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Status summary

As of November 24, 2020:

  • No straightforward opportunities for advanced Y-DNA testing
  • Low priority

Summary of findings

No direct patrilineal descendants of Peter Brown(e), since all of his surviving children were daughters. There remains the opportunity for characterizing his Y-DNA through descendants of other paternal relatives. Even so, such a link would likely be tenuous since it would seem that the identity of Peter Brown(e)'s relatives in England carries some uncertainty.

Paper Trail

First Generation

Peter Brown(e) was likely the son of William Brown(e) baptized at Dorking, Surrey, England 29 Jan 1594/5. He married twice, first sometime after the 1623 Plymouth land division Martha _____ Ford (she died soon after the 1627 cattle division). His second marriage occurred about 1629 to Mary _____. Peter died sometime between 25 Mar 1633 and 28 Oct 1633.

Peter had two daughters by his first wife: Mary and Priscilla. He had a daughter (Rebecca) and a fourth child (who likely died young) by his second wife.

To do

  • Additional paper-trail research might allow additional Y-DNA testing candidates to be identified

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