fact she was named in the will of her husband, dated 2 January 1677/8. As such, we cannot be certain whether Hannah was his only wife, and whether she was the mother to all/some/none of his children. mtDNA testing should be able to tell us whether all of the daughters had the same mother, but even then, we would not be certain whether Hannah was their mother. In any case, this profile is for the mother of the children (assuming they all had the same mother, whether or not it was Hannah).

The first child of Joseph Rogers was born Plymouth (poss. now Duxbury) 6 Aug 1633. Joseph had eight children[1]: Sarah (1633-1633), Joseph (1635), Thomas (1638), Elizabeth (1639), John (1642), Mary (1644) and Hannah (1648).

Second Generation

Elizabeth Rogers was probably born at Duxbury on 29 Sep 1639. She died at Eastham about 1678. She married at Eastham 9 Jan 1660/1 Jonathan Higgins. They had five children: Beriah, Jonathan, Joseph, Jemima (m. John Mulford, but no children), Hannah (c1672) and Elisha.

Mary Rogers was probably born at Duxbury on 22 Sep 1644. She was living at Barnstable as late as 19 Apr 1718. She married (recorded at Barnstable)[2] 10 Aug 1664 John Finney/Phinney. They had twelve children: John, Melathia (died young), Joseph, Thomas, Ebenezer, Samuel, Mary, Mercy, Reliance, Benjamin, Jonathan and Hannah (1687-1689).

Hannah Rogers was probably born at Eastham 8 Aug 1652. She was living as late as 18 Oct 1690. She married at Eastham about 1679 Jonathan Higgins (who was the widow of her sister, Elizabeth). They had five children: Elizabeth (1680/1), Mary (1682/3), Rebecca (1686) James and Sarah (1690)

Third Generation

Hannah Higgins was born (prob. at Eastham) about 1672 and died there 24 Jan 1731/2. She married about 1699 Nicholas Paine and they had seven children: Thankful (1699/1700), Priscilla (1701), Philip (1704), Lois (1705), Abigail (1707), Hannah (1709 no further record)[3] and Lydia.

Mary Phinney was born Barnstable 3 Sep 1678. She married twice, first Plymouth 29 Oct 1702 John Eastland and second Plymouth 12 Nov 1726 Jonathan Bryant. She only had children by her first husband (John Eastland): Zeruiah (1703), Joseph (1705), Elizabeth (1708), Mary (1710, d. young), Hannah (1712/3 d. young), Jean (1715-1717), Joshua (1718) and Mary (1720 no further record).

Mercy Phinney was born Barnstable 10 Jul 1679. She married there after Jan 1715 Eleazer Crocker and they had (as far as known) only one child: Mercy] (c1717 m. Ebenezer Hatch (III)).

Reliance Phinney was born Barnstable 27 Aug 1681 and died Plymouth 4 Dec 1735. She married Barnstable 27 Dec 1705 John Morton and they had six children: John (1706), Jonathan (1707/8), Josiah (1709/10), (infant daughter) (1711-1711), James (1714) and David (1716). In conclusion, there are no mtDNA descendants of Reliance.

Elizabeth Higgins was born Eastham 11 Feb 1680/1 and died there 4 Nov 1721. She married Eastham 3 Apr 1701 Thomas Mayo (II) and they had seven children: Elizabeth (1702), Thankful (1703/4), Bethsheba (1705), Eliakim (1707), Sarah (1710-1711), Joshua (1712), Mercy (1718/9).

Mary Higgins was born Eastham 22 Jan 1682/3 and died aft 2 Jun 1750. She married Eastham 12 Feb 1706/7 James Young and they had nine children: Phebe (1707 m. Judah Dyer, Nathaniel Atwood & Joshua Knowles), Sarah (1709/10 m. Joshua Crowell), Samuel (1712), Mary (1715 m. Reuben Kelley & Robert Newcomb), Lydia (1717-1717), Lydia (1718 m. John Rich), Hannah (1719/20 m. Reuben Buell), Elizabeth (1723 m. Francis Smalley "3rd") and James (1725)

Rebecca Higgins was born Eastham 30 Nov 1686 and died Colchester, CT 25 Dec 1776. She married Eastham 11 Aug 1715 Jacob Hurd and they had three children: Rebecca (c1718 m. James Brainerd & John Rowley), Jacob (1720) and Elizabeth (c1722 m. Robertson Williams).

Sarah Higgins was born Eastham 18 Oct 1690 and died after 1741. She married Eastham 10 Apr 1717 William Mitchell (II) and they had eight children: James (1718), Tabitha (1720 m. Joseph Burgess), Mercy (1722 m. Nathaniel Jenney), William (1725), Desire (c1728) m. Jethro Jenney, Hallett (c1735), Seth (1738) and Betty (1741 m. William Ryder (II)).

Fourth Generation

Thankful Paine (1699/1700) married Jonathan Smith

Priscilla Paine (1701) married William Norcott (II)

Lois Paine (1705) m Edmund Freeman (IV)

Abigail Paine (1707) m Thomas Higgins

Lydia Paine m Daniel Young

Zeruiah Eastland (1703) m Barnabas Spooner

Elizabeth Eastland (1708) m Abraham Taber

Mercy Crocker (c1717) m Ebenezer hatch (III)

Elizabeth Mayo (1702) m Joseph Paddock

Thankful Mayo (1703/4) m Thomas Rich

Bathsheba (1705) m James Allen

[ Mayo] (1718/9) m. Elkakim Young

  1. listed in the Plymouth Colony records between the “1651 Sandwidge Regester of beirths of children” and the “1652 Plymouth Regester of the beirths of theire children” under the heading “These bee the names of Leiftenant Josephth Rogers his children as followeth...”
  2. It is possible they were married in Eastham, where all the other Rogers children were married.
  3. This is NOT the Hannah Paine who married Truro 1736 Joshua Snow.

mtDNA Results

To date, no known matrilineal (all female line) descendant has publicly revealed where they have mtDNA tested. Anyone who believes they are a matrilineal descendant (in other words, anyone who believes their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Hannah) is encourage to take a full mtDNA test and to contact MayflowerDNA1620@gmail.com. In addition, the Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower DNA Project is willing to pay for mtDNA testing of qualified information. For details contact project administrator, Steve Rogers (steve AT rogersemail DOT net)

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