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Status summary

As of October 27, 2022:

  • Unknown if there are any surviving patrilineal (direct male-line) descendants

Paper trail

First Generation

Godbert Godbertson (aka Cuthbert Cuthbertson) was born in the "Eastland" (poss. in what is now Poland) about 1592[1] and died in Plymouth during a sickness between Jul-Oct 1633. He married twice, first Leiden 17 May 1617 Elizabeth (Arentsdtr - Arents daughter) Kendall and second, Leiden 13 Nov 1621 Sarah ALLERTON Vincent Priest. It is believed there were no surviving children by his first marriage, and by his second marriage he had one child: Samuel (c11622).

Second Generation

Samuel Cuthbertson/Cuthbert was likely born in Leiden between his parents marriage (Nov 1621) and the 1623 Plymouth land division It is believed he was married and was likely the father of "Samuell Cutbird" who died at Middleborough 17 Apr 1699 "aged about 42 years."

Third Generation

  1. Estimate, based on date of first marriage.

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