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Status summary

As of November 25, 2020:

  • Little opportunity for mtDNA testing

Paper Trail

Sarah Allerton was likely born at East Bergholt, Sussex the daughter of Bartholomew Allerton and Mary (Unknown).[1] She was the sister (eldest?) of Isaac Allerton. Sarah married three times: first (likely in England) John Vincent, second, Leiden 4 Nov 1611 and last, Leiden 13 Nov 1621 to Godbert Godbertson (aka Cuthbert Cuthbertson). Both Sarah and Godbert died between Jul - Oct 1633 in Plymouth.

Sarah is not known to have had any children by her first husband. By her second husband (Degory Priest) she had two daughters: Mary & Sarah. By her last husband she had one son Samuel.

Second Generation

Mary Priest was born about 1612[2] She married about 1630 Phineas Pratt. They had eight children: Mary, John, Samuel, Daniel, Peter, Mercy, Joseph and Aaron.

Sarah Priest was born about 1615[3] She married about 1632 to John Coombs. They had two sons: John and Francis.

Third Generation

Mary Pratt was born in Plymouth about 1632[4] and died in Cambridge 11 Feb 1701/2. She married Cambridge 1 Mar 1665/6 John Swann and they had eight children (all born Cambridge): Samuel, Mary, Elizabeth, Lydia, John, Hannah, Mercy and Ebenezer.

Mercy Pratt was born in Plymouth about 1642 and died at Cambridge 11 Feb 1701. She married Cambridge 1662 Jeremiah Holman and had (all born Cambridge): Deborah, Mehitable, Jeremiah, Abraham, Abigail and Sarah (1678-1679).

Fourth Generation

Mary Swann was born Cambridge 2 May 1659

Elizabeth Swan was born Cambridge 14 Jul 1661 and died before 11 Aug 1735. She married Malden 27 Jul 1687 Ezekiel Richardson and they had: Theophilus (1688-1688), Elizabeth (1689 unmarried in 1734), Theophilus (1691/2), Ezekiel (1694), Abigail (1696/7 m. Thomas Demery [Demerill])[5] and Aaron (1701).

Lydia Swann was born Cambridge 28 Jul 1663

Hannah Swann was born Cambridge 27 Feb 1667

Mercy Swann was born Cambridge 1675 and died Arlington 24 Jun 1748. She married (as his second wife) 1706 John Perry (III) and they had Ebenezer (1707/8), Mercy (1709 m. David Gleason) and James (1711/2).

Deborah Holman was born Cambridge about 1665 and died in 1709. She married Watertown 3 Nov 1687 Robert Garfield

Mehitable Holman was born Cambridge 12 Nov 1667 and said to have died after 1711.

Abigail Holman was born Cambridge about 1674 and said to have died after 1711.

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  4. gravestone has died "in ye 70th year of her age."
  5. This is the ONLY mtDNA line of Sarah Allerton (wife of Degory Priest) of the Fifth Generation published in the Priest Silver Book.

mtDNA testing

To date, no known mtDNA descendant of Sarah Allerton, wife of Degory Priest, has publicly revealed where they have mtDNA test results. In addition, the Silver Book Volume 8 (Degory Priest) only names a single mtDNA descendant of the Fifth Generation (#65 Abigail Richardson) and the book only lists were she had one son. There are a number of females whose further record (after their birth) is currently unknown, so it is still possible the mtDNA line may continue to the present day, but more contemporary "paper-trail" records need to be discovered to flesh out any potential mtDNA lines.

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