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Status summary

As of October 27, 2022:

Paper trail

First Generation

(Dea.) Thomas Blossom was born about 1580, likely son of Peter and Annabel Blossom of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire. Thomas died Plymouth before 25 Mar 1632/3. According to a letter he wrote, Thomas and his family attempted to immigrate in 1620, but was left behind due to the ill-fated Speedwell. He is said to have emigrated to Plymouth Colony in 1629.[1] Thomas married St. Clement, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 10 Nov 1605 Anne Elsdon (Rowley) and they had six children: two infants both bur. 1617, son (b1620-b1625), Elizabeth (c1621), Thomas (c1623) and Peter (aft 1627).

Second Generation

Thomas Blossom (II) was born Leiden about 1623 and drowned (with Samuel Hallet off Nauset Beach (now Eastham) 22 Apr 1650. He married Barnstable 18 Jun 1645 Sarah Ewer (Davis) and they had one child:[2] Sarah.

Peter Blossom was born after 1627[3] and died Barnstable in Jul 1706. He married Barnstable 21 Jun 1663 Sarah Bodfish and they had seven children: Mercy (1664-1670), Thomas (1667), Sarah (1669-1671), Joseph (1673), Thankful (1675), Mercy (1678) and Jabez (1680[/1?])

Third Generation (born Barnstable)

Thomas Blossom was born 20 Dec 1667 and died before 20 Dec 1742. He married Sandwich 3 Dec 1695 Fear Robinson and they had five children: Peter (1697), John (1699), Sarah (1703 d.y.), Elizabeth (1705) and Sarah (1709).

Joseph Blossom was born 10 Dec 1678 and died between 13 May (will) - 8 Nov 1749 (proved). He was married multiple times, first Barnstable 17 Jun 1696 Mary Pinchon. He poss. married second, about 1708 Mary ____ but his last wife was Mehitable ____. By his first wife he had: infant son (1696/7-1696/7), infant son (1702-1702), Joseph (1703/4) and another infant son (1705-1705). By his second wife he had: Mary (1709) and Thankful (1711). He also had (poss. by a third wife): Samuel (c1714), Ruth (c1716), Mercy (c1718), Benjamin (c1720) and Mehitable (c1723).

Jabez Blossom was born 16 Feb 1680[/1?]. He married Barnstable 9 Nov 1710 Mary Goodspeed and they had: Sylvanus (1712[/3?]), poss. Zaccheus (c1714), prob. Jabez (c1717) and prob. Benjamin (c1721).

DNA Results

FTDNA currently does not have a Bloosom surname DNA Project and they currently report five kits associated with the Blossom surname.

References and External Resources

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  1. Some sources state the name of the ship he emigrated on was the Mayflower. This name was used on multiple ships during this time period.
  2. Some early sources give another child, Peter, but this is highly unlikely.
  3. NOT in the 1643 Able to Bear Arms list.