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Status summary

As of October 27, 2022:

Paper trail

First Generation

Nothing is known about the early history of Edward Bompasse (now Bumpas) prior to his emigration on the Fortune in 1621. He is believed to have natively been a Walloon, and likely joined the Separatists congregation before emigrating to Plymouth Colony. As he was named as one of the 1626 Purchasers he must have been born sometime before 1605. He died Marshfield bef 5 Mar 1684. He married Plymouth (likely Green's Harbor, now Marshfield) by 1631 Hannah ____ and they had twelve children (Marshfield): Sarah (1631/2), Elizabeth (1633/4), John (1636), Edward (1638 unm.), Joseph (1639/40), Isaac (1642 n.f.r.), Jacob (1644), Hannah (1646), Philip, Thomas, Mary and Samuel.

Second Generation (born Marshfield)

John Bumpas/Bump was born 2 Jun 1636 and died Rochester between 10 Jul 1710 - 17 Jan 1715/6.[1] He married Scituate about 1670 Sarah ____ and they had nine children (first six bp. Scituate, last three born Rochester): Mary (1671), John (1673), Samuel (1676 likely d.y.), James (1678), Isaac (1681), Job (1683), Sarah (1685), Edward (1688) and Jeremiah (1692).

Joseph Bumpas was born 15 Feb 1639/40 and died Middleborough 10 Feb 1704/5. He married bef. 1669 Wybra Glass and they had eight children: Lydia (1669 unm.), Wybra (1672), Joseph (1674), Rebekah (1677 unm.), James (1679 m. Rachel Hanks, but no surv. ch.), Penelope (1681), Mary (1684 unm.) and Mehitable (1691/2).

Jacob Bumpas/Bumpus was born 25 Mar 1644 and died Rochester bef. 5 Sep 1720. He married Scituate 24 Jan 1676/7 Elizabeth BANKS Blackmore and they had three children: Benjamin (1677), Jacob (1680) and Ichabod (1685).

Philip Bumpas/Bump was born about 1648 and died Plainfield, CT 20 Jan 1724/5. He married about 1685 Sarah Eaton and they had (born Bristol, now part of RI): Jemima (1686/7), Samuel (1687/8), Phillip (1689/90), Lydia (1692), Matthew (1695, prob. d.y.), Josiah (1698, m. Sarah ____ but unknown if any ch.), Bethia (1700) and Sarah (c1702).

Thomas Bumpas/Bumpus was born about 1650 and died Barnstable about 1723. He married Barnstable Nov 1679 Phebe Lovell and they had at least ten children (Barnstable): Hannah (1680), Jean (1681), Mary (1683), Samuel (1685), Thomas (1687), Sarah (1688), Elizabeth (1690), Abigail (1693), John (1696, n.f.r.) and Benjamin (1703 unm.)

Third Generation

John Bumpas (II) was baptized Scituate 28 Sep 1673 and died Wareham 22 Jun 1762. He married twice, first about 1694 Hannah Morey then int. 20 Jun 1729 Jane LOVELL Claghorn (no children). By his first wife he had (Rochester, now Wareham): Jonathan (1695 m Mary Haskins), John (1698 m Rebecca Hunter), Sarah (1701), Mary (1704), Hannah (1707), Samuel (1709 m Abigail Bumpus) and Lydia.

James Bumpas was baptized Scituate 16 Jun 1678 and died Rochester before 27 Sep 1717 (Administration of his estate). He married twice, first 17 Feb 1702/3 Mary Savory then Plymouth 12 Jan 1726/7 Marjory Norris. By his first wife he had (Rochester, prob. now Wareham): Ebenezer (1704/5 likely unm.), Martha (1708), Zacheus (1710 m Reliance Morey), Samuel (1717 likely unm.),

Isaac Bumpas was baptized Scituate 27 Mar 1681 and died Lyme, CT 19 Dec 1762. He married twice, first c1710 Mary Perry then Rochester 6 Oct 1741 Elizabeth Clark (no ch.) By his first wife he had (Rochester): Josiah (1711 m Hannah Bumpus), Deborah (1713) and Nathan (1717 m Lydia Bumpus).

Job Bumpas was baptized Scituate 29 Apr 1683 and died New River, NC bet. 5 Sep - Oct 1746. He married Abigail ____ and they had (all named in his will): Abigail, David, Cornelius and John.

Edward Bumpas was born Rochester 16 Sep 1688 and died Wareham 14 Nov 1745. He married 28 Feb 1717/8 Martha Raymond and they had (Rochester): Daniel (1719 m Alice ___), Rachel (1720), Salathiel (1722 m Lydia Ellis), Joanna (1724), Edward (1726 m Mariah Benson & Susanna Deane), James (1727 m Jedidah Lothrop), Elener (1729), Lois (1731) and Jedidah (dau, 1732)

Jeremiah Bumpas was born Rochester 24 Aug 1692 and died Wareham 3 Dec 1770. He married Barnstable 15 Nov 1722 Jane Lovell and they had: Seth (1723 m Mercy Blackwell), Jeremiah (c1724 m Judith Randall), Joseph (c1725 m Ruth Reed & Mercy Haskins, only had four daughters), Ruth (c1727), Phebe (c1729), Benjamin (c1731 m Ruth Sprague & Eunice ___) and Jean.

Joseph Bumpas was born Middleborough 28 Aug 1674 and died bef 13 Jul 1739 (inv.) He married (int.) 12 Mar 1712 Mary Ford and they had (Middleborough): Rebecca (1713), Joseph (1714/5 m Mehitable Tupper), Nathaniel (1716/7 m Abiah Vaughan), Mary (c1719) and Wybra (c1721).

Benjamin Bumpas was born Scituate 13 Nov 1677 and died Wareham before 4 Jul 1743. He married Barnstable 11 Jul 1711 Susanna Lovell and they had (Rochester): Abigail (c1713), John (c1715 m Alice English), Joshua (1716/7 m Mary Bates), Elizabeth (1719), Philip (1723 m Mary Burge), Anna (1725/6), Susanna (1727), Rhoda (1729) and Mercy (c1732).

Jacob Bumpas was born Scituate 6 Jul 1680. He married twice, first 18 Apr 1705 Mary Weeks and second Bridgewater 7 Nov 1716 Catherine Aldridge. By his first wife he had (Rochester): Alse (1705/6) and Moses (1707/8 n.f.r.). By his second wife he had (Rochester): George (1717 m Mary Callum).

Ichabod Bumpas was born Rochester 19 Sep 1685. He married twice, first Rochester 20 Jan 1718/9 Sarah Coombs and then abt 1738 Susanna Wanton. By his first wife he had: Rachel (1719), Sarah (c1721), Susanna (c1723), Zilpha (c1725), Elizabeth (c1727), Ichabod (c1734) and Jacob (c1738).

Samuel Bumpas was born Bristol (now part of RI) 20 Feb 1687/8 and died Bolton, CT in 1747. He married twice, first 4 Apr 1723 Abigail Rouse then 18 May 1727 Mary Ray. By his first wife he had two children: Patience (1723/4-1724/5) and Matthew (1725). By his second wife he had: Samuel (1727/8).

Philip Bumpas was born Bristol 13 Feb 1689/90. He married twice, first Litchfield, CT Feb 1722/3 Marcy Horsford and second Sharon, CT 3 Dec 1754 Mrs. Elizabeth Warren. At least one son: William (1723-1750).

Samuel Bumpas was born Barnstable Jan 1685/6. He married twice, first abt 1709 Patience ____ then Barnstable 1 Aug 1717 Joanna Warren. By his first wife he had three children (Barnstable): Samuel (c1711 m Sarah Rogers & Martha Broughton), Thankful (1713) and Patience (1715). By his second wife he had (Barnstable): Sarah (1718), Joanna (1719), Jabez (1721, poss. moved to NC w/wife Elizabeth) and Thomas (1722/3 m Marcy Stewart).

Thomas Bumpas was born Barnstable May 1687 and died Preston, CT. He married Boston 19 Dec 1711 Rebecca Robinson and they had at least: Robinson, Mary, Deliverance (dau), Keziah, Rebecca and Sarah.

  1. Will 10 Jul 1710 proved 7 Mar 1715/6. Inventory dated 17 Jan 1715/6.

DNA Results R1b-A5616

Previous testing

FTDNA's Bumpus surname DNA Project subgroup: HAP-2 contains seven individuals naming "Edouard Bompasse" as their Most Distant Known Patrilineal Ancestor (MDKPA)[1] While none of the individual in the group have Y-SNP tested, some have Y-STR111 tested. FTDNA predicted they fall under the R1b-M269 Haplogroup. Plugging in the Modal Values for the 111 STR marker into the Nevgen Y-DNA Haplogroup Predictor Tool arives at a predicted haplogroup of R1b-U106>Z381>Z301>>Z30>>Z338>>A5616 with 100% Confidence.

NGS/WGS testing

NGS/WGS testing is needed to confirm the prediction (above) as well as potentially further refine the haplogroup.

References and External Resources

  • Anderson, Robert Charles, The Pilgrim Migration: Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633" (New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 2004)
  • Barclay, Florence (Mrs. John E.), "The Bumpus Family of New England", The American Genealogist 43:65-75, 150-55, 211-16.

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  1. This group also contains other Bumpus families who are not known to connect to Edward Bumpas, but whose Y-STR markers are close matches.