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Status summary

Completed as of August 29, 2020:

  • Recruiting additional direct male-line Delano descendants for further SNP testing - anyone interested in submitting their DNA for testing should contact
  • Y-SNP tested to R-U106>>L48>L47>>FGC60412.

Still to do as of August 29, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple descendants of Philippe Delano to firmly place family clade as well as test descendants to discover any subclades unique to descendants lines


For more information see: Cushing, Muriel Curtis, Philip Delano of the "Fortune" 1621 and his Descendants for Four Generations, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, Plymouth, MA 2002

First Generation

Philip (Philippe) de la Noye (Delanoy, Delano) was baptized at the Protestant Walloon church in Leiden, Holland on 6 Nov 1603[1], son of Jan (Jean) Lano[2] of Tourcoing (Wallonia, later annexed into Spanish Netherlands now part of France, bordering Belgium), and Marie Mahieu of Lille (Flanders, later annexed to France).[3] His parents were married at that church some time after the date of their betrothal, 13 Jan 1596.[4] He was the nephew of Hester Mahieu, the wife of Mayflower Passenger, Francis Cooke. Philip originally intended to migrate with the pilgrims in 1620, but due to the inadequacy of the ill-named Speedwell, he was left behind. Philip did emigrate to New Plimouth Colony in 1621 aboard the Fortune.[5].

He was likely one of the first individuals who was allowed to farm on land now in Duxbury (circa 1624) and was granted property there the same year it was incorporated (in 1637). Philip was married twice. His first marriage was recorded in Plymouth on 19 Dec 1634 to Hester Dewsbury. She died sometime between 1648 and 1653. He next married (likely at Duxbury) sometime between 1652-1659 to Mary PONTUS Glass, daughter of William Pontus and widow of James Glass. Philip died at Duxbury sometime shortly before the inventory of his estate was taken (4 Mar 1681/2).

Philip and his first wife Hester had the following children: 1) Mary, born about 1635. She married Jonathan Dunham, but they never had any children 2) Philip, born about 1637 (see below) 3) Thomas, born about 1639 (see below) 4) Esther, born about 1641.[6] She may have been the wife of Samuel Sampson and John Soule 5) John, born about 1644 (see below) 6) Jonathan, born about 1648 (see below)

Philip and his second wife Mary had the following children 7) Jane, born about 1655. Last mentioned in her father's 1682 probate record 8) Rebecca, born about 1657. She married John Churchill and had five children. 9) Samuel, born about 1659 (see below)

Second Generation

Philip Delano (II) was born in Duxbury about 1637 and died there sometime between the writing of his will (11 Dec 1708) and its probate (24 Dec 1708). He married Elizabeth Sampson about 1670 and had five children (born Duxbury): Samuel (c1670 unm.), Ebenezer (c1675), Philip (1678), Martha (c1680) and Jane (c1685).

Thomas Delano was born Duxbury 21 Mar 1642 and died there in 1723. He there bef. Oct 1667 married Rebecca Alden and they had nine children: Benoni (1667), Thomas (1668/9), Deborah (c1672), Jonathan (1675), David (1677), Mary (1679), Sarah (1681), Ruth (c1683) and Joseph (1685). John Delano was born Duxbury abt 1644 and died there aft 1721. He married Mary Weston by 1679 and had six children: Israel (c1679), Lydia (c1680), Mary (c1683), Nathaniel (c1685), Mercy (c1687) and John (c1689).

John Delano was born Duxbury abt 1644 and died there aft 1721. He married Mary Weston and they had Israel (c1679 unm.), Lydia (1680), Mary (c1683), Nathaniel (c1685 m. Mercy Bonney), Mercy (c1687) and John (1689).

Jonathan Delano married Mercy Warren 28 Feb 1677/8 and had thirteen children (born Dartmouth): infant daughter (1679), Jonathan (1680/1), Jabez (1682), Sarah (1684), Mercy (1686), Nathan (1688), Bethiah (1690), Susannah (1692), infant son (1694), Nathaniel (1695), Esther (1698), Jethro (1701) and Thomas (1704).

Samuel Delano was born abt 1659 and died bef 9 Aug 1728. He married about 1683 Elizabeth Standish by 1679 and had nine children (born Duxbury): Priscilla (c1686), Jane (c1686), Samuel (c1688), Mary (c1691), Hazadiah (1691), Rebecca (c1693), Elizabeth (c1694), Jesse (c1698 unk. if marr.) and Sarah (c1700).

Third Generation

Ebenezer Delano was born Duxbury about 1675 and died Pembroke before 17 May 1706. He married Duxbury 29 Dec 1699 Martha Simmons) and they had three children (Duxbury): Joshua (1700 m Hopestill Peterson), Thankful (1702) and Abia (dau., 1704).

Philip Delano (III) was born Duxbury in Mar 1678 and died there 24 May 1761. He married Marshfield 31 Jan 1716/7 Elizabeth Dingley and they had five children (Duxbury): Mary (1717), Elizabeth (1719), Malachi (1721, prob. unm.), Judah (1724 m Lydia Simmons, daughter of Moses Simmons and Rachel Standish) and Abigail (1725).

Benoni Delano was born Duxbury 30 Oct 1667 and died there 5 Apr 1738. He married Plymouth bef. 1697 Elizabeth Drew and they had four children (Duxbury): Hannah (1697), Beriah (1698 m Naomi Merritt), Rebecca (1702) and Lemuel (1712 m Lydia Bartlett, daughter of Ebenezer Bartlett).

Thomas Delano (II) was born Duxbury 12 Nov 1668/9{sic} and died Falmouth, ME aft Aug 1740. He married Hannah BRYANT Bartlett and they had six children: Elkanah (1700 m Mary Sanders), Thomas (c1702 Sarah ?Strout?), (poss.) Ichabod (c1703 m Elizabeth Cushman but no children), Deborah (c1705), Barzillai (c1707, unk. if marr.) and Mary.

Jonathan Delano was born Duxbury between Dec 1675-Jan 1676 and died there 5 Feb 1765. He married Duxbury 12 Jan 1698/9 Hannah Doty and they had eleven children: John (1699 m Ruth Prior and Damaris Cooke), Jonathan (1701 m Elizabeth Winslow, Elizabeth TURNER Sprague & Rachel Bumpus), Nathan (1703 m Bathsheba Holmes & Sarah BARTLETT Cobb), Amasa (1705-1706), Ruth (1707), Amasa (1709 m Ruth Samson & Mary ____), Hannah (1711), Dorothy (1714-1714), Dorothy (1715), Ebenezer (1717 m Lydia DELANO Wormall & Deborah Delano) and David (1720 m Abigail Chandler & Thankful ____)

David Delano was born Duxbury about 1678 and died Middleborough between will (30 Jul 1750) and probate (2 Jul 1755). He married Middleborough 9 Jan 1705/6 Elizabeth Eddy and they had one child: David (c1710 m Deborah Holmes).

Joseph Delano was born Duxbury 1 Sep 1685 and died there 22 May 1770. He married Marshfield 16 Oct 1719 Hannah BARTLETT Arnold) and they had six children (Duxbury): Rebecca (1720), Benjamin (1722 m Lydia Jackson), Zebiah (dau, 1724), Reuben (1726 m Deborah Southworth), Lucy (1729/30) and Elijah (1732-1738/9).

Jonathan Delano (II) was born Dartmouth 30 Jan 1680/1 and died Tolland, CT 25 Mar 1752 aged 72 yrs. He married Falmouth 20 Jun 1704 Amy Hatch and they had thirteen children (nine born Dartmouth, last four born Tolland): Sarah (1705), Jane (1706), Jabez (1708), Nathan (1710/1), Amy (1713), Jonathan (1715), Barnabas (1718), Silvanus (1720), Elizabeth (1722), Susanna (1724), Thomas (1726), Timothy (1729) and Jethro (1732).

Jabez Delano was born Dartmouth 8 Nov 1682 and died there 23 Dec 1734. He married twice, first Duxbury 8 Feb 1709/10 Mary Delano and second Dartmouth c1716 Hannah Peckham. By his first wife Jabez had two children (born Dartmouth): Mary (1712) and Jonathan (1713/4). By his second wife he had eight more children (born Dartmouth): Susanna (1717), Abigail (1719), Jabez (1723), Mercy (1725), Eunice (1727), Hannah (1729), Stpehen (1732 unk if marr) and Sarah (1734).

Nathan Delano was born Dartmouth 29 Oct 1688 and died bef 1720. He married Middleborough 7 Jul 1709 Elizabeth Miller[7] ant they had Meribah (1709) and poss. Ann.

Nathaniel Delano was born Dartmouth 29 Oct 1695 and died there 8 Apr 1770. He married Freetown 2 Jan 1721 Elizabeth Durfee and they had nine children: Brigget (1722/3), Sarah (1724/5), ___ (1727), Nathaniel (1728), Peleg (1730/1), Richard (1733), Mary (1736), Elizabeth (1738) and Susanna (1741).

Jethro Delano was born Dartmouth 31 Jul 1701 and died there abt 1778. He married twice first Dartmouth 9 Oct 1727 Elizabeth Pope and second (int Dartmouth 4 Jul 1771) Deliverance Eldred (no children). By his first wife he had ten children (born Dartmouth): Experience (1727/8), Bethiah (1730), Nathan (1732), Ruben (1734), Calvin (1736), Deborah (1739), Sarah (1741), Esther (1744-1761), Joshua (1746/7) and Jethro (1749).

Thomas Delano was born Dartmouth 10 May 1704 and was living in Oct 1778. He married Dartmouth 4 Nov 1727 Jane Peckham and they had seven children (born Dartmouth): Thomas (1729), Abisha (1731), Ephraim (1733), Jabez (1734 nfr), Gideon (1736), Deborah (1739) and Jane (1743).

Samuel Delano was born Duxbury about 1688 and died there between 9 Jun 1739-2 Jul 1739.[8] He married[9] Duxbury 21 May 1719 Elizabeth Bonney) and they had six children (Duxbury): Ruth (1719/20), Elisha (1722 dy), Prince (1725 dy), Ichabod (1728 m Huldah Samson & Ruth CARVER Delano), Betty (1730) and Abigail (1734 dy).

Hazadiah Delano was born Duxbury between Aug 1691-Sep 1691 and died there 9 Dec 1770. He married Marshfield 1 Apr 1731 Mary Taylor and they had one child (Duxbury): Joseph (1732 m Judith Damon & Lucy CUSHING Bourne).

  1. Several records give his age and they all converge on 1602, so it appears there was some delay in his baptism.
  2. He was son of Gysbert de Lannoy of Tourcoing per the 1977 TAG article.
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  6. Not named in her father's estate, so possibly died young.
  7. After Nathan's death, she married second 24 May 1728 Seth Howland.
  8. will-proved
  9. There was a Samuel Dilano "tertius" of Duxbury who married Pembroke 19 Dec 1716 Ruth Briggs. If this was Samuel, then his first wife died soon, likely without any children.

DNA results R1b-FGC60412

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Delano DNA Project lists twelve individuals who have STR tested and match each other. One of these individuals has done 111 STR tested and also a SNP test and been found to fall under R-U106>>L48>Y37962>S23189>A6706>S19342>S18372>Y22517>BY12202>BY11429>FGC60412.

Further needed testing

We need additional direct male-line descendants of Philip Delano to WGS/NGS test to both confirm the lineage as well as to refine the haplogroup further and delineate descendant clades.

References & External Links

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