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Status summary

As of November 24, 2020:

  • No straightforward opportunities for advanced Y-DNA testing
  • Low priority

Paper Trail

First Generation

Moses Fletcher was born about 1564.[1] His first known record is his marriage at St. Peter, Sandwich, Kent, England 30 Oct 1589 to Mary Evans.[2] Mary died sometime after Apr 1609[3] and Moses married at Leiden, Holland 21 Dec 1613 Sarah ______ Denby, widow of William Denby.[4] Moses travelled alone aboard the Mayflower and died in the new Colony sometime during the Winter of 1620-21.

Moses and his first wife Mary had at least nine children whose baptisms and/or burials are recorded in St. Peter, Sandwich:[5] Mary bp 4 Jan 1589/90 (no further record), John, Catherine bp 1 Sep 1594 (no further record), Richard bp 2 Jan 1596/7 (no further record), Priscilla bp 24 Mar 1599/1600, Moses bp 10 Oct 1602 bur 21 Apr 1603, Elizabeth bp 8 Apr 1604, Jane bp 8 Feb 1606/7 (no further record), Moses bp 2 Apr 1609 (no further record) and Jane bur 6 Nov 1609.

Second Generation

John Fletcher, baptism not recorded, but likely born about 1592 and died Leiden aft 13 Feb 1656. He married Leiden 5 Dec 1618 [NS] Josina Sachariasdaughter.[6] They had four children baptised [NS] at St. Pancras Church in Leiden: Mary 14 Aug 1622, Zacharias 12 Jan 1626, Josyna 8 Oct 1628, and Moses 4 Jun 1631.[7]

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Summary of findings

Currently, we cannot trace a Y-DNA line of descent from Moses Fletcher, but more research in what is now the Netherlands is needed.

To do

  • Additional paper-trail research might allow additional Y-DNA testing candidates to be identified

External links and references

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