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Status summary

Completed as of January 31, 2022:

  • Recruiting patrilineal (all male-line)John Coe descendants for NGS/WGS SNP testing. Recruiting patrilineal (all male line) descendants of Rev. John Robinson to NGS/WGS test. Any male who believes they are such a descendant should Read me First

IMPORTANT: Read me First

Still to do as of October 29, 2020

  • NGS/WGS test multiple Coe descendants to firmly place family clade as well as discover any subclades unique to descendants' lines


For more information see: Woodworth-Barnes, Esther Littleford (ed. by Alicia Crane Williams), Mayflower Family Through Five Generations, Vol. 16 Alden

First Generation

[1] John Coe son of Matthew Coe and Elizabeth Wakley was born Gloucester 30 Jun 1649 and died Little Compton, RI 10 Dec 1728. He married Duxbury 10 Nov 1681 Sarah Pabodie and they had nine children: Lydia (1683 d.y.), Sarah (1686 d.y.), Lydia (1688), Sarah (1690), Samuel (1692), Elizabeth (1694), Hannah (1696), John (1698/9) and Joseph (1699/1700 never married).

Second Generation

[2] Samuel Coe was born Little Compton (now in RI) 12 Dec 1692 and died there 25 Dec 1740. He married Little Compton 8 Apr 1716 Mary Chadwick and they had eight children (Little Compton): Isaac (1717-1739 unm.), Samuel (1720 m Elizabeth Peckham but no ch.), Priscilla (1723), Sarah (1725), Matthew (1727 unk. if marr.), John (1728-1728), John (c1730-1759 unm.) and Elizabeth (1732).

[3] John Coe was born Little Compton (now in RI) 1 Feb 1698/9 and died there Nov 1784. He married Little Compton 10 Dec 1740 Rebecca Taylor and they had eight children (Little Compton): Lydia (1742), Isaac (1744 unk. if marr.), Samuel (1746), William (1748), John (1750), Benjamin (1753), Sarah (1756) and Hannah (1759).

Third Generation

Samuel Coe was born Little Compton 20 Mar 1745/6 and died Madison, NY 16 Aug 1831. He married Little Compton 11 Jan 1681 Deborah Church and they had nine children: Samuel (1781), William Church (1783), Nathaniel (1786), Betsey (1788), Nancy (1790), Sally (1792), Comfort C. (son, 1795), Hannah (1798) and Benjamin (1800).

William Coe was born Little Compton 20 Feb 1747/8 and died Pomfret, CT 26 Jul 1814. He married Little Compton 19 Dec 1771 Sarah Ellis and they had six children: Isaac (1772 m Sarah Holmes Weaver), Pamelia (1778), John (1780 m Hannah Hodgkins), Rebecca (1783), Lucy Searle (c1785) and Deborah Shepard (c1785).

John Coe was born Little Compton 27 Oct 1750 and died Smithfield, RI 16 May 1813. He married Little Compton abt 1775 Mary Phillips and they had five children: Emor, William, Benjamin, Ephraim and Jonathan.

Benjamin Coe was born Little Compton 3 May 1753 and died there 21 Jan 1818. He married Little Compton 13 Jan 1780 Sarah Simmons and they had ten children (Little Compton): Joseph (1780 m Lydia Gardner), Adam Simmons (1782 m Ann Pease), Benjamin Taylor (1783 m Mary C. Rodman & Charlotte S. Dodge), Lydia (1785), Ezra (1787 m Sarah Bailey & Deborah Bailey), Henrietta (1790), Dianna (1791), Samuel (1794 unk. if marr.), Rhoda (1796) and Betsey (1800).

DNA results R1b-L151

Previous Y-DNA testing

The Coe Family DNA Project subgroup: Matthew Coe has two individuals,[1] but their STR results do not match so they belong to two different families. Both individuals fall under Haplogroup R-L151 with one falling under U106 an the other under L21.

Further needed testing

We need patrilineal (all male-line) descendants of John Coe to WGS/NGS test to discover which (if either) of the two were patrilineal descendants and further refine the haplogroup placement.

  1. There appears to be a third tester who has declined to have his results posted to the Project, but has tested 67 Y-STRs.

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