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Status summary

As of June 5, 2021

  • Page created for Anna Fuller, wife of Samuel Fuller (II)
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Anna (Fuller) Fuller. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



Anne (Anna) Fuller was born aft 1640 likely in Plymouth Colony, daughter of Dr./Capt. Matthew Fuller[1] and Frances ______.[2] Anne died bef 30 Dec 1691[3] She married circa 1657/8[4] Dr./Capt. Matthew Fuller of Barnstable and they had six children: Joseph (c1661), Matthew (1663), Barnabas (c1665), Benjamin (1665), Desire (p1673)[5] and Sarah (p1673, no record after father's Dec 1691 probate).

Second Generation

Desire Fuller was born Barnstable likely aft Dec 1673 (as the Dec 1691 division of her father's estate, her portion was to be "kept until further notice.") and her death is unknown. She married New London, CT 11 Jun 1703 John Taylor and they had three children (order uncertain): Benjamin, Sarah (c1706) and John.

Third Generation

Sarah Taylor was born New London County, CT about 1706 and died Vernon, CT 3 Sep 1791. She married Colchester 17 Mar 1725 Ebenezer Skinner and they had nine children (8 born Colchester, last Hebron): Sarah (1725/6), Elizabeth (1727), Ebenezer (1729), Israel (twin 1730/1), Isaac (twin 1730/1), John (1732/3), Deborah (1735), Mary (1736/7) and Lydia (1740).

  1. NGS Y-DNA testing has documented Matthew Fuller could not have been son of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower.
  2. This is assuming the widow of Matthew Fuller was the mother of his children, or at least of Anne.
  3. Administration of the intestate estate of her husband.
  4. TAG
  5. The probate of Matthew Fuller, dated 30 Dec 1691 stated the shares to Desire and Sarah were to be "kept until further notice." This statement is consistent with them being unmarried, and likely not yet of legal age (18).

mtDNA Results

At the present time no matrilineal (all female line) descendant of Anna (Fuller) Fuller has publicly stated they have taken an mtDNA test. Individuals who believe they are a matrilineal descendant (in other words, who believe their mother's mother's mother's etc. mother was Jane) are encouraged to take a full mtDNA test and to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing DOT genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

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