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Status summary

As of September 18, 2016:

  • Results for Eaton Y Elite kit JZ7P3 have been returned and have been analyzed

As of February 1, 2021:

  • One Big Y-700 test for a Y-DNA descendant of Francis Eaton has posted.

Paper Trail

For more information see: Van Antwerp, Lee Douglas, revised by Robert S. Wakefield, Mayflower Families through Five Generations vol. 9 Eaton

First Generation

Francis Eaton,[1][2][3][4] son of John Eaton and Dorothy Smith, was baptized September 11, 1596, in Bristol, England.[5] and died during an epidemic in Plymouth in 1633.[6]

Francis Eaton was married a total of three times. First by 1619 to Sarah _____ by whom he had one son (Samuel). Francis married second, about 1622 to Dorothy _____[7] who apparently died soon, leaving no (surviving) children. Francis Eaton's third married by 1626 to Christian Penn, who survived Francis and married Francis Billington in Plymouth in Jul 1634. By this final marriage, Francis had: Rachel, Benjamin, and a child called "an idiot" in 1643.

Francis, his son Samuel, and his first wife, Sarah, were aboard the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower to Plymouth. Both of Francis' sons have surviving direct paternal line descendants who have done some level of Y-DNA testing.

Second Generation

Samuel Eaton[8] was called by Gov. Bradford as "a suckling child" when the family came over on the Mayflower. As such, he was likely born late 1619 or early 1620. He married twice: First by 1646 to Elizabeth ______, who died after 5 Oct 1652. He married second, 10 Jan 1660/1 his step-sister, Martha Billington. By his first wife, Samuel had two daughters (names unknown). By his second wife, Samuel had Sarah, Samuel, Mercy and Bethiah.

Benjamin Eaton, son of third wife, Christian (or Christiana) Penn, was born in New Plimouth in Mar 1627/8.[9] He married at Plymouth 4 Dec 1660 Sarah Hoskins. They had at least six children: Benjamin, William (never married), Rebecca, (poss.) Sarah, Susannah, Hannah and Ebenezer.

Third Generation

Samuel Eaton (II) was born in Duxburrow (now Duxbury) about 1663 and died Middleborough 8 Mar 1723/4 in the 61st year of his age (Middleborough VRs). He married Middleborough 24 May 1694 Elizabeth Fuller. They had four children: Mercy, Keziah, Elizabeth and Barnabas

Benjamin Eaton (II) was born Plymouth in 1664 and died Kingston sometime between his will (3 or 23 Apr 1745) and its probate (20 Dec 1745). He married Plymouth 18 Dec 1689 Mary Coombs and they had eleven children: Francis, William, Hannah, Jabez, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Benjamin, Mary, Elisha and David.

Ebenezer Eaton was born before 1680. He married Plymouth 2 Nov 1701 Hannah Rickard. They are said to have had seven children (needs to be verified): Ebenezer, Benjamin, Mercy, Elisha, Gideon, Hannah and Joanna.

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DNA Results R-S10591

Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing through the Mayflower DNA Project and the Eaton DNA Project Group 4. R1b Haplogroup -Eaton Lineage III- FranPly (administered by the Eaton Families Association) has identified a Y-STR haplotype for the Mayflower Eaton lineage, belonging to the R1b-M269 Y-DNA haplogroup, which is quite common in Western Europe. Testing involved descendants of both of Francis Eaton's known sons, Samuel and Benjamin. Y-STR results (specifically DYS390=23) provide some indication that the Eaton lineage belongs more specifically to the U106 subgroup of R1b-M269.

NGS/WGS testing

JZ7P3 Tested with Y Elite v2.1a; results returned September 18, 2016; previously tested as kit # 126810 / E-62. Y Elite results for kit JZ7P3 (descendant of son Benjamin) have confirmed Francis Eaton and his patrilineal descendants belong to haplogroup R1b-U106. Further, the results revealed the lineage can be classified more specifically by the haplogroup-defining marker, U198 (also known as S29). A preliminary analysis of results suggests that the lineage belongs to a relatively rare U198 subclade, Z37884 (another SNP at this clade level, S10591, is used by FTDNA). Additionally, 31 new markers (named FGC53175 through FGC53205) have been identified, which are, so far, unique to this Francis Eaton patrilineal line. The Big Y-700 result of a second individual has confirmed the S10591 clade.

The Y-Elite tester and the Big Y-700 tester both share a common Eaton ancestor for several generations. It would be very helpful if a descendant of Francis Eaton's other son, Samuel, undergoes an NGS/WGS test to better narrow down the haplogroup below S10591.

Lineage of DNA tester

 Francis1 Eaton (1596-1633) m (his third, her first) Christian Penn[1]
   Benjamin2 Eaton (1628-1712) m Sarah Hoskins
     Benjamin3 Eaton (c1663-1745) m (his first) Mary Coombs
       Francis4 Eaton (c1700-1748) m Lydia Fuller
         Benjamin5 Eaton (1742-1825) m Sarah Whittum
           Joseph6 Eaton (1775-p1850) m Jemima Rogers
             William E.7 Eaton (1797-c1849) m Martha Jane Hazlet
               Oren Huntley8 Eaton (1832-1912) m Sarah Jane Sines
                 James F. Fuller9 Eaton (1860-1941) m Caledonia Hilton
                   Pearl James10 Eaton (1901-1961) m Eva Doris Grierson
                     father of tester11 
                       tester (kit JZ7P3)12[2]
           Fuller6 Eaton (c1786-c1862) m (his first) Lucinda Eaton
             George A.7 Eaton (1814-1862) m Abigail Baldwin
               George Warren8 Eaton (1839-1916) m Elizabeth Whitlam
                 Harold Dewitt9 Eaton (1889-1954) m Alma Caroline Johnson
                   father of tester10

  1. After Francis' death, she married second Francis Billington
  2. Joined the GSMD with this Eaton lineage.
  3. Y-patrilineal line listed on wikitree profile for Francis Eaton

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