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Status summary

As of March 29, 2023:

  • No known opportunities for mtDNA testing
  • Low priority

Paper Trail

For further information see Allan, Sue, Caleb Johnson and Simon Neal, "The Probable Origin of Mayflower Passenger John Carver and the Minter Family in Suffolk", The New England Historical and Genealogical Register 174:5-20.

First Generation

Eleanor Smith, daughter of William Smith and Katherine Porter[1] is said to have been born Honington, Lincolnshire, England 1546[2] and died Sturton le Steeple, Notts. between 7 Apr 1599 (will) and 2 Aug 1599 (probate). She married about 1570 Alexander White and they had eight children: Katherine (c1574), Bridget (c1575), Charles (c1575), Roger (c1578), Thomas (c1581), Frances (c1585), Edward (c1587) and Jane (c1590).

Second Generation

Katherine White was born about 1574 and died New Plimouth about first of Jun 1621. She married twice, first before 1598[3] George Leggatt and second John Carver. By her first husband she had a daughter Marie/Mary (under 10 in the 1599 will of Katherine's mother, Eleanor SMITH White).[4] Katherine may have had a child by her second huband who was buried Leiden 10 Jul 1609 and/or a child buried Leiden 11 Nov 1617. In any case, there were no surviving children from her second marriage.

Bridget White was born about 1575[5] and she wrote her will at Leiden on 28 Oct 1643.[6] She married Greasley, Notts. 15 Feb 1603/4 (Rev.) John Robinson, who later became the pastor of the Separatists congregation at Leiden. Bridget and John had at least ten children: Ann (1604), John (1606), Bridget (1608), Isaac (1610), Mercy (1612-1623), James (c1614-1638 unm.), poss. Jacob (1616), an infant (bur. 1618), Fear (c1620), infant (bur. 1621) and another infant (bur. 1623).

Frances White was born about 1585 and died Rotherham, Yorks. about 1636. She married Sturton le Steeple, Notts. 24 Jan 1605 Francis Jessop and they had three children: Edmund, John and Simon.

Jane White was born about 1590[7] and died near Amsterdam before Sep 1628 (when her widow remarried). She married Leiden 20 Apr 1611 Randall Thickens but it is currently unknown whether they had any children.

Third Generation

Ann Robinson was born (baptized?) Sturton le Steeple, Notts. 16 Aug 1604 and died in what is now the Netherlands 28 Oct 1643. She married bef 1622 Jan Schetter van Utrecht who died by 1625. It is unknown whether she had any children.

Bridget Robinson was born Leiden about 1608 and died there in 1671. She married twice, first Leiden 26 May 1629 John Greenwood and then Amsterdam 25 Jul 1637 William Lee. Bridget had two daughters[8] named in her mother's 1643 will: Maria and Martha.

Fear Robinson was born Leiden about 1620 and died there bef 31 May 1670. She married Leiden 9 Sep 1648 John Jennings (II) and they had Bridget, Miriam and Rose (1654).

  1. Katherine and her father, Augustine Porter, are named in William Smyth's 1551 will.
  2. She was called under age in her father's [Willmi Smith of "Haningtoy" Lincolns.] 1551 will.
  3. She had a daughter named in her mother's will of Apr 1599.
  4. No further record. It is possible she may have been one of the (step-)children of John Carver who died young in Leiden. Alternatively, she may have married prior to the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower.
  5. Aged about 66 in an affidavit dated 3 Jul 1641.
  6. Date of probate unknown.
  7. Her marriage record stated she was from "Bebel" (Beauvale), near Greasley, Notts.
  8. Both believed to be by her first husband.

To do

  • Track down the further history of Marie Leggatt, daughter of Katherine WHITE Leggatt by her first husband.

External links and references

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