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Status summary

Completed as of November 1, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Francis Sprague descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)

Still to do as of November 1, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple Francis Sprague descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


First Generation

Francis Sprague was born in England about 1590 and died in Duxbury in 1676. The name of his wife is currently Unknown. They had four children: Anna, Mercy, John & Dorcas

Second Generation

John Sprague was born Duxbury about 1630 and died at the "Great Swamp Fight" at what is now Pawtucket, RI on 26 Mar 1676. He married Duxbury Ruth Bassett. They had seven children: John, Elizabeth, Ruth, William, Dorcas, Desire & Samuel

Third Generation

(Lieut.) John Sprague (II) was born Duxbury about 1656 and died Lebanon, CT. 6 Mar 1727/8. Y-DNA testing of descendants have documented where John's father was not John Sprague, but Rev. Samuel Fuller (II) (son of Mayflower passenger Samuel Fuller)

William Sprague was born in Duxbury 1664 and died there 25 Nov 1712. He married Grace Wadsworth.

(Lieut.) Samuel Sprague was born in Duxbury 1670 and died in Rochester 25 Jul 1740. He married Duxbury 29 Nov 1694 Ruth Alden.

DNA Results I-M223

Previous testing

The Sprague DNA Project Group: "Hap'group I2a2a - Needing others to join this project or upgrade - currently unmatched with any certainty" Currently lists one individual who claims Francis Sprague as their Y-DNA Ancestor. This individual has only done Y-12 STR testing and has been predicted to fall under I-M223.

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing would be able to refine the haplogroup placement.

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