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Status summary

As of November 25, 2020:

  • Little opportuniy for mtDNA testing
  • Low priority

Paper Trail

Bridget Lee was born about 1595[1], daughter of Josephine (Unknown),[2] and died after May 1667 in New London County, Connecticut.[3] She married Leiden 27 May 1617 (as his third wife) Samuel Fuller.[4] They had at least two children: Mercy and Samuel[5] It is possible they may have also had a daughter Bridget.

Second Generation

Bridget was possibly their eldest child, born in Leiden about 1619 and married at Plymouth 30 Sep 1641 Henry Sirkman.[6] Bradford did state Samuel Fuller had "a child which came afterwards", but no such child was named in Samuel's 1667 will. It is possible she died before his will was written, and if so, likely had no (surviving) children.

Mercy Fuller was born sometime shortly after the May 1627 cattle division. She was named in her father's will (but no mention of whether or not she was married). No further record.

Summary of findings

There are some potential lines of matrilineal descent for Bridget Lee, but new contemporary records would need to be discovered to identify any possible lines.

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