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Status summary

As of December 30, 2015:

  • Fuller surname project contacted
  • Recruiting Fuller for Y Elite test


Paper trail

Mayflower passengers Edward Fuller and Samuel Fuller were brothers, each a son of Robert Fuller and presumably his first wife, Sarah Dunkhorn (one of several alternative spellings). Edward and Samuel Fuller were both born in Redenhall, Norfolk, England. One of Edward's sons, also named Samuel Fuller, was also a passenger on the Mayflower.

Edward Fuller had two known sons who survived to adulthood:

  • Matthew Fuller, born about 1605 in England, traveled to Plymouth Colony later, by 1640
  • Samuel Fuller, born about 1608 in England, traveled aboard Mayflower

Samuel Fuller had one known son who survived to adulthood:

  • Samuel Fuller Jr., born about 1629 in Plymouth Colony

Known brothers of Edward and Samuel (who remained in England) include:

  • Edmund Fuller
  • Thomas Fuller

Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower Society[1], including descendants of both Edward and Samuel Fuller, has found that the Mayflower Fuller lineage belongs to the R1b-U106 Y-DNA haplogroup, which is quite common in Northwestern Europe. Planned Y Elite testing will be able place the Fuller lineage more precisely within the broader R1b-U106 haplogroup and may be able to identify individual-level markers that indicate descent from either Edward or Samuel.


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Summary of findings

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