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==Participant kits==
==Participant kits==
Tested with Y Elite v2.1a; results returned September 18, 2016
Tested with Y Elite v2.1a; results returned September 18, 2016; previously tested as kit # 126810 / E-62
====Paternal lineage====
====Paternal lineage====
*Francis<sup>1</sup> Eaton
*Francis<sup>1</sup> Eaton
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************''private''<sup>12</sup> (Kit JZ7P3)
************''private''<sup>12</sup> (Kit JZ7P3)
''Paternal lineage has been verified by the GSMD.''

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Status summary

As of September 18, 2016:

  • Results for Eaton Y Elite kit JZ7P3 have been returned and are being analyzed


Paper trail[1][2][3]

Francis Eaton, son of John Eaton and Dorothy Smith, was baptized September 11, 1596, in Bristol, England. Francis had at least two brothers (Samuel and John) but they died in childhood. Francis Eaton had two known sons:

  • Samuel Eaton (b. circa 1620), son of first wife, Sarah
  • Benjamin Eaton (b. 1628), son of third wife, Christian (or Christiana) Penn

Francis, his son Samuel, and his first wife, Sarah, were aboard the 1620 voyage of the Mayflower to Plymouth. Both of Francis' sons have surviving direct paternal line descendants.

Previous Y-DNA testing

Previous Y-STR testing through the Eaton DNA Project (administered by the Eaton Families Association) has identified a Y-STR haplotype for the Mayflower Eaton lineage, which likely belongs to the R1b-M269 Y-DNA haplogroup,[4] which is quite common in Western Europe. Testing involved descendants of both of Francis Eaton's known sons, Samuel and Benjamin. Y-STR results (specifically DYS390=23) provide some indication that the Eaton lineage belongs more specifically to the U106 subgroup of R1b-M269. Forthcoming Y Elite test results will be able to test this and identify a more precise haplogroup classification for the Eaton lineage.

Participant kits


Tested with Y Elite v2.1a; results returned September 18, 2016; previously tested as kit # 126810 / E-62

Paternal lineage

  • Francis1 Eaton
    • Benjamin2
      • Benjamin3
        • Francis4
          • Benjamin5
            • Joseph6
              • William E.7
                • Oren H.8
                  • private9
                    • private10
                      • private11
                        • private12 (Kit JZ7P3)

Paternal lineage has been verified by the GSMD.


(to be added)

Summary of findings

Y Elite results for kit JZ7P3 (descendant of son Benjamin) have confirmed that Francis Eaton and paternal line descendants belong to haplogroup R1b-U106. Further, the results have revealed that the lineage can be classified more specifically by the haplogroup-defining marker, U198 (also known as S29). A preliminary analysis of results suggests that the lineage belongs to a relatively rare U198 subclade. Additionally, 31 new markers (named FGC53175 through FGC53205) have been identified, which are, so far, unique to this Francis Eaton descendant's paternal lineage. Analysis is ongoing and this section will soon be updated.

External links


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