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Below is the tree and clade structure for the Fuller family of Redenhall, Norfolkhire. The supporting Big Y-test results are shown below.

 Y85916     Unknown number of generations
 |            Robert (c1547-1614)
 |              Edward (1575-1620)
 |                Samuel (c1608-1683)
 |                  Samuel (1637/8-b1691)
 |                    Barnabas (c1659-b1728)
 |FT14518             Matthew (c1663-b1743)
 ||                     Young (1708-1796)
 ||FT14475              Cornelius (1710-p1779)
 |||                      John (1746-1838)
 |||?                     Cornelius (c1739-1790)
 |||FT41309                 Eli (1766-1828)
 |  ?[1]             John (1655/6-1726)
 |  ?                 Samuel (c1682-1757)
 |  FT67161[2]           Aaron (1711-c1762)
 |  ?                     Gershom (1749/50-1836)
 |  ?                       Benjamin (c1775-1842)
 |              (Dr.) Samuel (1580/1-1633) [3]
 |                (Rev.) Samuel (c1629-1695)
 |Y98567    Unknown number of generations
 ||           Unknown number of generations
 ||             Robert (c1615-1706)
 ||FT56092    Unknown number of generations
 |||FT56092     Matthew Fuller (c1605-1678)    

The following are clade results from Big Y tests of Fullers[4] patrilineal descendants of Samuel & Edward Fuller (of the Mayflower) and Robert Fuller of Salem & Rehoboth (supposedly a nephew to Edward & Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower).

Descendants of Samuel Fuller (of the Mayflower)

kit number clade line Big Y type
191291 Y85916 Samuel-Samuel-Isaac-Micah-Michael Big Y-700

Descendants of Edward Fuller (of the Mayflower)

kit number clade line Big Y type
180078 Y85916 Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Barnabas Big Y-700
929323 Y85916>FT14518[5] Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Matthew-Young Big Y-700
35314 Y85916>FT14518>FT14475[6] Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Matthew-Cornelius-Eli-Eli Big Y-700
754809 Y85916>FT14518>FT14475 Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Matthew-Cornelius Big Y-700
843366 Y85916>FT14518>FT14475 Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Matthew-Cornelius-John-Nathaniel Big Y-700
457248 Y85916>FT14518>FT14475 Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Matthew-Cornelius-John-Cornelius Big Y-700
138778 Y85916>FT14518>FT14475>FT41309 Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Matthew-Cornelius-Cornelius-Eli Big Y-700
839164 Y85916>FT14518>FT14475>FT41309 Edward-Samuel-Samuel-Matthew-Cornelius-Cornelius-Eli Big Y-700
24969 Y85916>FT67161 (& FT68704)[7] Big Y-700
98977 Y85916>FT67161 (& FT68704) Edward-Samuel-John-Samuel-Aaron-Gershom- Benjamin-John Big Y-700
B197356 (other surname) Y85916>FT67161 (& FT68704) Edward-Samuel-John-Samuel-Aaron-Gershom- Benjamin Big Y-700

Descendants of (Capt./Dr.) Matthew Fuller of Barnstable

kit number clade line Big Y type
828448 Y85916>Y98567>FT56092>FT304077 Matthew-Samuel-Jabez-Jonathan-Timothy Big Y-700
895762 (other surname) Y85916>Y98567>FT56092>FT304077 Matthew-Samuel-Jabez-Jonathan-Timothy Big Y-700
197692 Y85916>Y98567>FT56022>FT55507 Matthew-Samuel-Timothy-Matthias Big Y-700
749115 Y85916>Y98567>FT56092>FT55507>FTA25874 Matthew-Samuel-Timothy-Samuel-Samuel-John Big Y-700
133524 Y85916>Y98567>FT56092>FT55507>FTA25874 Matthew-Samuel-Timothy-Samuel-Samuel-John Big Y-700

Descendants of Robert Fuller of Salem & Rehoboth

kit number clade line Big Y type
928539 Y85916>Y98567[8] Robert-Jonathan-David-Jedediah-Jedediah Big Y-700
319386 Y85916>Y98567 Robert-Jonathan-Daniel-Daniel-Timothy Big Y-700
336610 Y85916>Y98567 Robert-Jonathan-Jonathan-Francis-Francis Big Y-500
859051 Y85916>Y98567 Big Y-700
937035 Y85916>Y98567 Robert-Benjamin-Benjamin-Nathaniel-Simeon Big Y-700
  1. Both FT67161 and FT68704 originated either with John, his son Samuel, His son Aaron, His son Gershom, or his son Benjamin. It is likely each of these SNPs originated in different generations. Further NGS/WGS testing of descendants may help better pinpoint when these mutations occurred.
  2. A second SNP (FT68704) was also found somewhere in this line.
  3. From only a single Big Y-700 result, and individual's line is not proven. More Y-DNA descendants of Dr. Samuel Fuller need to be recruited to take the Big Y-700 test.
  4. From the following FTDNA Projects: Mayflower DNA Project and Fuller - Family Finder Project
  5. FT14518 mutation first occurred in Matthew (Samuel, Samuel, Edward) Fuller.
  6. FT14475 mutation first occurred in Cornelius (Matthew, Samuel, Samuel, Edward) Fuller.
  7. At the present time it appears BOTH of these mutations (FT67161 & FT68704) occurred at the same time, in John Fuller (Samuel, Edward).
  8. This mutation is not found in descendants of Edward & Dr. Samuel Fuller, but is found in descendants of both Robert and Matthew Fuller.