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Status summary


First Generation

Ebenezer Curtice (later Curtis), son of Francis Curtice and Hannah Smith, was born Plymouth abt 1686 and died there about May 1742. He married twice, first Plymouth 19 Jan 1710 Mary Tinkham and second Plymouth 7 Oct 1718 Martha Doty. By his first wife he had four children: Jacob (1710), Caleb (1712-1729 unm.), Mary (1714) and Sarah (1717). By his second wife he had four more children: Eunice (1723), Martha (1725), Seth (1727) and Ebenezer (1731).

Second Generation

Jacob Curtis was born Plymouth 11 Oct 1710 and died there bef 22 Jan 1752. He married Plymouth 6 Mar 1731 Fear Dunham and they had four children: Elizabeth (1732), Fear (1740), Jacob (1742) and Hannah (1747-1747).

Seth Curtis was born Plymouth 22 Oct 1727. His further history is currently unknown.

Ebenezer Curtis was born 14 Oct 1731. His further history is currently unknown.

DNA results R1b-M269

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Curtis DNA Database subgroup: Plymouth MA (Francis) currently has two individuals claiming Francis Curtis as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA). Both individuals have only 25 Y-STR tested, and Family Tree DNA predicts they fall under R1b-M269.

Further testing needed

Patrilineal descendants of Francis Curtice (and preferably via his son Ebenezer) are needed to NGS/WGS test to verify this haplogroup placement and possibly further refine the haplogroup as well as contact and disclose their lineage.

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