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Bio Source: John Howland of the Mayflower Volume 4 THE FIRST FIVE GENERATIONS Documented Descendants Through his fourth child Elizabeth Howland, wife of Ephraim Hicks and Capt. John Dickinson by Elizabeth Pearson White.

John Dickarson/Dickenson/Dickinson "of Barnstable," who was probably born in England around 1622, but whose parentage has not been ascertained. John married first, perhaps in Boston, Mass., a wife named Frances[1], by whom he had one son, John, born 28th 5th mo. 1648, who was not a descendant of John Howland of the MAYFLOWER. John married Elizabeth Howland in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Mass. on 10 July 1651. Capt. John Dickinson died in Oyster Bay before 12 March 1683, the date his will was proved. John and Elizabeth Dickinson lived in Barnstable, on Cape Cod, during the first few years of their marriage and their first few children must have been born there. In 1651, Capt. John Dickinson bought a plot of land Barnstable which contained eight acres near where the courthouse now stands. By May 1658, John and his family were living in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. In February 1659 John Dickinson bought land from John Hinksman. John paid for it in part with cloth and liquor, indicating he was a merchant and trader. On 15 February 1660, the town granted John Dickinson a house and lot at the south end of Oyster Bay, with a first share of meadow land. The next year, 1 February 1661, he was granted additional land, 10 rods deep, at the end of his property. Many other grants followed. On 12 January 1665/6, John Dickinson of Oyster bay bought five acres of land from John Finch "of Fairfield on ye Main, formerly an inhabiter" of Oyster Bay. In 1671 John Dickinson was appointed by the town to obtain a letter from the Rev. William Leverich, who had since moved to Huntington, Long Island, then to Connecticut, and then back to Newton, Long Island. He was asked to discuss the subject of the rights of the Town of Oyster Bay with the Town of Hempstead. The same year John sold his rights in Hog Island, across from the Town of Oyster Bay, to Capt. Richard Morris. John Dickinson and Richard Harcut were chosen as overseers in 1676. Capt. John Dickinson died about eight years before his wife, Elizabeth. In his will dated 26 January 1680, proved 12 March 1683, John gave his son, Joseph Dickinson, the land and meadow previously settled on him. He gave five shillings each to two of his daughters, Elizabeth and Mercy, who had already received their portions, indicating that they were both married but he did not mention their married names. His widow, Elizabeth, was given the right to divide the rest of the estate among his six youngest children, named as Lydia, Mehetable, Samuel, Hannah, James and Jabez, making special provision for Jabez, who was incapable of caring for himself. Overseers were John Underhill, Sr., John Feakes, Sr., and his own son, Joseph Dickinson. The witnesses were Thomas Townsend and Thomas Weekes.

Children of Capt. John Dickinson and Elizabeth Howland, first three probably born in Barnstable, Plymouth Colony, Mass., last six born in Oyster Bay. Long Island, New York.
  1. NOT Francis Foote