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Status summary

As of November 25, 2020:

  • No matrilineal descendants, although she had at least four other sisters
  • Low priority

Paper Trail

Alice Carpenter was born about 1590[1] in England, the daughter of Alexander Carpenter and Priscilla (Drusilla) Dillen. She was married twice, first in Leiden, Holland, 28 May 1613, to Edward Southworth, then at New Plimouth 14 Aug 1623 to Gov. William Bradford. Alice died at Plymouth on 26 Mar 1670.[2] By her first husband, Alice and Edward Southworth had two sons, Constant and Thomas. By her second husband, Alice and Gov. William Brewster had three children: William, Mercy and Joseph.

Alice had sisters Agnes, Juliana, Mary and Priscilla, so it may be possible to discover her mtDNA from her sisters' matrilineal descendants.

Second Generation

Mercy Bradford was born in new Plimouth by May 1627.[3] She married Plymouth 21 Dec 1648 Benjamin Vermayes of Boston.[4] Neither Mercy, nor any of her children, were mentioned in Gov. Bradford's 1657 will, so it is assumed she died shortly after marriage, with no surviving children.

Summary of findings

It would appear that there are no known direct matrilineal descendants of Alice Carpenter.

  1. called "fourscore years of age" (80) at the time of her death.
  2. MD 18:68
  3. Named in 1627 Cattle Division
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To do

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