Elinor (Unknown) (mtDNA)

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Status summary

As of November 25, 2020:

  • No opportunities for mtDNA testing
  • Low priority

Paper Trail

Elinor[1] was born about 1582[2] presumably in England. She married twice, first about 1602[3] to John Billington, then between 14-21 Sep 1638 to George Armstrong. Elinor was living in Plymouth as late as 2 Mar 1642/3[4]

By her first husband, Elinor and John Billington only had two sons: John & Francis. Elinor did not have any children by her second husband, Gregory Armstrong.

Summary of findings

It would appear that there are no known direct matrilineal descendants of Elinor, wife of John Billington. Since we do not even know her maiden name, there is no way to conduct mtDNA testing currently.

  1. History of Massachusetts biography of John Billington states (without any reference) where the wife of John Billington was Elinor Lockwood.
  2. Estimate, based on first child born about 1604.
  3. ibid.
  4. Plymouth Colony Records 12:33-34

To do

  • Identify maiden name of Elinor and her origins.

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