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Status summary

As of September 7, 2018

  • Page created for Anne Plummer, wife of Henry Samson
  • recruitment of individuals who are mtDNA descendants of Anne. Folks who are mtDNA descendants are encouraged to contact Raymond T. Wing (email: wing.genealogist AT gmail DOT com)



In General, tracing the mtDNA descendants of Henry Samson has been much more difficult than other Mayflower Passengers (such as Howland, Brewster or Hopkins). The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) has published a number of "Mayflower Families through Five Generations" volumes (aka the "Silver Books"). These books give a biography for each Mayflower passenger as well as their descendants for five generations (and sometimes into the sixth and seventh generation). Volume 20 (in three parts) deals with the family and descendants of Henry Samson. Part 1 deals with the first four generations of descendants. Part 2 deals with the daughters, as well as son James. By the Fifth Generation, there are quite a few instances where a birth or baptismal record for a daughter is all that is known.

The marriage record of Anne Plummer to Henry Samson, Plymouth 6 Feb 1635/6[1] give us the maiden name for Anne. However, we do not know of her parentage or even when/how she came to Plymouth Colony. The will of John Barnes[2] calls Anne his "Cozen". The first wife of John Barnes was Mary Plummer[3] How Mary and Anne were related (assuming the relationship is through this marriage) is still unknown.

Henry and Anne were among the earliest settlers of Duxbury, Mass. Anne died there sometime between 24 Dec 1668[4] and 24 Dec 1684[5]

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mtDNA Results

We are currently looking for volunteers who are matrilineal descendants of Mary to take a full mtDNA test.

mtDNA Descendants


Anne and Henry had a total of Nine children, but no records survive listing their birth dates. In 1651 Gov. William Bradford reported they had seven children, so the youngest two were born after this date. The exact order of births is unknown, and various compilers have given the children in different orders. They had four sons and five daughters. The daughters (in order as named in their father's will) are: Elizabeth, Hannah, ________, Mary, & Dorcas. One daughter's given name is not currently known, but Henry's will calls her the wife of John Hanmore. This daughter only had two sons. Daughter Mary (married John Summers) did not have any children. Thus the mtDNA line can only come down from the other three daughters


Elizabeth married before 1662 Robert Sproat/Sprout. They had three sons and five daughters (Mercy, Elizabeth, Mary, Anna, Hannah)

Hannah married (Duxbury 20 Mar 1665/6) Josiah Holmes. They had three sons and three daughters (Hannah, Dorcas, Mary). The Henry Samson "Silver Book" fails to list any mtDNA lines from any of Hannah's daughters.[1]

Dorcas married Thomas Bonney (II). They had two sons and two daughters (Elizabeth & Mercy)


Mercy Sproat/Sprout married Thomas Oldham. They had three sons and seven daughters (Mary, Mercy, Elizabeth, Abigail, Anna, Desire & Grace)

Elizabeth Sproat/Sprout never married

Mary Sproat/Sprout never married

Anna Sproat/Sprout married Ebenezer Richmond. They had three sons and three daughters (Anna, Rachel [presumably never married] & Elizabeth)

Hannah Sproat/Sprout married Ephraim Keen(e). They had two sons and five daughters (Mary, Hannah, Abigail, Wealthea(n), & Elizabeth)

Elizabeth Bonney married Ephraim Norcut. They had four sons and two daughters (Elizabeth & Patience [the latter never married])

Mercy Bonney married[2] Nathaniel Delano. They had one son and four daughters (Mercy, Lydia, Zerviah & Mary [the last is believed to have died unmarried])

  1. Daughter Hannah Holmes (born Duxbury 11 Oct 1667) is known to have married a Lambert. But there are two different Lamberts who could be her husband (brothers Thomas & John). This line needs to be researched further and mtDNA testing may have the potential to help decipher which Lambert Hannah Holmes married.
  2. she married second to John Curtis, but had no children by him

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