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Paternal lineages of allied families

Families directly affiliated with Mayflower passengers (e.g. through sons-in-law and some grandsons-in-law of Mayflower passengers) include:


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants[1] Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup[2]
Elizabeth2 Alden
Elizabeth2 Alden William Pabodie Yes Yes
Elizabeth3 Pabodie John Rogers (II) See ROGERS family
Mary3 Pabodie Edward Southworth Yes Yes R-P312>>L21>DF13>Z39589>S1051>S1050>FGC17980>FGC17990>S1057>FGC17983>FGC46958>FT260574>BY39173
Mercy3 Pabodie John Simmons Yes
Martha3 Pabodie 1) (Dr.) Samuel Seabury R1b-M269
Martha3 Pabodie 2) (Lt.) William Fobes[3] No
Priscilla3 Pabodie (Rev.) Ichabod Wiswall [4]
Sarah3 Pabodie John Coe R1b-M269
Ruth3 Pabodie Benjamin Bartlett (II) R-P312>>U152>Z56>BY3548>Z43>Z145>BY1823>BY28794>PF6582>PF6577>BY3953>BY142576
Rebecca3 Pabodie (Capt.) William Southworth R-P312>>L21>DF13>Z39589>S1051>S1050>FGC17980>FGC17990>S1057>FGC17983>FGC46958>FT260574>BY39173
Hannah3 Pabodie[5] 1) Samuel Bartlett Yes Yes R-P312>>U152>Z56>BY3548>Z43>Z145>BY1823>BY28794>PF6582>PF6577>BY3953>BY142576
Lydia3 Pabodie Daniel Grinnell (II) Yes Yes I-M253
(Capt.) John2 Alden (II)
Elizabeth3 Alden 1) John Walley[6] No
Elizabeth3 Alden 2) Simon Willard[7] No
Joseph2 Alden
Hopestill3 Alden Joseph Snow P312>DF19>DF88>>S4268>Z17112>S17075
Elizabeth3 Alden Benjamin Snow P312>DF19>DF88>>S4268>Z17112>S17075
Sarah3 Alden Joseph Crossman [8]
Mercy3 Alden John Burrell (III)][9] Yes Yes [10]
Sarah2 Alden
Sarah2 Alden Alexander Standish See STANDISH family
(Capt.) Jonathan2 Alden
Elizabeth3 Alden[11] 1) Edmund Chandler[12] No
Anna3 Alden Josiah Snell Yes Yes R-P312>>L21>DF13>ZZ10_1>Z253>Z2534>ZZ5_1>Z2185>BY44331>Z2186>L1066>FGC53695>Z40246
Sarah3 Alden Thomas Southworth R-P312>>L21>DF13>Z39589>S1051>S1050>FGC17980>FGC17990>S1057>FGC17983>FGC46958>FT260574>BY39173
Ruth2 Alden
Ruth2 Alden John Bass[13] Yes Yes J2a1 Z387>L70> CTS3601 (possibly FGC6731(456=15,442=11,540=12,510=18))
Ruth3 Bass Peter Webb Yes R1b-P312>>L21
Hannah3 Bass Joseph Adams (II) Yes Yes R-L23>L51>P310>L151>S1194>CTS4528>S14328>A8469>S1196>S6868>FGC23894>FGC23887>Z4471[14]
Mary3 Bass 1) Christopher Webb (III) R1b-P312>>L21
Mary3 Bass 2) William Copeland [15]
Mary3 Bass 3) Ebenezer Spear[16] No
Sarah3 Bass Ephraim Thayer Yes Yes R1b-P312>>L21>DF63>FT91736>BY28644>BY42307
Rebecca2 Alden
Rebecca2 Alden Thomas Delano Yes Yes R-U106>>L48>Y37962>S23189>A6706>S19342>S18372>Y22517>BY12202>BY11429>FGC60412
Deborah3 Delano John Weston I-M253
Sarah3 Delano (Dr.) John Drew (II) J-M172>M410>CTS7683>L26>PF5088>PF5125>Z2227>Z1846>M67>Z8147>PF5132>M92
Ruth3 Delano Samuel Drew[17] No
Mary3 Delano never married No
David2 Alden
Alice3 Alden (Capt.) Judah Paddock R1b-M269'
Ruth3 Alden (Lt.) Samuel Sprague I-M223
Elizabeth3 Alden (Dea.) John Seabury R1b-M269
Priscilla3 Alden[18] (Sgt.) Samuel Chesebrough [19]


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Bartholomew2 Allerton
Mary3 Allerton _____ Auger
Dorothy3 Allerton _____ Rousham
Remember2 Allerton
Remember2 Allerton Moses Maverick Yes No
Rebecca3 Maverick John Hawkes E-M35>M78>PF2179>Z1919>L618>V13>CTS8814>CTS5856>Z16663[20]
Abigail3 Maverick Samuel Ward[21] No
Elizabeth3 Maverick 1) Nathaniel Grafton[22] No
Elizabeth3 Maverick 2) Thomas Skinner[23] No
Remember3 Maverick Edward Woodman[24] R-M269[25]
Mary2 Allerton
Mary2 Allerton Thomas Cushman Yes Yes R-P312>DF27>ZZ12>ZZ41
Sarah3 Cushman 1) John Hawkes E-M35>M78>PF2179>Z1919>L618>V13>CTS8814>CTS5856>Z16663
Sarah3 Cushman 2) Daniel Hutchins[26] No
Mary3 Cushman Francis Hutchinson[27] I1-M253>DF29>Z58>Z59>Z60>Z140>>L338>S12289[28]
Fear3 Cushman likely never married
Lydia3 Cushman William Harlow (III) R-P312>ZZ11>U152>L2>DF103>FGC4166>BY1020
Isaac2 Allerton (II)
Elizabeth3 Allerton 1) Benjamin Starr[29] No
Elizabeth3 Allerton 2) Simon Eyres/Ayers (III) [30]
Frances3 Allerton (Capt.) Samuel Travers[31] No
Sarah3 Allerton[32] 1) ____ Newton[33] No
Sarah3 Allerton 2) (Hon.) Hancock Lee


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Francis2 Billington
Elizabeth3 Billington 1) Richard Bullock Yes Yes R1b-P312>>L21>DF13>DF21>>DF5>BY23559
Elizabeth3 Billington 2) Robert Beere [34]
Elizabeth3 Billington 3) Thomas Patey[35] No
Martha3 Billington Samuel Eaton See EATON Family
Mary3 Billington Samuel Sabin[36] Yes Yes R-L23>Z2103>>Z2109>>CTS7556>Y5592>CTS9219>>BY250>BY3717>Y23493>FT91742>BY47087>FT150896>FT150694
Dorcas3 Billington Edward May[37] [38] [39]
Mercy3 Billington John Martin Yes [40]


William and Alice had one daughter, Mercy (born before the May 1627 Cattle Division). Mercy married (Plymouth 21 Dec 1648) Benjamin Vermayes of Boston. Neither Mercy, nor any of her children, were mentioned in Gov. Bradford's 1657 will, so it is assumed she died shortly after marriage, with no surviving children. Gov. Bradford's son, Maj. William, had six daughters (below).

Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
(Maj.) William2 Bradford (II)
Mercy3 Bradford Samuel Steele Yes [41] [42]
Alice3 Bradford 1) (Rev.) William Adams[43] No
Alice3 Bradford 2) (Maj.) James Fitch (II) [44] R1b-U106[45]
(Dr.) Hannah3 Bradford Joshua Ripley Yes [46]
Meletiah3 Bradford 1) John Steele [47]
Meletiah3 Bradford 2) (Ens.) Samuel Stevens [48] Q-L53[49]
Mary3 Bradford William Hunt [50] [51]
Sarah3 Bradford Kenelm Baker


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Johnnathan2 Brewster
Mary3 Brewster John Turner "Sr." Yes I-M253
Ruth3 Brewster 1) John Pickett Yes [52]
Ruth3 Brewster 2) Charles Hill R1b-M269[53]
Elizabeth3 Brewster 1) Peter Bradley[54] Yes No
Elizabeth3 Brewster 2) Christopher Christophers[55] No
Grace3 Brewster (Capt.) Daniel Wetherell[56] No
Hannah3 Brewster Samuel Starr Yes Yes R1b-P312>>L21>DF13>CTS1751>Z17966
Patience2 Brewster
Patience2 Brewster (Gov.) Thomas Prence[57] Yes No
Rebecca3 Prence Edmund Freeman (III)[58] Yes No
Hannah3 Prence 1) Nathaniel Mayo Yes R-P312>DF19>Z302>Z35646>Z8193>FT18289>Z39896>FT137226
Hannah3 Prence 2) (Capt.) Jonathan Sparrow [59]
Hannah3 Prence 3) Thomas Patey[60] No
Mercy3 Prence John Freeman Yes E-M215>M35>Z827>V257>M81
Fear2 Brewster
Fear2 Brewster Isaac Allerton[61] See ALLERTON for family No
Love2 Brewster
Sarah3 Brewster Benjamin Bartlett Yes Yes R1b-P312>>U152>Z56>>Z43>Z145>>BY28794>>PF6577>>BY109876>BY142576


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Mary2 Brown
Mary2 Brown Ephraim Tinkham Yes [62]
Mary3 Tinkham John Thomson (II) Yes Yes U152
Priscilla2 Brown
Priscilla2 Browne William Allen[63] No
Rebecca2 Brown
Rebecca2 Brown William Snow Yes Yes P312>DF19>DF88>>S4268>Z17112>S17075
Mary3 Snow (poss.) John Rickard
Hannah3 Snow 1) Giles Rickard (III)[64] No
Rebecca3 Snow Samuel Rickard


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Isabella2 Chilton
Isabella2 Chilton Roger Chandler[65] Yes No
Sarah3 Chandler Solomon Leonard Yes Yes I-M223>P222>CTS616>FGC15071>BY1003>S18331
Martha3 Chandler John Bundy Yes [66]
Mary3 Chandler Edmund Bruff[67] No
Jane2 Chilton
Elizabeth2 Chilton
Angela2 Chilton/Gilton
Angela2 Chilton/Gilton 1) Robert Nelson
Angela2 Chilton/Gilton 2) Daniel Pietersz
Angela2 Chilton/Gilton 3) Matthijs Tilligen
Christina2 Chilton/Gilton
Christina Chilton/Gilton 1) Joris Abrahamsz[68] No
Christina Chilton/Gilton 2) Dionysius van Steenstraten Yes
Mary2 Chilton
Mary2 Chilton John Winslow Yes Yes I-M253>DF29>Z58>Z59>CTS8647>Z62>Z61>S9939>S20652>S11023>BY34545>BY34542>BY71464
Susanna3 Winslow Robert Latham Yes Yes R1a-M512
Mary3 Winslow Edward Gray[69] Yes Yes R1b M173>M343>M269>P312>Z290>L21>DF13>
Sarah3 Winslow 1) Myles Standish (II)[70] No
Sarah3 Winslow 2) Tobias Payne[71] No
Sarah3 Winslow 3) Richard Middlecott [72]


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
John2 Cooke
Sarah3 Cooke Arthur Hathaway Yes Yes R-U106>>Z381>>U198>S15627>DF89>FGC12305>PH1254>FGC12307>FGC48449>JFS0004>FGC48444>FGC78280>FGC48445>JFS0058>JFS0263
Elizabeth3 Cooke Daniel Wilcox R-P312>Z290>L21>DF13>ZZ10_1>Z253>FGC3268>ZZ6_1>BY43439>L554>BY65903>BY94849
Hester (Esther)3 Cooke Thomas Taber R1b-M269
Mary3 Cooke Philip Taber Yes R1b-M269
Mercy3 Cooke Stephen West I-M253
Jane2 Cooke
Jane2 Cooke Experience Mitchell Yes Yes R-U106>>Z381>Z156>>DF96>>S25234
Mary3 Mitchell 1) James Shaw[73] No
Mary3 Mitchell 2) John Jenney[74] No
Elizabeth3 Mitchell John Washburn (II) Yes Yes I-DF29>Z63>BY151>L849>S2078>S2077>Y6375>Y6384>Y13945>BY40787>BY40607
Jacob2 Cooke
Elizabeth3 Cooke John Doty See DOTY for family
Mary3 Cooke John Rickard
Martha3 Cooke Elkanah Cushman Yes Yes R-P312>DF27>ZZ12>ZZ41
Ruth3 Cooke poss. Hezekiah/Helkiah Tinkham
Sarah3 Cooke[75] Robert Bartlett P312>>U152>Z56>BY3548>Z43>Z145>BY1823>BY28794>PF6582>PF6577>BY3953>BY142576
Hester2 Cooke
Hester2 Cooke Richard Wright Yes Yes R-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>CTS4188>BY178203>BY91889>BY178000>FT415155
Esther3 Wright Ephraim Tinkham (II)
Mary2 Cooke
Mary2 Cooke John Thomson Yes Yes U152
Mary3 Thomson Thomas Taber Yes R1b-M269
Esther3 Thomson William Reed (II) Yes Yes U106>>Z381>Z301>S1688>U198>S15627>DF89>FGC12305>PH1254>FGC12307>FGC48449>JFS0004>FGC48444>BY120885


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Anna2 Crackston(e)[76]


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Edward2 Doty
Sarah3 Doty[1][77] 1) James Warren See WARREN for family
Martha3 Doty[2] Thomas Morton
Mary3 Doty[3] (Capt.) Joseph Allyn[78] No
Elizabeth3 Doty[4] Tobias Oakman
Mercy3 Doty[5] Daniel Pratt[79] No
Thomas2 Doty
Martha3 Doty[6] John White See WHITE for family
Hannah3 Doty[7] Jonathan Delano R-U106>>L48>Y37962>S23189>A6706>S19342>S18372>Y22517>BY12202>BY11429>FGC60412
John2 Doty
Elizabeth3 Doten[8] Joshua Morse Yes
Martha3 Doten [9] Ebenezer Curtice
Patience3 Doten [10] Kenelm Baker (II)
Desire3 Doten [11] George Barrows (II)
Samuel2 Doty
Sarah3 Doty [12] not known to have married
Elizabeth3 Doty [13] David Martin
Margaret3 Doty [14] not known to have married
Desire2 Doty
Desire2 Doty 1) William Sherman (II) R-L21>S552>DF13>FGC5494>A12897>BY70198
Hannah3 Sherman William Ring [80]
Patience3 Sherman Josiah Wormall (II)
Experience3 Sherman Myles Standish See STANDISH for family
Desire2 Doty [15] 2) Israel Holmes
Desire2 Doty 3) Alexander Standish See STANDISH for family
Elizabeth2 Doty
Elizabeth2 Doty John Rouse[81] No
Joseph2 Doty
Elizabeth3 Doty [16][82] John Lewis
Deborah3 Doty [17] Joseph Landers
Faith3 Doty [18] James Shaw
Mary3 Doty [19] Samuel Waterman (II)
Mary2 Doty
Mary2 Doty Samuel Hatch I2a-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>L702>S22311>L703>S12195>S21579>Y5670>Y5671>Y5672>Y10677 (BY46931)
Hannah3 Hatch [20] 1) Japhet Turner (II) I-M2253
Hannah3 Hatch [21][83] 2) Ebenezer Tinkham (II)[84] No
Hannah3 Hatch [22] 3) (Capt.) Ichabod Tupper[85] No
Elizabeth3 Hatch [23] John Bonney [86]
Desire3 Hatch [24] (prob.) Joseph Lovell[87]


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Samuel2 Eaton
Mercy3 Eaton Samuel Fuller (III)[88] "see FULLER for family"
Bethiah3 Eaton James Tiffany
Benjamin2 Eaton
Sarah3 Eaton Eleazer Rickard
Susannah3 Eaton 1) Peter Oliver [89]
Susannah3 Eaton 2) George Soule (III) see SOULE for family
Hannah3 Eaton William Soule see SOULE for family
Rebeckah3 Eaton Josiah Rickard
Rachel2 Eaton
Rachel2 Eaton Joseph Ramsden Yes Yes R1b-P312


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Mary2 Fletcher
Mary2 Fletcher
John2 Fletcher
Catherine2 Fletcher
Catherine2 Fletcher
Richard2 Fletcher
Priscilla2 Fletcher
Priscilla2 Fletcher[91] 1) Thomas Koet (Coit) Yes Yes
Sara3 Koet
Dorothea3 Koet Jan Van Outhuysen
Priscilla2 Fletcher 2) Help/Solomon Terry No
Elizabeth2 Fletcher
Elizabeth2 Fletcher 1) Casper Barnaart
Elizabeth2 Fletcher 2) Michiel Voorsehoten
Jane2 Fletcher
Jane2 Fletcher
Moses2 Fletcher

FULLER, Edward

only had two sons

Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Samuel2 Fuller
Hannah3 Fuller Nicholas Bonham Yes Yes R-P312>ZZ11>U152>PF6658[92]
Elizabeth3 Fuller ____ Taylor[93]
Mary3 Fuller Joseph Williams

FULLER, Samuel

Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Bridget2 Fuller
(poss.) Bridget2 Fuller[94] Henry Sirkman[95] No
(Rev.) Samuel2 Fuller (II)
Elizabeth3 Fuller Samuel Eaton (II) See EATON for family
Experience3 Fuller James Wood Yes R-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>CTS4188>S14445>Z29704>BY3268>BY139899>BY165849>FT36574
Hannah3 Fuller Eleazer Lewis Yes
Mercy3 Fuller Daniel Cole[96] No
Mercy (Mary)2 Fuller
Mercy (Mary)2 Fuller Ralph James[97] No


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Constance2 Hopkins
Constance2 Hopkins Nicholas Snow Yes Yes I1-M253>DF29>Z58>Z59>CTS8647>Z61>Z60
Mary3 Snow Thomas Paine (II) Yes Yes
Sarah3 Snow William Walker Yes Yes
Elizabeth3 Snow Thomas Rogers See ROGERS family
Ruth3 Snow (Lt.) John Cole I1-DF29>Z58>Z139>S2293>Z2541>S19185>S23519>S20030>BY1482>A7000>A11161>A16748>FGC54631>A16747
(Lt.) Giles2 Hopkins
Mary3 Hopkins Samuel Smith Yes Yes R1b-U106>Z2265>BY30097>S12025>FGC12021>S17339>FGC53777>S25007>FGC31905>FGC31914>FT266024
Abigail3 Hopkins William Merrick (II) Yes R1b-U106>Z18>Z17>>L257>>Z375
Deborah3 Hopkins Josiah Cooke (II) Yes J2a1 PF5191>> PF5177
Ruth3 Hopkins poss. Samuel Mayo R-P312>DF19>Z302>Z35646>Z8193>FT18289>Z39896>FT137226
Ruth2 Hopkins
Ruth2 Hopkins[98] likely never married
Deborah2 Hopkins
Deborah2 Hopkins Andrew Ring Yes [99]
Elizabeth3 Ring William Mayo Yes No
Mary3 Ring John Morton (II)
Susanna3 Ring [100]
Deborah3 Ring [prob NOT] Samuel Cole[101] No
Damaris2 Hopkins
Damaris2 Hopkins Jacob Cooke See COOKE family
Elizabeth2 Hopkins
Elizabeth2 Hopkins [102]


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Desire2 Howland
Desire2 Howland John Gorham Yes Yes R1b-P312>>DF27>Z195>Z274>Z209>FGC83504>Z295>Z270>Z211>Z297>CTS2608>Z278?Z697>FT285492
Desire3 Gorham John Hawes Yes Yes I1-M253
Temperance3 Gorham 1) Edward Sturgis (II) Yes Yes
Temperance3 Gorham 2) Thomas Baxter[103] Yes Yes
Elizabeth3 Gorham Joseph Hallett[104] No
Mercy3 Gorham George Denison (II)[105] Yes Yes I2a2a M223>Z161>L623
Lydia3 Gorham (Col.) John Tha(t)cher Yes Yes
Hannah3 Gorham (Capt.) Joseph Whilldin [106]
(Lt.) John2 Howland
Mary3 Howland John Allyn Yes [107]
Elizabeth3 Howland John Bursley (III) Yes Yes R-M269>PF7562[108]
Hannah3 Howland Jonathan Crocker[109] Yes Yes R1b U106>>Z381>Z156>>DF96>S11515>FGC8410
Lydia3 Howland Jeremiah Thomas Yes Yes R-L21>DF13>DF21>S5488>Z16294>BY11118>BY4001>BY4000>FT32913>S19938>BY35673>FGC58253[110]
Experience3 Howland James Bearse[111] Yes Yes R1a(M420)>M459>M198(M512)>M417>PF6162>Z283>Z282>Y2395>Z289>Z284>S4458>S5301>S5153>L448>CTS4179>Y128954
Anne3 Howland Joseph Crocker No
Hope2 Howland
Hope2 Howland John Chipman Yes Yes I2-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS6433>S2364>S2361>Z171>CTS8584>Z185>Z180>Z166>FGC3644>FT159479
Elizabeth3 Chipman Hosea Joyce [112]
Hope3 Chipman 1) John Huckens[113] No
Hope3 Chipman 2) (Deacon) Jonathan Cob(b) Yes R1a>M459/(SRY10831)>M198>Z93>Z94>Z2124>Z2122>F1345>F1345>Y57>Y52>YP1270
Lydia3 Chipman (Rev.) John Sargent
Hannah3 Chipman Thomas Huckens (II) [114]
Ruth3 Chipman Eleazer Crocker R1b U106>>Z381>Z156>>DF96>S11515>FGC8410
Bethia3 Chipman 1) Timothy Dimmock
Bethia3 Chipman 2) ____ Gale[115] No
Mercy3 Chipman Nathan Skiff(e) Yes
Desire3 Chipman (Col.) Melatiah Bourne
Elizabeth2 Howland
Elizabeth2 Howland John Dickinson Yes Yes R1b-U106>>Z18>FGC79182>Z17>BY18864>FT91392>BY18866
Elizabeth3 Dickinson [25][116] 1) Caleb Wright
Elizabeth3 Dickinson 2) Gershom Lockwood[117] No
Mercy3 Dickinson Benjamin Harcourt
Lydia3 Dickinson Ephraim Carpenter [118]
Mehitable3 Dickinson Thomas Cheshire
Hannah3 Dickinson Isaac Gibbs
Lydia2 Howland
Lydia2 Howland James Brown Yes R1b-P312>>U152>L2
Dorothy3 Brown Joseph Kent (II) Yes
Hannah2 Howland
Hannah2 Howland Jonathan Bosworth (II)[119] Yes Yes
Hannah3 Bosworth (Maj.) Nathaniel Jenckes
(Capt.) Joseph2 Howland
Lydia3 Howland Joseph Jenkins R1a-M417>PF6162>Z283>Z282>Y2395>Z289>Z284>S4458>S5301>S6842>YP670>S7759>YP1187>FGC42407>Y9077>FT345509
Elizabeth3 Howland 1) Isaac Ham(b)lin I-M170>P215>CTS2257>L460>P214>S2599>S11321>S2519>S2497>L38>S2606>FGC29656>FGC29569>S2488
Elizabeth3 Howland 2) Timothy Cannon
Sarah3 Howland (Never married)[120] No
Mercy3 Howland Joseph Ham(b)lin I-M170>P215>CTS2257>L460>P214>S2599>S11321>S2519>S2497>L38>S2606>FGC29656>FGC29569>S2488
(Lt.) Jabez2 Howland
Elizabeth3 Howland Nathan Townsend[121] No
Ruth2 Howland
Ruth2 Howland Thomas Cushman (II) Yes R-P312>DF27>ZZ12>ZZ41
Desire3 Cushman (Ens.) Samuel Kent
(Ens) Isaac2 Howland
Priscilla3 Howland (Capt.) Peter Bennett
Jael3 Howland (Capt.) Nathaniel Southworth (II) R-P312>>L21>DF13>Z39589>S1051>S1050>FGC17980>FGC17990>S1057>FGC17983>FGC46958>FT260574>BY39173
Susanna3 Howland (Deacon) Ephraim Wood Yes R-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>CTS4188>S14445>Z29704>BY3268>BY139899>BY165849>FT36574
Hannah3 Howland John Tinkham


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Richard2 More (II)[122]
Susanna2 More
Susanna2 More Samuel Dutch[123] Yes No
Susanna3 Dutch Benjamin Knowlton R1b-U106>>Z18>>DF95>ZP85>ZP121>ZP124>ZP129
Christian2 More
Christian2 More Joshua Conant (II)[124] No


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Mary2 Priest
Mary2 Priest Phineas Pratt Yes Yes R1b-P312>ZZ11>U152>L2>DF103>FGC4166>BY123080>FT31290>FT29156>FT137491>FT139080>FT387503
Mary3 Pratt John Swan Yes Yes R1b-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>L165>BY456>BY13623>BY90664>FT345097>FT345696
Mercy3 Pratt Jeremiah Holman Yes Yes
Sarah2 Priest
Sarah2 Priest John Coombs[125][126] Yes No


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Elizabeth2 Rogers
Elizabeth2 Rogers [127]
Margaret2 Rogers
Margaret2 Rogers [128]
(Lt.) Joseph2 Rogers
Elizabeth3 Rogers [26] Jonathan Higgins Yes R1b U106>>Z381>Z301>S1688>U198>S15627>DF89
Mary3 Rogers [27] John Phinney (II) Yes R1b-L21>DF13>Z39589>DF41>MC21
Hannah3 Rogers [28] Jonathan Higgins R1b U106>>Z381>Z301>S1688>U198>S15627>DF89
(Lt.) John2 Rogers
(H)Anna3 Rogers [29] 1) John Tisdale (II) Yes
(H)Anna3 Rogers 2) Thomas Terry I-P215>CTS2257>L460>P37>M423>S2770>CTS5375>L161>FGC7113>S2639>L1498>A10029>Y31653>Y28997>FT183160
(H)Anna3 Rogers 3) Samuel Williams[129] No
Abigail3 Rogers [30] John Richmond Yes I-M253>DF29>Y2592>CTS6364>CTS10028>S6346>L22>Z2338>CTS6017>Y91123>BY61739
Elizabeth3 Rogers [31] Nathaniel Williams I-DF29>Z58>Z139>S2293>S6277>Y15902>Y15575>FT3433>S27836>A6549>A6591>A6776>A6780>A6778>FT8431


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Elizabeth2 Samson
Elizabeth2 Samson Robert Sprout [130] Yes
Elizabeth3 Sproat never married
Mary3 Sproat never married
Anna3 Sproat Ebenezer Richmond I-M253>DF29>Y2592>CTS6364>CTS10028>S6346>L22>Z2338>CTS6017>Y91123>BY61739
Hannah3 Sproat Ephraim Keene Yes
Mercy3 Sproat Thomas Oldham (III) Yes No
Hannah2 Samson
Hannah2 Samson Josiah Holmes Yes [131] [132]
Hannah3 Holmes [32] Thomas Lambert (II)[133] No
Mary3 Holmes (Sgt.) Gershom Stetson R1a-M198
Dorcas3 Holmes (Unknown if married)
_____2 Samson
_____2 Samson[134] John Hanmore/Hanmer[135] No
Mary2 Samson
Mary2 Samson Thomas Summers/Somers[136] No
Dorcas2 Samson
Dorcas2 Samson Thomas Bonney[137] No
James2 Samson
Penelope3 Samson Abraham Sampson (III) I2a2a I-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS1977>Y4946>Y8935>Y12052>FTB708>FTB453
Anna3 Samson Shubel Smith[138] No
Susannah3 Samson Benjamin Hillman Yes R1b-P312>Z290>L21>DF13>L513>S6365>BY16>CTS3087>FGC13411>FGC32363>BY24110
Priscilla3 Samson Samuel Hammond (II)[139] No
Stephen2 Samson
Hannah3 Samson Robert Tyler R1b-U106>>Z381>>L48>Z9>>Z326>Z8168>FGC18842>FT73970>BY63937>BY20434>BY20445>FT246370
Mary3 Samson [33] Stephen Thayer[140] No
Elizabeth3 Samson (Dr.) Jonathan Thayer R1b-P312>Z290>L21>DF63>FT91736>BY28644>BY42307
Dorcas3 Samson [34] John Plumly[141] No
Abigail3 Samson [35] George Bruce R1a-M417>PF6162>Z283>Z282>Y2395>Z289>Z284>Z288>Z287>CTS8401>Z281>S5096>S3227>S5162>YP1208>S7680>Y11546>YP6267>FT60163>Y100234
Caleb2 Samson
Lorah3 Samson Benjamin Simmons R1b M269
Priscilla3 Samson never married
Ruth3 Samson John Fullerton Yes
Sarah3 Samson never married
Jerusha3 Samson Ebenezer Bartlett (II) [36][142] No
Rachel3 Samson Moses Simmons R1b M269


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Zachariah2 Soule
(poss.) Margaret3 Soule [143]
(poss.) Susanna3 Soule [144]
John2 Soule
Rebecca3 Soule [37] Edmund Weston (II) I-M253
Sarah3 Soule [38] Adam Wright Yes R-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>CTS4188>BY178203
Rachel3 Soule [39] John Cobb (II) R1a-M459/(SRY10831)>M198>Z93>Z94>Z2124>Z2122>F1345>Y57>Y52>YP1270[145]
George2 Soule (II)
Deborah3 Soule [40] George Pearce [146]
Sarah3 Soule [41] [147]
Mary3 Soule [42] Joseph Devol Yes [148]
Lydia3 Soule [43] William Brownell (II) [149]
Susanna2 Soule
Susanna2 Soule Francis West Yes Yes R1b-L21>DF13>DF21>S5488>BY518
Susannah3 West [44] Moses Barber R1b-P312[150]
Martha3 West [45] 1) James Card [151]
Martha3 West [46] 2) Jeremiah Fones [152]
Mary2 Soule
Mary2 Soule John Peterson Yes Yes I-M253>DF29>Z58
Martha3 Peterson [47] [153]
Mary3 Peterson [48] Joseph Soule See SOULE for family
Rebecca3 Peterson [49] John Weston I-M253
Elizabeth2 Soule[154]
Elizabeth2 Soule Francis Walker [155]
Patience2 Soule
Patience2 Soule John Haskell Yes Yes R1b-P312
Elizabeth3 Haskell [50] 1)[156] Thomas Drinkwater [157]
Bethiah3 Haskell [51] William Sherman (III)[158] [159] R-L21>S552>DF13>FGC5494>A12897>BY70198
Bethiah3 Haskell [52] 1) Richard Westcott [160] [161]
Bethiah3 Haskell 2) Thomas Childs[162] No
Susannah3 Haskell [53] Thomas Paine R1b-M269[163]


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Alexander2 Standish
Lora3 Standish [54] Abraham Sampson (II) Yes Yes I2a2a I-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS1977>Y4946>Y8935>Y12052>FTB708>FTB453
Lydia3 Standish [55] Isaac Sampson I2a2a I-M223>P222>CTS616>CTS10057>Z161>FGC3575>S2452>L801>Z165>CTS1977>Y4946>Y8935>Y12052>FTB708>FTB453
Elizabeth3 Standish [56] Samuel Delano R-U106>>L48>Y37962>S23189>A6706>S19342>S18372>Y22517>BY12202>BY11429>FGC60412
Mercy3 Standish [57] Caleb Samson See SAMSON family
Sarah3 Standish [58] Benjamin Soule See SOULE Family
Desire3 Standish [59] Nathan Weston I-M253
Josiah2 Standish
Mary3 Standish [60] James Carey[164] R1b-P312>ZZ11>DF27>Z195>Z198>ZS312>Z267>SRY2627[165]
Martha3 Standish [61] never married
Lois3 Standish [62][166] 1) Hugh Calkins No
Lois3 Standish 2) John Sprague No
Mercy3 Standish [63] Ralph Wheelock R1b-P312[167] [168]



Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Joan2 Rogers
Joan2 Rogers Edward Hawkins[170]
Elizabeth3 Hawkins William Fell
Mary3 Hawkins [171]
Rose2 Tilley
Rose2 Tilley Unknown if married


Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Mary2 Warren
Mary2 Warren Robert Bartlett Yes Yes R1b-P312>>U152>Z56>>Z43>Z145>>BY28794>>PF6577>>BY109876>BY142576
Mary3 Bartlett 1) Richard Foster[172] No
Mary3 Bartlett 2) Jonathan Morey Yes [173]
Rebecca3 Bartlett (Sgt.) William Harlow (II) R-P312>ZZ11>U152>L2>DF103>FGC4166>BY1020>FTA4444
Sarah3 Bartlett Samuel Rider (II) R1b-U106>>Z381>>Z9>>Z326>Z8168>A5011>PH2647>FGC52801>BY20420
Elizabeth3 Bartlett Anthony Sprague Yes R1b U106>Z381>Z301>>Z30>>Z346>>S3933
Lydia3 Bartlett 1) James Barnaby Yes Yes R1b-P312>>U152>Z36
Lydia3 Bartlett 2) John Nelson Yes
Mercy3 Bartlett John Joy[174] No
Ann2 Warren
Ann2 Warren Thomas Little Yes Yes R1b L21>>L513>S5668>A7
Abigail3 Little Josiah Keen Yes
Ruth3 Little prob. never married
Hannah3 Little Stephen Tilden
Patience3 Little Joseph Jones R1b L21>DF13> Z39589>DF49>>ZP112
Mercy3 Little John Sawyer
Sarah2 Warren
Sarah2 Warren John Cooke See Cooke for family
Elizabeth2 Warren
Elizabeth2 Warren Richard Church Yes Yes R1b-DF27>Z196>L176.2>CTS4188>
Elizabeth3 Church Caleb Hobart[175] No
Abigail3 Church Samuel Thaxter
Sarah3 Church James Burroughs
Deborah3 Church poss. Sylvanus White See White Family
Abigail2 Warren
Abigail2 Warren Anthony Snow[176] Yes No
Lydia3 Snow Stephen Skiffe Yes No
Abigail3 Snow Michael Ford Yes Yes
Sarah3 Snow Joseph Waterman R1b-U106>>Z381>>L48
Alice3 Snow (Lieut.) Robert Barker (II) I-M223
Nathaniel2 Warren
Sarah3 Warren John Blackwell Yes J2b-M172>M102>Z529>Z1827>Z593>M241>L283>Z622>Z600>Z585>Z615>Z597>Z2507
Hope3 Warren never married.[177]
Jane3 Warren Benjamin Lombard[178] No
Elizabeth3Warren[179] William Green
Alice3 Warren Thomas Gibbs (II) Yes R-P312>ZZ11>U152>L2>Z49>Z142>Z51>L562>BY158668>BY66388>FT129526[180]
Mercy3 Warren Jonathan Delano See DELANO family
Mary3 Warren prob. never married.[181]
Joseph2 Warren
Mercy3 Warren John Bradford See BRADFORD family
Abigail3 Warren never married
Patience3 Warren Samuel Lucas I2a2a-M223>Z161>L801>CTS6433[182]
Elizabeth3 Warren Josiah Finney[183] R1b-L21>DF13>Z39589>DF41>MC21


William White only had two sons (Resolved & Peregrine)

Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
Resolved2 White
Anna3 White John Hayward Yes [184] R1b-P312>>U152>>Z145>>PF6582>>BY3965>>BY144706>BY76408
Elizabeth3 White Obadiah Wheeler (II) Yes Yes R1b-P312>>U152>L2>FGC22501>FGC22516
Susanna3 White[185] poss. Uriah Johnson
Peregrine2 White
Sarah3 White Thomas Young Yes Yes R1b-U106>Z2265>S19589
Mercy3 White William Sherman (III)[186] No


The only surviving daughter of Gov. Edward Winslow was Elizabeth, born about 1631 and died at Boston, 23 Apr 1698. She married twice: First (before 1656) to Robert Brooks, then (after his death) 22 Sep 1669 to George Corwin. She had one son by her first marriage (John Brooks) who apparently never married, and only two daughters from her second marriage (Penelope and Susanna). While both of these daughters married, neither had any surviving sons.

Mayflower descendant spouse's name Known living descendants Known living paternal line descendants Y-DNA haplogroup
(Gov.) Josiah2 Winslow
Elizabeth3 Winslow Stephen Burton[187] No
  1. Most from Lineages provided by the Mayflower DNA Project Activity Feed
  2. Italics indicate that the haplogroup result is based on previous testing through other projects (usually HVR only) and may not be precise. In some of these cases, the result could be inaccurate due to inadvertent errors in lineage tracing. See surname sub-pages for further details and references.
  3. Martha only had four daughters (Elizabeth, Constant, Mary, Mercy) by her second husband
  4. As of 21 Oct 2020 Family Tree DNA does not have a Wiswall surname DNA Project, but lists one kit associated with the Wiswall surname and one kit associated with the Wiswell surname.
  5. Hannah married second, John Curtis, but had no children by this marriage.
  6. While John and Elizabeth had three sons, none of them are believed to have had any children. Thus it is likely there is no surviving Y-DNA line.
  7. Elizabeth and her second husband (Simon Willard) had four children: Samuel, Abigail, Katherine and George. Both sons died young and unmarried.
  8. The Cross* Y-Chromosome DNA Project lists one Crossman and one Crossmon, both only Y12 STR tested, but not close STR matches. The project does not list the Most Distant Known Paternal Ancestor (MDKPA).
  9. Surname later Burrill
  10. The Burrell surname YDNA Project does not list any John Burrell/Burrill of Weymouth descendants in their project.
  11. Elizabeth married second Pelatiah West when she was about aged 50. Certainly no children
  12. Elizabeth and Edmund only had one son, John, who died young. See wikitree profile
  13. MF5G vol. 16 [Alden] part 4 [daughter Ruth] does document a number of Y-DNA descendants of John Bass in the 5th & 6th generations. It is assumed there are still living Y-DNA descendants today.
  14. Adams Surname Y-DNA Project Group: Presidential Adams
  15. The Copeland Surname Y-DNA Project Lists descendants of Lawrence Copeland (father of William) under three different Haplogroups (I, R1a & R1b). Further testing of descendants is needed.
  16. Mary had no children by her third marriage.
  17. Ruth and Samuel never had children.
  18. mtDNA H13a1a based on wikitree Hewitt Family Tree
  19. As of 20 Oct 2020 Family Tree DNA does not have a Chesebrough (etc.) surname DNA Project, but has 14 kits associated with Chesborough (etc.) surnames.
  20. Hawk DNA Project Subgroup: Semitic. Descendant of John Hawkes c1580-1672, ancestor of John Hawkes who married Rebecca Maverick.
  21. Abigail and Samuel only had one son (Samuel) and this son only had one son (Samuel) who died in infancy.
  22. Elizabeth and her first husband only had three daughters, so no living Y-DNA line.
  23. Per the Allerton "Silver Book" The probate records of Thomas Skinner fail to mention any surviving son. The Silver Book does mention a son John, but he apparently died young.
  24. Had children (all bp 15 Jun 1684) Edward, Remember, John, Maverick, Moses and Samuel. None of the sons were listed further in MF5G 16(Allerton)
  25. The FTDNA Woodman Y-DNA Project currently has one individual claiming Thomas Woodman of England as their patrilineal Ancestor. Thomas is believed to be the great-grandfather of Edward, who married Remember Maverick..
  26. Sarah was aged over 50 when she married Daniel, so they never had any children together.
  27. MF5G 16(Allerton) lists only 1 male Hutchinson descendant in the Sixth Generation: Thomas Hutchinson (II), b. abt Jun 1750 (his father died in Dec 1749 and son called age 6 mos. in Dec 1750). He is likely the Thomas Hutchinson born 9 Mar or 9 May 1750 in Reading, MA. who married Phebe Chickering. See wikitree for Thomas Hutchinson
  28. Hutchinson DNA Project Group: Massachusetts Hutchinsons from the late 1700's
  29. Only child died in infancy.
  30. As of 24 Oct 2020 not found in Ayers/Ayres Y-DNA Project
  31. Frances and Samuel only had four daughters, so no Y-DNA line.
  32. Some records refer to her as Elizabeth or Sarah Elizabeth Allerton.
  33. Only child died in infancy.
  34. MF5G 21[Billington] only names three Y-DNA descendants of the Sixth Generation: brothers Job, Spencer and poss. Daniel (all three of whom were married). It is unknown if there are any living Y-DNA descendants of this family today.
  35. No children by her last marriage
  36. MF5G 21 [Billington] does list a number of Y-DNA descendants of Samuel Sabin in the Fifth & Sixth Generation. It is likely there are Y-DNA descendants still living today.
  37. later morphed from Maye to Mayes
  38. MF5G vol. 21 [Billington] only lists one surviving male Mayes in the last (Sixth) Generation of descendants of Edward and Dorcas: William (born 17 May 1750, no further record). It is unknown if there are still any living Y-DNA descendants.
  39. As of 29 Oct 2020, the May Family Y-DNA Project does not list any descendants of Edward May.
  40. MF5G vol. 21 [Billington] lists six male Martins in the last (Sixth) Generation who were married. It is believed they may still be living Y-DNA descendants today.
  41. MF5G 22 (Bradford) lists a number of males of the sixth generation. Believed to have living Y-DNA descendants.
  42. As of 20 Oct 2020 The FTDNA Steele Surname Project does not publicly display their results.
  43. Alice and William only had one son (William), who died before reaching age 21, unmarried.
  44. MF5G 22 (Bradford) lists a large number of male Fitch descendants. Likely has living Y-DNA descendants.
  45. Descendant of Zachariah Fitch b. 1592 Bocking, England. Zachariah was an ancestral uncle of James.
  46. As of 29 Oct 2020 the Ripley DNA Project fails to list any descendants of William Ripley (grandfather of Joshua).
  47. As of 29 Oct 2020, the Steele Y-DNA Project does not publicly disclose their DNA results.
  48. MF5G 22 (Bradford) lists seven male Stevens of the Sixth Generation. Likely has living Y-DNA descendants.
  49. Stephens-Stevens Y-DNA Project a descendant of John Stevens of Guilford, grandfather of Samuel Stevens. Haplogroup Q is almost exclusively a Native American clade. Thus, it appears there was a Non-Paternal Event (NPE) in the line of the individual who was tested. The most likely explanation is an adoption of a Native American Boy in the Stevens family. It is currently unknown if this happened within the ancestry of Samuel, his descendants, or on a line of a brother or cousin.
  50. MF5G 22 (Bradford) lists four or five male Hunt descendants of the Sixth Generation. Likely has living Y-DNA descendants.
  51. As of 29 Oct 2020 the Hunt surname DNA Project does not list any descendants of Ehpraim Hunt (grandfather of William).
  52. As of 21 Oct 2020, the Pickett surname DNA Project does not publicly display their DNA results.
  53. The Hill surname DNA Project Group 35 - Joseph Hills (c1638 Malden, MA) currently has five members, with the MDKPA being the brother to Charles Hill.
  54. It appears the Y-DNA line went extinct after a couple of generations.
  55. Neither paternal grandson lived to be married, so Y-DNA line extinct.
  56. All of Grace and Daniel's sons died young.
  57. Thomas and Patience had two daughters and one son, Thomas (III). The son Thomas apparently emigrated back to London, England. The Great Migration Begins III:1523 states family letters indicate he had a widow and a daughter, but failed to note any son. Gov. Prence married two more times, but the children by these marriages have no Mayflower ancestry.
  58. Rebecca and Edmund only had two daughters. Edmund remarried and had sons by his second wife, but they were not descendants of Elder William Brewster.
  59. The Sparrow DNA Surname Project currently fails to list the ancestors of the kits, and groups all kits together. Two of the kits fall under Haplogroup I-M253, while the other kits fall under R1b-M269 (with both P312 & U106 kits in the project). Thus it is currently impossible to identify which (if any) of these kits are from Y-DNA descendants of (Capt.) Jonathan Sparrow.
  60. No children by her last marriage
  61. Allerton Male line became extinct in America.
  62. As of 1 Oct 2020 FTDNA does not have a Tinkham surname DNA project, but has the Tinkham surname associated with six kits.
  63. William and Priscilla had no children.
  64. The will of Giles Rickard fails to list any (surviving) children and made numerous bequests to the children of his siblings. It is assumed Hannah & Giles had no (surviving) children. Hannah was about 50 years old when she married second, so it is also assumed she never had any children by this marriage either.
  65. They had at least four children; three daughters and a son Samuel. However, Samuel is believed to have died young, so no Y-DNA descendants.
  66. MF5G 15[Chilton] names a total of five male Bundys of the sixth generation. As such, it is likely there are Y-DNA descendants living today.
  67. Edmund Bruff only had one son, Stephen. Stephen Bruff had two daughter and one son, John. John Bruff had no children so no living Y-DNA line.
  68. Joris died soon after marriage. No children.
  69. While Edward is known to have living Y-DNA descendants, it is currently unknown if he has any Y-DNA descendants from his first wife, Mary Winslow. Edward's second wife, Dorothy Lettic, was not a descendant of a Mayflower passenger.
  70. Myles died shortly after marriage. No children by this union.
  71. MF5G 15 [Chilton] only listed one male Payne of the Sixth Generation. Other published work indicates there were only two sons of the seventh generation, neither of whom ever married. Need to research further to determine if accurate.
  72. MF5G 15 [Chilton] only listed one male Middlecott of the Sixth Generation (Edward, born England in 1728). It is likely no there are no living Y-DNA descendants
  73. Only son, James, died unmarried.
  74. Mary and John never had any children
  75. Sarah is called [probable] daughter of Jacob in the "Silver Book" vol. 12 (Cooke) p. 55.
  76. Marriage Banns published 12/22 Dec 1618 Leiden to Thomas Smith. Unknown if they had any children. More research is needed.
  77. She married later in life, John Bacon.
  78. Joseph and Mary only had one son, Samuel. It is not know if Samuel ever married. Unlikely to have living Y-DNA descendants.
  79. Doty Society only lists one son, Daniel. Daniel is said to have married Deborah ____ but only have one daughter. Likely no living Y-DNA descendants.
  80. As of 1 Oct 2020, the Ring DNA Project does not have its results set up to determine the ancestor of the Y-DNA testers
  81. All known children died young.
  82. See Note under Edward Doty Genealogy Database
  83. According to Pilgrim Edward Doty Genealogy Database Hannah had a daughter, Anne Barnes, by Japhet Turner.
  84. Hannah and Ebenezer had no children together, but both had children from their first marriages.
  85. Married after Hannah was past child-bearing age
  86. Unknown if they had any children
  87. NOT in Pilgrim Edward Doty Society Genealogy database, but marriage found in Scituate VRs.
  88. son of Rev. Samuel Fuller (II)
  89. Not believed to have had any children by this marriage
  90. NEHGR 128:161-69
  91. She was possibly married first to _____ Phillips
  92. Bonham Surname Project Group: BONHAM 1
  93. NOT Joseph Taylor of Marshfield, as many claim. He was possibly Jasper Taylor, who witnessed a 1678 deed of Matthew Fuller and was left a razor in Matthew's 1678 will.
  94. Identity not confirmed
  95. No Y-DNA descendants in MF5G 10 (Samuel Fuller)
  96. Daniel and Mercy only had three daughters, no sons.
  97. Not believed to have had any children.
  98. Some sources state she was the wife of Job Hopkins. It is possible mtDNA testing may support or refute this hypothesis.
  99. As of 1 Oct 2020, the Ring DNA Project does not have its results set up to determine the ancestor of the Y-DNA testers
  100. Some sources state she was married to William Walker of Eastham. It is possible mtDNA testing may support or refute this hypothesis.
  101. Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society only states Deborah Ring died by 1691, presumably without any children.
  102. It is believed she moved to Barbadoes, and may have had two daughters out of wedlock there. Further research is needed.
  103. John Howland of the Mayflower, vol. 1 named over 30 Y-DNA descendants of Thomas Baxter in the Sixth Generation. Almost certainly still has living Y-DNA descendants.
  104. Elizabeth and Joseph only had four daughters, so no Y-DNA descendants.
  105. John Howland of the Mayflower, vol. 1 names over 20 Y-DNA descendants of George & Mercy Denison in the 6th generation. Thus it is likely there are living Y-DNA descendants.
  106. John Howland of the Mayflower, vol. 1 names four paternal grandsons of Joseph Wheldon (sixth generation of descent from John Howland). Unknown if there are any living Y-DNA descendants.
  107. John Howland of the Mayflower, vol. 2, only listed a single 6th Generation Y-DNA descendant of John Allyn: John Allyn, born 1767. However, it also noted where there were other Allyn families living in the area and that it was impossible to tell which families were descended from John and Mary (Howland) Allyn.
  108. Mayflower DNA Project
  109. John Howland of the Mayflower, vol. 2 names at least fifteen paternal grandchildren of Jonathan Crocker (sixth generation descendants of John Howland), thus there are likely to be living Y-DNA descendants.
  110. Mayflower DNA Project
  111. TAG 90:31-36
  112. Hosea and Elizabeth had three sons: Samuel, Thomas and Hosea. Samuel never married and Thomas has no surviving Y-DNA line. Hosea has been lost to family historians. It is likely no Y-DNA line surviving to the present time.
  113. John and Hope Huckens only had five daughters. Thus no Y-DNA line.
  114. Hannah and Thomas Huckens had six sons, but only one, Thomas (III), had any children. Thomas (III) had eight sons, but only one son is known to have married, James. There are no surviving Y-DNA lines from James Huckons. It is possible other Huckins Y-DNA line survive, but more research is needed.
  115. Bethia only had one daughter by her second marriage.
  116. The General Society of Mayflower Descendants currently does not accept Elizabeth as the wife of Caleb Wright & Gershom Lockwood. It is possible mtDNA testing of a direct female "umbilical" descendant of Elizabeth and Caleb may help settle this question. If the mtDNA of a direct female line descendant does not match H1a1 (the Haplogroup of Elizabeth TILLEY Howland) then it would disprove this relationship. Unfortunately, an H1a1 match in and of itself may not be enough proof to accept the lineage, as this haplogroup is ancient and common.
  117. Elizabeth had no children by her second husband.
  118. Believed not to have had any children
  119. MF5G 23[Howland] part 2 documents a number of male Bosworth Y-DNA descendants of the Seventh Generation. It is believed there are still a number of Y-DNA descendants living today.
  120. Sarah had one daughter out of wedlock, Mary (c1691).
  121. Will of Nathan Townsend gave everything to his widow, Mary. While he had a son Nathan by Elizabeth Howland, it appears the son died without issue.
  122. While he had at least six children at Salem, none of them have been traced further. More research is needed.
  123. Only had four daughters (three of whom died young), thus no living Y-DNA line.
  124. Joshua and Christian are only known to have had one son, Joshua. It is unknown if Joshua ever married. Likely no living descendants. Needs further research.
  125. Coombs Families of New England Prior to 1700 states the male line of John Coombs went extinct in the Fifth Generation.
  126. Sarah and John only had two sons, so no third generation females.
  127. In 1651 Gov. Bradford wrote where Thomas Rogers' children came to Plymouth Colony and were married. However, he failed to clearly state which children came over and who they married.
  128. Ibid.
  129. Hannah and Samuel had no children
  130. Surname later changed to Sproat
  131. MF5G 23[Samson] part 2 lists a number of male Holmes of the sixth generation. Likely has living Y-DNA descendants.
  132. The Holmes Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project lists a number of William Holmes (father of Josiah), but none with correct birth date.
  133. Mayflower Silver Book 20(Samson) part 1, p. 15 makes a good case for Thomas Lambert (rather than his brother John) being the husband to Hannah Holmes. Thomas & Hannah had only one known child: Thomas, who calls Josiah Holmes his grandfather in a 1717 deed. This younger Thomas was deceased by 1748, but children currently unknown.
  134. Given name unknown in most sources. Wikipedia article on her father stated (without any sources) her name was Sarah. Her husband (but not her) was named in her father's will.
  135. John had two sons (John & William) The younger John only had one known child (William, not found after 1719, aged abt 16). William had only one son (John). This last John only had one son who lived to adulthood, Zenas, who never married. Thus this Y-DNA line died out.
  136. Mary and Thomas had no children.
  137. Thomas Bonney and Dorcas Samson only had one son, Ebenezer. Ebenezer drowned at the age of 22, unmarried.
  138. According to the Mayflower "Silver Book" 20 (Samson) part 1, Anne and Shubal Smith had no known issue.
  139. Not believed to have had any sons, although many sources give him a son Samuel. More research is needed.
  140. Mary and Stephen only had one daughter (Zilpah)
  141. Only child (Dorcas) died young
  142. Jerusha & Ebenezer only had one daughter, Jerusha.
  143. Unknown if she existed, or was a phantom. If she existed, unknown if she ever married.
  144. Unknown if she existed, or was a phantom. If she existed, unknown if she ever married.
  145. Cobb Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project Group: R1a > M459 (SRY10831) > M198 > Z93 > Z94 > Z2124 > Z2122 > F1345 > F1345 > Y57 > Y52 > YP1270 (Descendants of Henry the Elder)
  146. It appears they did not have any children. Further research is needed.
  147. She had a daughter Elizabeth Wheaton on 12 May 1706 and Sarah married John Tibbetts in 1726. No Y-DNA lines.
  148. As of 30 Oct 2020, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) does not have either a Devol or Deuel surname DNA Project, but they have five kits associated with the Devol surname and fourteen kits associated with the Deuel surname.
  149. As of 30 Oct 2020, the Brownell surname DNA Project does not clearly list any descendants of Thomas Brownell (grandfather of William).
  150. Barber Surname DNA Project Group: R1b1a2 - Group # 16, only 1 person MDKPA William James Barber 1639 Portsmouth RI
  151. As of 30 Oct 2020 the Card DNA Project does not publicly disclose their Y-DNA results.
  152. As of 30 Oct 2020, FTDNA does not have a Fones surname project, but there are six kits associated with the Fones surname.
  153. Not listed as married in the Soule Kindred of America Genealogy database
  154. Only had one son, Isaac.
  155. As of 30 Oct 2020, the Walker DNA Project does not list anyone descended from Joseph Walker (father of Francis).
  156. Elizabeth married second, John Dudley, but likely had no children by this second marriage.
  157. As of 30 Oct 2020, FTDNA does not have a Drinkwater surname DNA Project, but fifteen kits are associated with the Drinkwater surname.
  158. They were never married, but Bethiah had a child out of wedlock in Jan 1710 named William Sherman.
  159. Descendants of William Hascall of Fontmel Magna (1490-1542) Seventh Generation states Bethiah and William Sherman had a son William, born Rochester 5 Apr 1710, but fails to list whether he ever married.
  160. Descendants of William Hascall of Fontmel Magna (1490-1542) Seventh Generation states Bethiah and Richard Westcott had a son William, born Middleborough 26 Nov 1717, but fails to list whether he ever married.
  161. Family Tree DNA currently does not have a Wescott/Westcott DNA Project, but has 14 kits associated with the Wescott surname and 43 kits associated with the Westcott surname.
  162. No children listed in the Soule Kindred of America genealogy database.
  163. The Payne Family TreeDNA Project Group: Needs additional testing for the haplogroup to be confirmed. Has one individual (Y-STR 37) claiming Thomas Payne 1498-1544 as MDKPA.
  164. Familypedia for James Carey and for Mary (Standish) Carey only lists one surviving son James (1692-1762). James (II) married Sarah _____ but it is currently unknown if they had any children.
  165. The Carey/Cary DNA Project Group: Haplogroup R1b - Lineage 1
  166. It is believed Lois never had any children by either of her marriages.
  167. The Wheelock surname DNA Project GROUP 2 - Rev. Ralph Wheelock of Shropshire, England and Massachusetts, USA has 2 individuals, no Y-SNP testing. 1 67 Y-STR testing. Plugging into brings up subclades of DF27 & L21 (both under R1b-P312)
  168. One individual listed as Y-DNA descendant of Rev. Ralph Wheelock at wikitree profile for Rev. Ralph Wheelock
  169. Joan Hurst married first, Thomas Rogers (one child). She married second, John Tilley (five children: 2 sons & three daughters [one daughter died young])
  170. It is possible Joan's first child was not by Edward Hawkins.
  171. Not named in father's will. It is possible she was recently married and had received her dower.
  172. Richard Foster & Mary Bartlett only had one surviving child: Benjamin. Benjamin never married but had a daughter (Mariah) by Mercy ______. Thus no living Y-DNA line.
  173. As of 1 Nov 2020, the Morey surname DNA Project does not list anyone claiming Roger Mowry (father of Jonathan) as a Y-DNA ancestor.
  174. John and Mercy only had one known child, John, born 1672. His further history is unknown. It is likely this son died unmarried, so no living descendants. More research is needed.
  175. Caleb married twice more. Only child by Elizabeth died soon after birth.
  176. They only had one son who survived infancy. Josias married but only had daughters. Thus, no living Y-DNA line.
  177. called "lame" in her father's will.
  178. Benjamin and Jane only had one son, Benjamin. The younger Benjamin only had one son (Jonathan) who died in infancy. Therefor, no living Y-DNA descendants.
  179. Elizabeth had accused Joseph Doten/Doty of being the father of her unborn illegitimate child in Oct 1674. It is unknown if this child survived.
  180. The Gibbs surname DNA Project Group: The Massachusetts Bay Colony Gibbs Clade - R1b1a2. One individual said to descend from Thomas Gibbs and several stating descending from Matthew Gibbs b. 1615. Need to verify this lineage.
  181. NOT the wife of Nathaniel Fiske.
  182. Lucas Family Tree DNA Project Group: Thomas Lucas-MA
  183. Surname morphed into Phinney.
  184. MF5G 13 [White] has a limited number of male Y-DNA descendants in the Sixth Generation. Likely Y-DNA descendants still living today. John had some brothers, so it is unknown if the DNA test is a descendant of John or from his brother(s).
  185. Little is known about Susanna White, except her birth. She is said to have married Uriah Johnson, but MF5G vol. 13, p. 8 was unable to verify this claim.
  186. Mercy & William only had four daughters (Thankful, Mary, Sarah and Abigail)
  187. Elizabeth and Stephen only had one son (Thomas), who only had daughters. No living Y-DNA line.

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